Is eating dried fruit fat?

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Is eating dried fruit fat ? This is the question of many people who want to lose weight but love this irresistible delicious snack. Let’s answer this question.

Nutritional content of dried fruit

To answer the above question, we will first learn about the nutritional content of dried fruits.

Dried fruit has the same nutritional composition as natural fresh fruit. By the same weight, dried fruit has 3.5 times more fiber, vitamins and minerals than fresh fruit. 

In other words, if you eat all 110g of dried durian, the nutritional content is equivalent to 2kg of fresh durian.

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Dried fruits have high nutritional content

Especially the amount of fiber is very rich. Besides, the active polyphenols in the fruit have the effect of improving blood circulation. It also helps the digestive system function healthier.

In addition, regular consumption of dried fruits also helps prevent oxidation and prevent many other diseases. Vitamin C content is only slightly lost when dried.

Because when dried, the piece of fruit has been condensed. So if considering the same weight, dried fruit contains more nutrients. According to some studies, the content of anti-inflammatory substances and antioxidants is much higher.

With such nutrition, is it fat to eat dried fruit ? Please answer the questions in the section below.

Is eating dried fruit fat?

It can be seen that although dried fruit has many advantages such as: convenient to use, retains its natural characteristic flavor and aroma. But probably won’t be quite as full of nutrients as fresh fruit.

Through the processing process, some nutrients, especially vitamins and water, will be lost more or less. You can see the nutrition facts chart on the packaging of dried fruit products. This is the information provided by the manufacturer.

So does eating dried fruit make you gain weight ? According to some studies, sugar-free, natural dried fruits do not increase weight but also support weight loss. However, at present, most of the dried fruit products are laced with added sugar and juice. These are products that make you gain weight quickly.

Manufacturers add sugar to dried fruits. This is so that the sweetness is increased, so that the product does not have a certain softness, plasticity, and is not dry. In addition, as mentioned above, some types of dried fruit are also added with a concentrated amount of juice. It makes them contain more sugar. This is because sugar works to keep the concentrated juice from fermenting and becoming moldy. In addition, the manufacturer may add some additives. The color and flavor will not be changed and will be kept intact.

The cause of sugar-coated dried fruit causes weight gain

So, with a small amount of dried fruit, it can make you fat if you abuse too much. You will probably gain 0.45kg when your body has an excess of about 3500 calories.

Therefore, you will gain 1kg per month if you consume an extra 250 calories per day from dried fruit. The amount of sugar in dried fruit is easy to digest. It is converted very quickly into energy for the user’s body. Because it produces a lot of energy, you should not overuse dried fruit. This energy source will be quickly converted into fat by the body. Your weight will add up pretty quickly.

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Sugar-coated dried fruit can cause weight gain

This is also the reason why dried fruit with sugar is more suitable for people with low blood sugar. They have a quick hunger quenching effect. The blood sugar level in the body is also brought to a higher level. 

There are actually several types of dried fruit. Especially, dried fruits soaked in sugar will increase the amount of sugar in the body. These types of products spike your blood sugar. It makes you feel full of energy, full of vitality. However, this amount of sugar also dropped quite quickly. Many times when you exercise too much, sugar levels drop suddenly. This can be the cause of symptoms such as dizziness, lightheadedness, low blood sugar, etc.

A few notes when using dried fruit for people who want to lose weight

As can be seen, eating dried fruit can cause weight gain. However, if you still want to enjoy this delicious snack, you can keep a few things in mind:

  • Eat a moderate amount to not make the body excess calories
  • Add other weight loss foods such as sweet potatoes, salads, etc. This will help you feel full longer, avoiding cravings.
  • Choose dried fruit without sugar, made from natural fruits to use. These products contain less sugar and can be consumed with confidence.
  • You can also make your own pieces of dried fruit to ensure better quality. You should also combine it with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Your weight will be effectively controlled.

You can refer to the article How to make dried fruit without an oven in the News section for instructions.

Above is information to help you answer the question ” Is dried fruit fat ?”. Hopefully through this article you have understood a bit more about dried fruit. You will have a way to use this food in the most suitable way.


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