How to soak fresh and dried lentils in detail

cách chọn rượu

With very good uses for health and the ability to cure a number of diseases, Panax ginseng is a precious medicine used by many people. Instead of buying pre-soaked wine, many people soak their own wine at home to ensure quality and peace of mind. However, not everyone knows how to properly soak alcohol. Here, will guide you how to soak fresh and dried ginseng roots in detail, properly at home.

How to choose ingredients for soaking ginseng

Material selection is extremely important. It determines the taste and use of medicinal wine. Dingling and wine must meet certain requirements, meet the standards to be used. The following article will tell you how to choose cloves and wine in detail.

Selection of Panax ginseng 

The selection of quality and standard lentils has a great influence on the taste and nutritional content of the wine bottle. Currently, there are two main types of cloves on the market: large leaf clover and small leaf clover. 

Both types are used for soaking. However, the small leaf clover is more popular and used by people. The older the root, the older it is grown, the more useful it will be. 

cách chon củ đinh lăng
It is recommended to choose tubers that are 3-5 years old and weigh 1kg or more

However, to soak the wine, you should choose the cloves that are 3 to 5 years old and weigh about 1kg or more. Tubers with bright yellow color and strong aroma are good bulbs. Of course, compared to the newly planted mandarin tuber, its cost is also a bit more expensive.

Besides, the profit from this popular tuber is quite large. Therefore, many people sell fake and poor quality cloves to consumers. 

Therefore, in order to avoid losing money, you should go to reputable establishments and stores for many years to choose suitable products, ensuring safety for health.

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How to choose a wine soaked in lentils? 

Besides the selection of cloves, wine is also a raw material that needs to ensure the quality requirements. In order to make a delicious bottle of Panax ginseng, bring many health benefits, you should choose and use a wine with an alcohol content of 40 to 45 degrees. 

When soaked with alcohol with such an alcohol concentration, the roots of Panax ginseng will have a more beautiful color, and the nutrients in the roots will be easily absorbed into the wine. 

If you use lighter alcohol, after soaking, the wine will have a light yellow color. The heavier the alcohol, the darker the yellow color of the wine. 

cách chọn rượu
Choose a wine with an alcohol content of 40-45 degrees

Thus, it can be seen that the higher the alcohol concentration, the greater the ability to absorb the active ingredients in the root, the stronger its effects. However, wines with an alcohol content higher than 45 degrees are not suitable for use. Because the alcohol is too heavy, it will darken the roots and reduce the quality of the medicinal wine.

Besides, you should also use hand-cooked wine. Because they are made from yeast, we guarantee more quality. Not only is this good for health, this wine also enhances the taste of the potion.

Choose a bottle to soak medicinal wine

When choosing a wine cooler, depending on the preferences of each person, you can choose from different types of bottles with different models. 

However, you should use a glass jar for soaking. Because if you use plastic bottles to soak medicinal alcohol, it can cause bad effects on the user’s health. 

cách chọn bình rượu
Use a glass jar to soak wine

Besides, you must pay attention to the size of the jar. The jar should be large enough to hold the cloves. The mouth of the jar must be sealed or have a rubber cap.

In fact, in addition to making medicine for diseases, the jars of Panax ginseng are also used for decoration and decoration. Therefore, depending on the purpose of use, you can choose a model of suitable size and shape.

Instructions on how to soak wine with fresh and dried cloves

Many people think that only dried lentils can be soaked in alcohol. This is the wrong view. In fact, you can absolutely use both dried and fresh lentils. For each type of tuber, the method of soaking is slightly different. Let’s follow the instructions on how to soak fresh and dried lentils right here.

How to soak fresh ginseng root

– Fresh lentils after harvesting or buying, you need to wash them thoroughly with water many times. In order for the wine not to have a fishy smell after soaking, you need to scrape off the skin at the end of the root so that the embryos from the tubers can be easily secreted.

– After preliminary processing, you let the tubers dry completely and then put them in the jar. You can leave the tubers whole to make the wine bottle aesthetically pleasing, use it as an ornamental or decoration. If not, you can chop it into small pieces as well. To make the wine more delicious and nutritious, you can add ginseng areca or white leek to soak it together.

– Pour the wine into the jar so that the tubers are completely submerged in the jar and close the lid tightly. Normally, you need about 3 to 4 liters of alcohol to soak 1kg of Panax ginseng. If you pour too much alcohol, it will make the medicinal wine pale and reduce the use of Panax ginseng.

cách ngâm rượu củ đinh lăng tươi

You need about 3-4 liters of alcohol to soak 1kg of fresh cloves

After soaking, keep the bottle in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. About a month later, when the color of the wine turns yellow, you can use it.

How to soak dried Panax ginseng

Slightly different from the way of soaking fresh fenugreek roots , for dried fenugreek roots, you can apply one of the following two methods.

Traditional way of soaking

– Fresh lentils after harvesting, you wash and then cut into thin slices. Then let it dry. Normally, if you want to make 1kg of dried lentils, you need to use about 4kg of fresh cloves. After that, it can be used for about 5-6 days in the sun.

cách ngâm rượu củ đinh lăng khô
Dried cloves

– After drying, put the lentils in a pan, place on the stove and cook on high heat. About 5 minutes, the slices turn yellow, then turn off the heat. Wait for the lentils to cool, then put them in a jar.

Next, you add the wine. Note that compared to the way of soaking fresh ginseng roots , soaking dried lentils requires a larger amount of alcohol. You need to use about 7 to 8 liters of alcohol to soak 1kg of dried ginseng. 

– If you soak fresh ginseng for about 1 month, it will be possible to use it, then the time to soak dried ginseng will be longer. You need to wait about 3 months before you can use it.

Soaking dried Panax ginseng in the way of Oriental medicine 

– After harvesting, the tubers and roots of Panax ginseng will be cleaned and chopped. Put the cloves out in the sun and dry them in the sun 5 times and dry them in the shade about 2 times.

– After drying, put the dried lentils in the pan, put on the stove and star yellow. In the meantime, sprinkle more water to wash the sticky rice. After 5-7 minutes, when the cloves are golden, take them out and wait for them to cool.

– Put the cloves in a glass jar. Then pour in the wine to soak. If you are using 1kg of dried fenugreek, you need 10 to 12 liters of alcohol. Then close the lid.

About 3 months later, when you see that the wine has absorbed the nutrients in the ginseng, it can be used.

Although both fresh and dried ways of steeping the ginseng roots, there are good benefits. But most people prefer the dry pickling method. Because the wine will be more fragrant and delicious.

Uses of ginseng root wine

Above is a guide to soaking fresh and dried lentils. In general, the way to soak wine with cloves is quite simple. You can apply to make yourself and your family a nutritious potion.

According to many experts, Panax ginseng has many health benefits. Besides, it can cure some diseases such as:

Enhance resistance, help the body more resilient, prevent some common diseases. This is also a special drink suitable for gym people. Because Panax ginseng has the effect of improving the body, the body is healthier.

Licorice also helps relieve stress and fatigue. Stimulating appetite, helping to sleep better and deeper, improving insomnia, sluggishness.

– Besides, using Panax ginseng alcohol helps to eliminate toxins from the body, supports weight gain, …

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Despite such positive effects, you cannot arbitrarily use this type of alcohol. Here are a few notes when soaking and using Panax ginseng.

A few notes when using ginseng soaked wine

In the process of soaking as well as using Panax ginseng, you need to keep a few things in mind:

Saponin is found in quite a large amount in Panax ginseng. This is a substance that, if used in excess, will cause fatigue, dizziness, low blood pressure, vomiting, etc.

Therefore, you should not abuse too much alcohol. Every day, you only need to drink about 2 to 3 small cups.

lưu ý khi sử dụng rượu đinh lăng
It is recommended to use about 2-3 small cups/day

– Do not use Panax ginseng alcohol or remedies from the plant in the evening before going to bed. Because if you take it during this time, the active ingredients in Panax ginseng will make you euphoric, leading to insomnia.

In order for medicinal alcohol to take full effect, you need to soak them for a certain amount of time. For the method of soaking fresh ginseng roots , they must be soaked for at least a month. For soaking dried Panax ginseng, you have to wait at least 3 months.

– If you want a better wine, you can soak Panax ginseng in combination with some other herbs. However, you need to pay attention to choosing the right herbs.

The above article is a guide on how to soak fresh and dried ginseng. Hopefully, with this information, readers can firmly grasp the steps to take and successfully soak up nutritious potions for the whole family.


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