Summary of dishes from red beans to cool down for summer

đậu đỏ củ sen

Red beans are the dried legume that contains the most nutrients. Not only can cook savory dishes, but red beans can also cook sweet dishes such as tea, etc. Below this article, we will take a closer look at the dishes made from red beans . Let’s take out the books and take notes now!

1. Great nutrition from red beans

Red beans contain a lot of great nutrients for human health. Some of the uses of red beans are:

  • Regulate blood sugar:

In red beans contain many good carbohydrates, very rich in fiber. The body will digest these complex carbs slowly, helping to control blood sugar effectively. Especially for people with diabetes, the regular use of red beans will help the body maintain a stable blood sugar level, reducing the possibility of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. 

  • Effective weight loss support

Fiber and protein are two important factors in weight loss . A number of reviews in the American Journal of Nutrition study in 2015 found that a high-protein diet is better for weight loss than other foods. Red beans contain up to 20g of protein in 100g of red beans and 12g of muscle in 100g.

  • Reducing the risk of cancer from red beans

Red beans contain components that are beneficial to health, limiting the risk of cancer such as saponins and lignans – phytochemicals that can help prevent tumor growth. In addition, resistant starch, a type of carbohydrate, is a compound that may protect intestinal cells from colon cancer.

Not only that, the fiber content also helps reduce cancer such as colorectal cancer. Can protect colon cells and prevent colon cancer

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2. Dishes made from red beans

2.1. Red bean lotus root soup

  • Ingredients for the soup include: lotus root , red beans, shiitake mushrooms, dried snow mushrooms , tofu, carrots , onions, soy sauce, seasoning seeds.
  • How to choose and buy fresh ingredients
  • Choose red beans: Should choose seeds with bright red color, no insects and no mold, with an unpleasant smell. Should choose the right size beans, so that when cooked, they have a soft and smooth texture.
  • How to choose fresh carrots: The carrots have a straight shape, smooth outer skin, fresh color. Do not choose the tubers with leaves, or branches at the base, the shoulders of carrots are large and thick because these will often be the tubers with a large core, less sweet and less nutritious. 
  • Processing:

– Process materials: 

+ Lotus root: The lotus root is cut off the hard part, peeled off the outer skin and cut into thin slices of lotus to eat.

+ To keep the lotus root from turning brown, cut the lotus root into slices and place in a bowl of ice water with vinegar added for about 15 minutes. Then take it out, rinse with clean water. + You should soak red beans in cold water for 6-8 hours to remove harmful substances to health and soften beans for easy cooking.

Snow mushrooms soak in cold water for 15-20 minutes and then take them out to bloom. Cut off the bottom of the mushroom, cut the mushroom cap into bite-sized pieces.

Cut carrots into thin pieces, tofu is also cut into bite-sized squares, and onions are cut into bite-sized pieces.

+ Mushrooms are washed and soaked in dilute salt water for about 15 minutes. – Cooking soup: Put a pot of water on the stove and bring to a boil (about 1 bowl). Boil water for lotus root and red bean to cook. Add 1 teaspoon salt, reduce heat, cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Then add shiitake, carrots, spices and stew for about 10 minutes.

Add tofu and snow mushrooms, cook for about 2 minutes. Then add onions and turn off the stove. * How to choose fresh lotus root:

Choose large and short burning lotus roots, usually they will ripen evenly and have a more delicious flavor. The lotus nodes have a long distance, leaving a little bit of wet dirt because that way they will be fresh. Natural ripe lotus root will have a slightly yellow color, no strange smell, lotus roots that are too white may have been chemically treated.

đậu đỏ củ sen

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2.2. How to cook red bean soup with coconut milk quickly

  • Ingredients: 300g red beans, 250g sugar (alum sugar / brown sugar / granulated sugar), 1 teaspoon salt, Coconut milk (can be replaced with fresh milk), 15g tapioca starch, A little salt
  • Step 1: Prepare ingredients (prepare 6-8 hours before cooking)

Before cooking red bean soup, you need to soak red beans in a pot and leave overnight for 6-8 hours. Wait for the beans to soften, you can break the beans in half, then it’s done.

– Wash the soaked beans, remove moldy, damaged seeds and then put them out to drain.

  • Step 2: Put the beans in the cooking pot

Put the beans in a pot of water about 1l, cover 2 knuckles with water. Add a pinch of salt and a little baking powder to the pot. 

Baking powder, also known as baking soda, will help soften the beans faster.

  • Step 3: Boil the beans and wait for about 20 minutes. Cook on low heat for about 5-10 minutes to remove the beans.
  • Step 4: Cook beans with sugar

Put the red beans in a pot, add half of the sugar and simmer on the stove. Stir well until the sugar dissolves, then turn off the heat. 

So the red bean soup is finished. You can leave the frozen zucchini to preserve it for the day so you can enjoy it gradually.

2.3. How to cook delicious red bean soup with coconut milk

  • Ingredients: 300g red beans, 250g sugar (alum sugar / brown sugar / granulated sugar), 1 teaspoon salt, Coconut milk (can be replaced with fresh milk), 15g tapioca starch, A little salt.

– Step 1: Prepare ingredients (prepare 6-8 hours before cooking)

Before starting to cook red beans, you put red beans in a basin of water to soak overnight or from 6 to 8 hours. When you see that the beans have softened, break the beans in half easily, you can take them out.

Next, you wash the beans, remove the moldy, deep ones and then put them in a basket to drain.

– Step 2: Put the beans in the rice cooker

Put the red beans in a pot with about 1 liter of water or you can estimate the water to cover 2 knuckles. Then you put a little salt and a little baking powder in the pot.

Baking powder, also known as baking soda, will help the beans soften faster, if you don’t have one, you don’t need to let the flour rise.

– Step 3: Cook the beans

Turn on the cooking mode on the rice cooker, when the beans have boiled, continue to wait for 20 minutes and then turn on the Warm button to let the pot switch to keep warm mode for about 10 minutes. Continue to turn on the cooking mode, at this point the beans are almost soft, you just need to wait 5 to 10 minutes, then you can take out the beans.

– Step 4: Cook beans with sugar

Remove the red beans to the pot, then pour half of the sugar in and cook over low heat. Stir well until the sugar dissolves, then turn off the stove.

– Step 5: Cook red bean soup with 

Finally, you put the cooked beans with sugar into the pot to cook for the third time. You add sugar and season to taste. The tapioca starch is dissolved in half a cup of water, then pour it in and stir well. When the red bean tea is mixed, turn off the stove and pour coconut milk or fresh milk on it and enjoy.

You can also cook with green beans , black beans, etc.

chè đậu đỏ

2.3. Cook red bean porridge

  • Ingredients: Red beans: 100g, Plain rice (or brown rice): 200g, Spices: seasoning, sugar, fish sauce .
  • How to cook:

– Step 1: Wash red beans and soak for 8 hours.

– Step 2: Wash the plain rice, soak the rice in water for about 1-2 hours.

– Step 3: Mix red beans and plain rice, put in a rice cooker or pressure cooker, add water to cover 3 times the amount of beans and rice. When the porridge is boiling, continue to turn it down (turn on the cook button) about 2-3 times to make the porridge cooked.

– Step 4: Before using, if you want to eat sweet, you can add sugar, if you want to eat salty, season with a little seasoning or fish sauce.

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3. Where to buy cheap, quality red beans in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh?

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