What does Tet gift basket include? Tips for choosing an affordable Tet gift basket


The 2023 Tet gift basket is an important item that cannot be missed on the Vietnamese traditional Tet holiday. Besides delicious food, Tet gift baskets are a way to express gratitude to those who have accompanied and stood side by side over the years. But few people notice what is inside the Tet gift basket? To be able to answer this question, we invite you to take a few minutes to follow Dung Ha Dry Food to find out in detail what the Tet gift basket includes.

1. What is the gift basket for the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit 2023?

In the last days of the year, the pace of life of people across the country began to be much more crowded and joyful. Everyone is busy shopping for Tet clothes to welcome the new year with plans, joy and luck to their families. In addition to buying ornamental plants, apricot flowers, peach blossoms, dahlia flowers,… An item that should never be missing on this occasion is the Tet Gift Basket. Every year is different, the Tet gift basket is still a proof of immortality over time.


Giving gifts during Tet has become an excellent cultural beauty of Vietnamese people for generations. What is included in the Tet gift basket depends on the economic conditions of each family. Purpose of donation and object of donation. Usually, a set of Tet gifts will include products such as jams, confectionery, tea, wine, cigarettes,… These products are like a happy new year greeting, health, happiness, and fortune. But not everyone gives such a set of Tet gifts. Because, the gift sets for the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit 2023 are now made, and also serve the recipients.

2. Meaning of gift basket for the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit 2023?

It is now 28 lunar calendar. The 2023 Lunar New Year is less than 2 days away from us. Right now, many people start looking to buy Tet gift baskets to give as gifts to their parents, grandparents, family, relatives, colleagues and boss. Each gift basket has a different meaning, the sincerity of the giver. But the common meaning of these gifts is to wish the new year more success, health, prosperity, fortune, and good luck to the family.
The symbol, the main color of these Tet gift sets is red and yellow. Red symbolizes luck and fortune. Yellow is the color of the sun, when the sun shines on the world, it helps the trees to sprout and bloom.
Each Tet gift basket will have different values from 250k, 350k, 400k, 500k,… In general, the higher the user demand, the higher the price of the Tet gift basket. The form of Tet gift basket design is very beautiful.

3. What does the Tet gift basket include?

3.1 Gift basket for Tet 2023 for relatives and friends

Tet to Spring is the most sacred and meaningful moment of every human life. This is the time for the whole family to gather and gather with family and loved ones. And it is also a special occasion for us to give each other special gifts. Choosing Tet gift sets for relatives and friends is that you are looking for very useful products or good health gifts that are popular on the market today.
With relatives and friends, you can give them gift baskets such as:
  • Confectionery
  • Jam
  • Cigarette
  • Tea of all kinds
  • Wine
  • Fruits (grapefruit, green bananas, red peppers, …)

With products like these, you should pay more attention to the elderly and grandparents. And especially, tea is something that the elderly love to drink. In the early days of the New Year, sitting together, enjoying some Tet sweets and sipping a cup of tea will help everyone’s body become much warmer. The stories and laughter of children and grandchildren must be something that grandparents keep forever in their hearts.

3.2 Tet gift basket 2023 for colleagues

After 365 years of working together. A set of Tet gifts for colleagues in the last days of the year is like the most sincere thanks from the bottom of the heart. Set of gifts for colleagues is like care, deep gratitude and hope that the new year will accompany you to complete many bigger projects. Products that should be included in the Tet gift set for colleagues are:

  • New Year’s Eve confectionery and jam: Spring colors are more abundant if you see Tet confectionery and jam. On the first day of the new year, there is nothing more precious than the image of sitting and sipping incense, Tet confectionery and drinking a cup of hot tea.
  • Tea: Vietnamese tea is truly top-notch and impeccable. There are many famous types of tea such as: Thai Nguyen Tea, Ha Giang ancient Shan Tuyet tea, Northwest tea,… Each type of tea brings you lost in a separate space. A cup of hot tea in the cold Tet weather will help your body stay warmer. Instead of beer and wine on New Year’s Eve, you should have a pot of hot tea ready to welcome your valued guests.
  • Foreign wine: An extremely delicious drink and a traditional beauty of Vietnamese people for generations. There are many types of wine such as fruit wine, wine, crocodile vodka, sticky wine, etc. Each type of wine is also an extremely unique experience. You can use more luxurious, premium, beautiful wines depending on the economy.

3.3 Gift baskets for Tet 2023 for customers

A Tet gift basket for customers is a thank you for the past five months for trusting and supporting. The customer is the person who uses the service to lose money. In response we need to offer these customers great promotions. Besides the gift baskets, it is necessary to give them coupons for 10%, 20%,…buy 2 get 1 free, buy 3 get 2 free. I know it’s not much but it’s also a sincere thank you.
Hopefully next year will still receive the trust and support of shopping from loyal customers. Gifts for customers are often very special. These will include the following products:
  • Northwest dried wood ear
  • Dried bamboo shoots
  • vermicelli
  • Coconut flavored sunflower
  • Green Crocodile Vodka
  • Raisins
  • Tet jam box

3.4 Gift baskets for Tet 2023 for superiors

The boss is like a teacher who guides us in our work. In the past, the teacher who went to school was the one who gave us knowledge. Today, the boss is the teacher who directly pays the employee’s salary. Therefore, a Tet gift basket for your boss needs to be extremely polite, elegant and thoughtful. When the boss looked at the gift basket, it conveyed the message that the employee wanted to send. Therefore, you need to choose the perfect and most suitable products. Including:

  • Premium foreign wine
  • Foreign 3-digit cigarette
  • Nutritional seeds
  • Imported foreign confectionery
  • Imported Chocolate
  • Imported Tet jam
  • Oat
  • Premium Black Garlic
  • Functional food (Swallow’s nest)


With these high-class and luxurious products, you will surely “score” easily in the eyes of your boss.

4. How much does a Tet gift basket cost?

Although the price of Tet gift basket is quite high, it is still an important product that many people buy. The price of gift baskets for the Lunar New Year 2023 on the market depends on a number of factors such as: Place of sale, demand, and object of donation. Currently, there are many units that stand out to distribute cheap Tet gift baskets compared to the general level of the market. Sometimes we go to buy, do not check carefully, inside are fake products of unknown origin. Giving gift baskets like these will make a big impact on your work.
What is the current Tet gift basket price, there is still no exact answer. The price of Tet gift baskets at each business establishment is different. The price of Tet gift baskets is expensive or cheap depending on the design and gifting needs of the user.

4.1 Price set of Tet gifts for relatives and friends

With family and friends. Give them this Tet gift set with a specific price:

  • Golden dragon green bean cake: VND 90,000
  • Canned peanut jam: 70,000 VND
  • Tan Cuong Tea: 250,000vnd
  • G7 coffee: 50,000vnd
  • Crispy dried jackfruit: 125,000 VND
  • Burmese dong: 28,000 VND
  • Lotus jam with mica box: 80,000vnd
  • Pumpkin jam: 70,000 VND
  • Main noodle: 35,000vnd

The total price of Tet gifts for relatives and friends is: 800,000 VND

4.2 Price of Tet gift set for colleagues

With colleagues, you should give products such as:

  • G7 Coffee: 50,000 VND
  • Dried jackfruit: 125,000 VND
  • Burmese dong: 28,000 VND
  • Level of peanut box: 60,000 VND
  • Yellow dragon green bean cake: 35,000vnd
  • Hai Chau soup powder: 4,500vnd
  • Rice paper rolls: 7,500vnd
  • Pumpkin jam: 60,000 VND
  • Pia cake: 65,000 VND
  • Nam Dinh sweets: 32,000 VND

The total price of Tet gifts for colleagues falls in: 500,000 VND

4.3 Price of Tet gift set for customers

For customers, in addition to discount vouchers, you can also give Tet gift sets as follows:

  • Peanuts: 30,000 VND
  • Tamarind: 70,000 VND
  • HDD mix nut box: 250,000 VND
  • Lotus seeds 250gr: 80,000vnd
  • Macadamia nuts 250gr: 163,000vnd


The total price of Tet gift set for customers falls into the price: 593,000 VND

4.4 Price of Tet gift set for superiors

For senior leaders, Tet gift baskets need to be luxurious and polite. You can refer to:

  • Egg pie: 65,000 VND
  • Bao Minh Golden Dragon Green Bean Cake: VND 90,000
  • Canned peanut jam: 60,000 VND
  • Tan Cuong Tea: 250,000vnd
  • G7 coffee: 50,000vnd
  • Dried jackfruit: 125,000 VND
  • Mica boxed lotus jam: 80,000vnd
  • Rice paper rolls: 7,500vnd
  • Wood ear: 100,000 VND
  • Shiitake mushroom skewers: 70,000 VND
  • Pumpkin jam: 70,000 VND
  • Dried beef: 160,000 VND
  • Hai Chau soup powder: 4,500vnd
  • Main noodle: Ajinomoto: 35,000vnd

Total price of Tet gift set for boss: 1,200,000 VND

5. Tips for choosing an affordable Tet gift basket?

5.1 Identify the object of the donation

You need to determine how many people you should give gifts to: grandparents, parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, or bosses. Let’s divide them into 3 groups of objects: relatives, friends, social relations to make it easier to give gifts.
Choose health-related gifts for your family and loved ones. Those gifts include: Dried rose tea, yellow chrysanthemum tea, butterfly pea flower tea, fruit basket, … Gift baskets are like wishes for health and paying more attention to you. Some functional foods such as bird’s nest, ginseng, dong quai, ..
With friends, you should choose gifts according to their preferences. Choosing gifts according to your preferences also shows that you are a person who always cares about others and makes people love you more.
Tet gifts for bosses, business partners,… you must learn carefully about their customs and habits as well as their personal preferences. Only then can you choose a gift that they like. best.

5.2 Choosing a reputable brand

Today, you can find Tet gift baskets in many places in the area. Many agents supply materials to make Tet gift baskets, pre-packed Tet gift baskets. Be a smart customer by checking the credibility of the brand before you buy.
Avoid cases of fake goods, imitation goods, poor quality goods that cause loss of points and harm the health of users.

5.3 Aesthetics

If you’re wrapping your own, be sure to organize your gifts properly. Use wrapping paper in bright, fresh, vibrant colors. The accessories in the gift basket should be checked to ensure that the stickers and covers are intact, no wrinkles, no dust.
If you buy pre-wrapped gift baskets, check to make sure the wrapping paper is not torn, has no foreign objects, and is neatly arranged.
It is necessary to prepare carefully to increase the aesthetics of the gift basket as well as for you to perfect yourself.

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5.4 Shelf life

Of course, gift baskets made of rattan, or bamboo will not have an expiration date. But, the gifts inside are there. Double-check the production and expiry dates of all products to avoid giving expired items to others.
In addition, it is advisable to choose products with the most recent production date. Tet is an important occasion for you to maintain, strengthen and create new relationships. So, be a thoughtful person by giving people meaningful Tet gift baskets.

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6. Conclusion

Above is a detailed article that answers the question of what does a Tet gift basket include? Tips for choosing an affordable Tet gift basket that Dry Food wants to send to you. We hope that the information we have just given above is useful for you.
Thank you for reading and following the news article of Dry Food. Wish you choose for yourself a beautiful, luxurious, delicate and affordable Tet gift.

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