The uses of bay leaves may surprise you

công dụng của lá nguyệt quế

Laurel leaves are widely known for their symbolic meaning of victory and are planted to decorate the landscape. However, this leaf has many other benefits. Let’s learn about the benefits of bay leaf  with in the article below.

What is bay leaf?

The bay leaf is the part of the leaf that is harvested from the laurel tree. This plant is native to the Mediterranean. The leaves always bring a very pleasant light fragrance. This scent can help you relieve stress, tension, fatigue and mental relaxation. 

That is also the reason that many people grow laurel plants indoors, both to decorate the landscape and bring many positive health benefits. 

lá nguyệt quế
Laurel leaves

Laurel leaves are also used to make laurel wreaths awarded in competitions. The meaning of the laurel leaf is a symbol of victory, fortune and power.

The average length of a bay leaf is about 6–12cm and the width of the leaf is about 2–4cm. Leaf characteristics are easy to recognize. The edges of the leaves are quite wrinkled and have many regular serrations. Leaves are oval, thick and smooth. Like many other leaves, the leaves have a characteristic green color. 

With a mild aroma and many effects, bay leaves are harvested when they are old and fall, dried and used for many different purposes. Here, let’s learn about the effects of this leaf.

Uses of bay leaves

Use bay leaves as a seasoning for many dishes

Bay leaves are widely used in the world cuisine in particular and Vietnam in particular. This is a spice with a characteristic mild aroma, spicy taste mixed with mild bitterness, very easy to use.

You can use the leaves to marinate foods, use them in stir-fries or cook soups, sauces, remove the fishy smell of many raw materials such as meat, fish, etc. 

To make your dish more attractive and richer, you only need to use 1-2 bay leaves.

Repels insects, especially cockroaches

Bay leaves are also particularly effective in preventing cockroach infestations in your kitchen. The biggest disadvantage of cockroaches is that they are afraid of strong and pungent aromas. Bay leaf for cockroaches is a kind of leaf with an unpleasant pungent smell, making them afraid. 

You can use bay leaves to repel cockroaches by taking about 8-10 bay leaves, crushing them and then putting them in the same water to clean the house. Use that water to clean the house as usual, especially cleaning the kitchen area thoroughly. After the first cleaning, you will see the cockroaches disappear noticeably.

Good for people with diabetes

Researchers have shown that bay leaves are very beneficial for people with diabetes. The composition of bay leaves helps to reduce blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body. 

Therefore, this is also an effective herb to prevent and support the treatment of diabetes. You can use bay leaf powder every day with a dosage of about 5g, used in 1 month will see a noticeable effect.

Good for the digestive system

The composition of bay leaves contains many enzymes that are beneficial for the digestive system. For people with irritable bowel syndrome, this is the perfect choice. In addition, bay leaves also support the elimination of excess toxins from the body, supporting the treatment of digestive symptoms such as heartburn or flatulence, etc.

Preventing and supporting the treatment of cardiovascular disease

Bay leaves contain a chemical component called caffeic acid. This is an active ingredient that plays a role in reducing bad cholesterol. Thereby helping to prevent the symptoms of heart-related diseases. Therefore, researchers have used bay leaf extract to make pharmaceuticals that support the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Uses of bay leaves in skin beauty

Another effect of bay leaves is to help improve your skin. In the bay leaf contains a lot of vitamins A and C to help strengthen resistance and effectively fight aging. This is also a nutrient that helps keep the skin healthy and youthful.

công dụng của lá nguyệt quế
Bay leaves have many health benefits

You can boil bay leaves with water. Strain the water and remove the residue. Use this water to wash your face. You wash it twice a day. After only a short time of use, you will see a significant change in your skin.

The effect of bay leaves to treat dandruff

In addition to the unexpected benefits for health and beauty, bay leaves also have the ability to treat dandruff very well. If you are having scalp problems such as dandruff or fungus, immediately use bay leaves to improve this condition.

You can take bay leaves and cook them with water to wash your hair. You should call about twice a week. In addition, you can use laurel oil to incubate your hair. Incubate hair and massage for about 30 minutes and then rinse with clean water. You will see dandruff disappear quickly.

Bay leaves have the effect of helping to calm down and sleep well

If you are experiencing sleep disorders, mental stress, fatigue, bay leaves will help you overcome this situation. You can take bay leaves to boil water, soak for a while to relax. Or using laurel oil to steam the room will also help you relax and have a deeper sleep.

Using this method regularly will help improve insomnia. You will sleep better and feel more refreshed.

Where to buy bay leaves?

Bay leaves are sold quite a lot in the market. However, where to buy quality, guaranteed bay leaves is always a question many people are interested in.

Currently, on the market there are many fakes, imitations, mixed with other leaves. Therefore, consumers need to go to reputable establishments to buy.

At Dung Ha Agricultural Products is selling genuine dried bay leaves. The bay leaf is large and thick, intact, not crushed.

You can call the hotline to order: 1900986865

The above article has revealed to you about the benefits of bay leaves. Hope readers know more about this leaf and have an effective way to use it. Please read other articles in the News section to update more useful information.

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