[POCKET] How to make weight loss brown rice cereal bars at home


How to make weight loss brown rice cereal bars at home is simple with 2 ways for you to choose from. Brown rice cereal bars are a super delicious snack that many people have heard about for their weight loss benefits. The main ingredient is brown rice. Combined with 5 types of super grains. It is this monotonous combination that creates an extremely effective healthy snack for weight loss. Let’s go into the kitchen with Dung Ha Dried Agricultural Products to find a way to make brown rice and cereal bars for weight loss at home right away.

What are brown rice cereal bars?

Brown rice cereal bars are a product of the perfect combination of brown rice and nutritious dry grains. Not only stopping at these two main ingredients, the brown rice cereal bar also has the perfect variation between seaweed and floss to add more delicious flavor to the dish.


Nowadays, the Healthy eating trend is the number 1 choice of many people. With this eating trend, they want to improve their quality of life, have a slim figure, a dream weight index and a longer lifespan. Not only that, for those who are busy and don’t have time to eat breakfast or cook, brown rice bars are also a very effective breakfast dish and are easy to take with you anywhere.

Brown rice cereal bars are simply not just a convenient snack that’s easy to take with you. With the main ingredients being a series of nutritious seeds, when you eat, your body will still receive all the nutritional value these seeds bring. Eating brown rice cereal bars will help you improve your blood pressure, improve your heart rate, strengthen your bone and joint system, and help reduce harmful bad cholesterol.

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How to make weight loss brown rice cereal bars at home

Prepared ingredients

  • 200gr brown rice
  • 500g fine salt
  • 30gr almond paste
  • 30gr peeled zucchini seeds
  • 30gr walnut kernels
  • 30gr cashews
  • 30gr macadamia nuts
  • 80g honey
  • 20g coconut oil
  • 250g floss floss

Step 1: Make brown rice flakes

  • When you buy brown rice, you pick up all the grit and flat rice grains and throw them away
  • Soak brown rice in warm water for about 12 hours
  • Pick up the rice, let it drain, use a clean towel, and ferment the rice for about 10 hours
  • Put the cracked rice in the pot and cook the brown rice for 30 minutes
  • Pour cooked brown rice evenly and thinly into a clean pan
  • Dry brown rice in the sun
  • Put 500g of fine salt in the pan and roast until golden brown
  • Pour in dry brown rice and roast with salt for 15 minutes
  • When roasting, the rice grains explode into granules as big as rice flakes
  • Turn off the stove, pour salted brown rice through a sieve, filter out fine salt
  • Pour brown rice flakes into a bowl and let cool

In addition, if you cannot make your own brown rice cereal at home, you can easily find and buy this product anywhere on the market.

Step 2: Chop the dry nuts

  • Put all the almonds + pumpkin seeds + walnuts + cashews + macadamia nuts on the cutting board
  • Proceed to chop and grind these seeds together
  • Put all the chopped dry seeds into a bowl of brown rice flakes
  • Mix all ingredients together


Step 3: Pour into cake mold

  • Put coconut oil + honey in a pan and place on the stove
  • Turn on the stove with low heat. Boil and stir the mixture together until it turns the color of cockroach wings
  • Turn off the stove, pour the mixture into a bowl of brown rice flakes and chopped nutritious dry seeds
  • Continue to mix all ingredients together by hand
  • Line the cake mold with a thin layer of candles
  • Pour the entire mixture into the cake mold and spread it evenly over the surface of the mold


Step 4: Bake the cake

  • Preheat the oven to 160 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes
  • Put the completed cake mold above into the oven
  • Adjust the temperature to 180 degrees Celsius and bake the cake for 30 minutes


Step 5: Shape the cake

  • When the cake is done and baked for enough time, take it out of the oven and let it warm
  • Using a knife, cut the cake into small enough pieces to eat
  • Spread the floss evenly around the chopped brown rice bars


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What should you keep in mind when making brown rice and cereal bars for weight loss at home?

Brown rice cereal bars are a healthy, nutritious, and effective vegetarian snack for weight loss. Making brown rice cereal bars at home is quite simple. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the food is delicious, nutritious and achieves optimal weight loss results:

  • Choose quality ingredients: Brown rice and nutritious grains are the main ingredients to make brown rice bars. You should choose whole grain brown rice to retain the full nutritional value. Nutritious grains and cereals should be pure, without preservatives
  • Prepare ingredients carefully: Brown rice needs to be washed and soaked overnight to remove toxins and indigestible fiber. Nutritious nuts need to be purchased at reputable, branded businesses in the area where you live
  • Store brown rice cereal bars properly: Brown rice cereal bars need to be stored carefully after being made. Should be stored in an airtight container with a lid. Keep in a dry, cool place, away from sunlight. Can be best stored in the refrigerator.

Hopefully, with the above notes, you will grasp them and have yourself a super delicious and nutritious snack.

How many calories are in brown rice cereal bars?

With details of 2 ways to make brown rice and cereal bars for weight loss at home, Dried Agricultural Products shared the details above. If you are a person who is building a healthy weight loss diet, you are definitely very interested in the answer to the question “how many calories are in a brown rice cereal bar?”. Knowing how many calories are in a brown rice cereal bar, you will be able to balance how many calories your body is expected to take in each meal to avoid negative impacts on your weight. heavy.


This is a very good question that nutrition researchers do not want to ignore such a good question. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA):

  • 100 grams of brown rice cereal bars contain about 150 calories for the body

That is the answer to the number of calories in 100 grams of brown rice cereal bars. Looking at this amount of calories, you can completely calculate for yourself how many calories your body is expected to consume in a meal.

Is eating brown rice cereal bars effective for weight loss?

The calorie content of brown rice cereal bars has been explained in detail above. With such a calorie content, many people are asking the question “Is eating brown rice cereal bars effective for weight loss?”. If you want to know, let’s find out some of the reasons below:

  • First, the average amount of calories an adult needs to eat is about 667 calories per meal. If your calorie intake exceeds the standard calorie level. Excess calories will be converted into bad fat and they will cause you to gain weight quickly.
  • Second, 100 grams of brown rice bars provide 150 calories. This amount of calories is relatively low and does not meet the standard calorie intake. Therefore, eating 100 grams of brown rice bars will not cause you to gain weight at all.

==> Conclusion: Eating brown rice cereal bars absolutely helps you lose weight effectively.

However, to lose weight effectively, you should use brown rice and cereal bars in the most scientific way. Some ways to eat brown rice and cereal bars to lose weight include:

  • Don’t eat too many brown rice cereal bars. Instead, eat about 2 – 3 bars at a time
  • You should eat brown rice cereal bars at snacks
  • Combine regular exercise for more effective weight loss
  • Add 2 – 2.5 liters of water/day
  • Eat complete and balanced nutrition with meat, fish, vegetables,…

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Above is the entire detailed article explaining how to make brown rice and cereal bars for weight loss at home that Dried Agricultural Products has shared with readers. It can be seen that making brown rice and cereal bars for weight loss at home is very simple and does not require too much skill. However, the process and time to prepare ingredients will be a bit complicated and time-consuming. But when making brown rice cereal bars at home, you will always feel secure because the product quality and ingredients for making brown rice cereal bars always have clear origins.

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