The wonderful effects of flying orangutan seeds are not known to everyone

thành phần trong hạt đười ươi

What is an orangutan nut? What is the effect of flying orangutan seeds ? This must be the question of many people when they hear the name of this nut. Today, will provide you with useful information about this seed.

What is a flying orangutan?

As one of many nutritious herbal medicines, bay orangutan seeds are also known by other names such as orangutan seeds, orangutan seeds, an nam man, great sea lions, etc.

In science, this seed belongs to the Trom family and is called Scaphium Lychnophorum.

According to oriental medicine, orangutan seeds have a mild sweet taste and cool properties. In appearance, the seeds are oval in shape, a few centimeters long. The surface is yellow-brown and quite rough. 

Orangutan is a woody plant that grows in the forest. The trunk is about 25-40m high. After four years, this tree only bears ripe fruit once. When fresh, the fruit has an extra layer of wings. When ripe and old, the fruit falls and falls around the base, so it is called a nut.

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Flying orangutan seeds

Orangutan trees are distributed mainly in the southern provinces such as Dong Nai, Vung Tau or in the Central Highlands such as Gia Lai, Lam Dong, etc. 

At a glance, the flying orangutan has an ugly appearance. However, this seed is a traditional medicine used by people in the South since ancient times.

Currently, this tree species is only found in a few countries in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, etc. In Vietnam, the orangutan tree grows mainly in the forests of the Central Highlands and Central Central Coast.

Nutritional composition of bay orangutan seeds

Researchers at Hanoi University of Science and Technology have succeeded in extracting fatty oil from the kernels of bay orangutan kernels. This turning point has helped prevent cancer, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, etc.

Scientists have shown: in orangutan seeds there is a large amount of linoleic acid (accounting for 46% of the oil in). This acid is essential for the body to carry out metabolic processes that normally cannot be synthesized by the body.

thành phần trong hạt đười ươi

Orangutan seeds contain many nutrients that are good for health

Not only that, in cosmetics, emulsifiers or soaps, linoleic acid is also used a lot thanks to its ability to fight inflammation, reduce acne, and moisturize the skin.

In addition, the content of oleic acid in bay orangutan seeds is also quite high (23.67%) to support memory enhancement. The palmitic acid in the seeds is very effective against obesity.

The healing effects of bay nut

The effect of flying orangutan seeds in the treatment of nosebleeds

Nosebleeds are a common disease. Especially young children are very susceptible to this disease when it is hot or feverish.

This disease is basically not dangerous, but if it happens often, it will make parents worry a lot.

When children have this disease, mothers can use orangutan seeds to treat their babies. The use is also very simple, mothers just need to take some of these seeds with water and give it to the baby to drink. The sweetness and coolness in the orangutan seeds will help the baby’s body to be purified, cool down, and help improve the baby’s nosebleed.

Flying orangutan seeds have the effect of treating stomach pain

Today, stomach pain is a disease that many people suffer from. The main reason is due to unscientific eating habits. To improve stomach pain, you can use crushed oregano seeds, mix with water and drink.

In fact, after applying this method, the condition of many people has improved significantly.

tác dụng chữa bệnh của hạt ươi bay

Grind the seeds into a fine powder and mix it with water

The treatment of stomach diseases of flying orangutan seeds is very effective. For best results, use in the morning and afternoon.

At this time, the stomach is empty, there is no food, the nutritional components as well as the healing active ingredients in the flying orangutan seeds are better absorbed into the body.

Orangutan seeds have the effect of treating constipation and diuretic

Constipation is also a common disease. This condition usually occurs when the body contains too many toxins and suffers from heat. 

Orangutan seeds fly with coolness and cooling ability. This will help constipation improve quickly.

To treat constipation, you need to use the rice inside the seeds. You can soak the seeds in boiling water for the seeds to bloom. After separating the rice, you mix it with filtered water and rock sugar. Drink regularly 3 times/day. After a few days, constipation will be reversed, the digestive system will be healthier.

The use of flying orangutan seeds with patients with spine spines

For the elderly or middle-aged, the risk of spinal stenosis is quite high. To cure this disease, many people have used flying orangutan seeds and successfully cured the disease.

Like how to cure constipation, you also need to use the rice grain and dissolve it with rock sugar. However, in order to treat spondylitis and see significant results, you need to use the remedy regularly for 1-2 months. Besides, the practice of exercise exercises and a scientific diet also help a lot.

Orangutan seeds support the treatment of kidney stones

Besides the ability to cure diseases such as constipation, stomach pain, spine problems, orangutan seeds are also effective in the treatment of kidney stones.

To cure this disease, you can use fresh flying orangutan seeds to maximize its use. On the other hand, you need to combine the bay seed with the seed banana. That will bring the best healing effect. 

công dụng của hạt đười ươi

Orangutan seeds help effectively cure kidney stones

To make this remedy, you need to use dried seed bananas. Orangutan seeds and dried banana seeds are ground into small pieces. Then, you put the flour in and roast it into a smooth mixture. Every day, you take the powder mixed with water, drink it twice a day.

Many people after using this remedy have found it effective. Especially this remedy is very effective for patients with small stone size. Orangutan seeds help dissolve stones or reduce the size of stones.

The effect of flying orangutan seeds in the treatment of tonsillitis, respiratory diseases

If those who are suffering from diseases related to the respiratory tract, dry cough, cough with phlegm, sore throat, etc., orangutan seeds are an effective medicine.

You use 4-5 dried orangutan seeds, soak them in water to make them bloom evenly. Mix with sugar water and use regularly every day. You will find that the throat is lighter, the coughs are also relieved and gradually disappear.

You can also refer to 2 more cough treatments that Dry Food has shared before:

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Flying orangutan seeds help cool the liver, prevent acne, keep in shape

Use a few bay urchin seeds, soak them in water until they bloom, and peel them off. Then separate the rice inside and grind it into small pieces. 

Next, use the mixture to apply on the skin with swollen pimples. You should apply it regularly every day. After 2-3 days, the acne condition will be improved, the skin will be smoother and smoother.

Orangutan seeds have many positive effects on health. The scientific use of flying orangutan seeds will help you prevent as well as treat a number of diseases related to heat or internal heat.

Hopefully, sharing about the unexpected effects of bay nut in the treatment of some diseases will help readers get more useful information about this nut. Thereby, you can apply and improve some diseases for yourself and your family. Please follow the News section to update useful information.f


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