How to soak quality deer antler wine to improve health


How to soak deer velvet wine is being sought by many people. Deer antler wine is not just a favorite drink for men. This wine is very suitable for the elderly, women, and people over 18 years old. To have a wine to drink will depend on the ingredients, the buying experience and most importantly, the way the wine is soaked. Today, let’s follow Dung Ha Dry Food to find a way to soak quality deer velvet wine to improve health!

1. What is deer velvet?

Deer velvet is also known as Loc velvet. This is an extremely important, valuable and nutritious part of the deer. The necessary condition for a good wine is that deer antler velvet must be harvested from the horns of a male deer. Male deer must be nurtured for a period of 3 years. Deer antler antler drops in late summer and regrows in spring. Spring is the right time to harvest deer velvet.


The outer surface of deer velvet is covered with a very smooth hand-touching layer of hair. Inside there are many blood vessels. Deer antler velvet is both a material used in humidification and a product for soaking in wine that is extremely rich in nutritional value and beneficial for health. Deer velvet is extremely nutritious and it is suitable for all classes of users. Adding deer antler velvet to the diet menu will help strengthen the body’s resistance.
Currently, on the market, there are two popular types of deer velvet: Vietnamese deer velvet and international deer velvet. As a Vietnamese, trust Vietnamese products. In Vietnam, to buy quality deer velvet, you should visit: Ha Tinh, Nghe An and Dong Nai. This is the locality where deer are raised and get the best quality deer velvet.

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2. Nutritional ingredients in deer antler

According to the experience of people raising deer and selling deer velvet to the market. A pair of deer antler velvet weighing about 800 grams after preparation will yield about 250 grams of medicinal herbs. The nutritional components in deer antler velvet include:

  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Calcium Phosphate
  • Protid
  • Gelatin
  • Testosterone
  • Pantocrin
  • 17 Other Amino Acids

Deer antler velvet has a sweet taste, warm nature, enters the meridians, kidneys, mind and heart cells. This herbal medicine is very good to restore the user’s health. The benefits of deer antler velvet include:

  • Nourish the kidney, strengthen the yang, strengthen the tendons and bones
  • Male enhancement
  • Support treatment of impotence, premature ejaculation
  • Treatment for weight loss, weight gain and height improvement
  • Strengthening the body, helping to be more supple and healthy
  • Increase male libido
  • Eat well, sleep well, sleep deeply, don’t lose sleep
  • Prevent fatigue and stress
  • Improve blood circulation, stabilize heartbeat
  • Repair broken bones

Above is the entire nutritional value and uses of deer antler velvet. All the diseases that many men have. Treatment will also be very expensive. Use deer antler wine to overcome the above situation.

3. How to soak standard deer antler wine from A to Z

3.1 Material selection

Choose to buy deer velvet:

  • Should buy deer velvet in the spring time. This is a beautiful time, deer velvet gives the best nutritional value
  • Bright colors, rosy, see blood vessels emerge
  • The horns are covered with a very soft and fine velvet. Can’t pull it out with normal hands
  • Should choose a horn that is divided into 2 large and round branches that are symmetrical
  • You can go back to the farm to buy or buy at reputable deer antler businesses in the area

Choose a decanter:

  • Choose a crockery, porcelain or jar with a lid on the mouth
  • Choose a bottle that fits the amount of wine and deer antler you want to soak
  • Plastic bottles should not be used because long-term immersion in the plastic of the bottle will produce many dangerous toxins for users

Choose wine:

  • It is recommended to choose a wine of about 40 – 45 degrees Celsius. The long soaking process will reduce the alcohol concentration to the lightest level
  • Conditionally, soaking in glutinous rice wine is the best quality

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3.2 Preliminary processing of deer velvet

Since deer antler velvet is covered with fine hair, you must treat the undercoat of deer antler velvet by:

  • Soak deer velvet in a basin of warm water. Using a razor, shave off this hair
  • In addition, you can use a torch to remove the hair
  • Then wash it off with warm water
  • Use a clean towel to completely wipe the water off the deer velvet

Depending on the purpose you use, you can process deer velvet in a variety of ways:

  • Soaking can be left whole
  • As for cooking porridge, you can cut it into thin slices just enough to eat. For cooking purposes, you should store deer antler velvet in the freezer compartment

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3.3 How to properly soak deer velvet wine

3.3.1 Dried deer velvet soaked in alcohol

Prepare materials:

  • Deer velvet: 1 pair of horns
  • Glutinous wine: 5 liters
  • Wine decanter

Implementation steps:

  • Deer velvet is dried for about 2 days in the sun. Dry deer velvet in a cool, dry place
  • Wash deer velvet with alcohol to remove dust
  • Rinse the wine cellar with white wine
  • Put the pair of deer antler velvet neatly into the soaking jar
  • Pour from 4 liters of white wine so that it is covered with deer velvet
  • Close the lid of the jar and store it in a cool, dry place
  • Deer velvet wine can be used after about 6 months

3.3.2 Honey-soaked deer antler wine

Preparation materials:

  • Deer velvet: 1 pair
  • Honey: 200ml
  • Glutinous wine: 5 liters
  • Wine decanter

Implementation steps:

  • Wash deer antler velvet under clean running water. Use a towel to dry and let it dry
  • Cut into thin slices and dry
  • Drying for about 2 days, so pho should be in a clean, high place
  • Wash sliced deer antler with white wine
  • Put the sliced deer antler into the wine cellar
  • Pour 200ml of honey on top
  • Slowly pour 5 liters of white wine on top so that it is covered with deer velvet
  • Close the lid of the jar and store it in a cool, dry place
  • Deer velvet soaked in honey can be used after 3 months of soaking

4. Note when using deer antler wine

The effect of deer antler wine on users is undeniable. However, not all of us can use this wine. Here are some small notes when using deer antler wine that you need to know:

  • People with high blood pressure should not use it
  • Children under 10 years old
  • Women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding
  • Subjects with narrow heart valves or congenital heart diseases
  • Patients who are being treated for specialized diseases need to abstain from alcohol, stimulants, …
  • People with heat illness in
  • Subjects with liver failure, decreased kidney function
  • People with bloating, flatulence and defecation, digestive system disorders

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5. What is the current price of deer antler on the market?

Although the price of deer antler velvet is quite high, it is still a product that many people are looking to buy. The price of fresh deer antler velvet currently sold on the market depends on a number of factors such as the place of sale, product quality and origin. Many places sell fake deer velvet, fake goods, and poor quality goods to users in order to gain illicit profits. The use of such products will greatly affect the health and experience of consumers. With many uses and great benefits for users. Many people began to worry about the price of deer antler velvet going up.
The current price of deer antler velvet is probably a difficult problem that has not been solved. Deer velvet prices often fluctuate erratically up and down unstable. At one point, the price of giraffe velvet touched the price of 3,000,000 VND/kg. But sometimes, the price of deer antler is low, only about 2,500,000 VND/kg. Deer velvet is expensive or cheap depending on the harvest season. But what customers are most interested in is where to buy deer antler velvet to stabilize the price?
Dung Ha Agricultural Products is the place to sell deer antler velvet to stabilize prices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Dung Ha grade 1 deer velvet is currently being offered for sale at a price of 1,800,000 VND/kg. High quality grade 1 deer antler.

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6. Where to buy cheap quality deer velvet?

6.1 Buy deer velvet in Hanoi

  • Buy deer velvet in Hanoi there are many. But to find a place to sell quality deer velvet is a difficult problem. The market for deer antler velvet in Hanoi is very large. What customers are most interested in right now is where to buy cheap deer velvet? Dung Ha Agricultural Products is the place to sell deer antler velvet with full inspection documents to meet food hygiene and safety standards. In addition to providing deer velvet, we also support remote customers to place orders and fast shipping. Check product quality, then proceed to payment.

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6.2 Buy deer velvet in HCMC

  • Finding and buying deer velvet in HCMC is also a big challenge for consumers. The market for deer antler velvet in Ho Chi Minh City is considered by experts to have strengths for development. Deer antler velvet is a precious commodity with great competition. Recently, the demand to buy deer antler velvet of Ho Chi Minh City people is showing signs of increasing rapidly again. If you want to buy cheap quality deer velvet in Ho Chi Minh City, hurry up and find Dung Ha Agricultural Products. With many years of business experience in the field of Ha Giang specialties, powder, yellow turmeric starch, … So all products we sell to the market are strictly tested according to VietGAP standards. With the desire to bring to customers the products “Super clean – Super fast – Super convenient”.

7. Conclusion

Above is the entire most detailed article on how to soak deer antler wine to improve health that you can refer to. Deer velvet wine is a rare medicinal wine that brings a lot of benefits to health. Hopefully, with the detailed information shared above, you will have a bottle of deer velvet wine as you like, delicious and extremely nutritious. The improvement of life health problems with this wine is for reference only. You need to consult your doctor first.


Thank you very much for following and reading our articles. Follow me for more useful information about many rare wine benefits!
Thank you very much for your reading!

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