What is the current selling price of Hung Yen longan?

mua long nhan

Longan is a medicine taken from the flesh of the longan fruit. Then dry and store. Longan is used as both medicine and food. Dishes with longan often have a lot of nutrients that provide a full range of nutrients. In addition, it is also used in Eastern medicine to help sedation, tonic blood, strengthen the immune system, etc. Where to buy quality Hung Yen longan? What is the selling price of Hung Yen Longan? Please refer to the following article of thucphamkho.vn!

What is Longan?

Longan also has many different names such as longan, longan, and in some places it is also called a la chi (the pulp of the longan). The scientific name is Euphoria longana Steud, belonging to the soapberry family. This plant grows a lot in the northern region of our country. Longan trees can adapt to harsh living conditions and climates.
Longan is usually yellow or dark brown depending on the temperature when dried. There are thickness, thin depending on the fresh fruit flesh, depending on the type of longan. The outer shell is rough, wrinkled, the flesh inside is glossy. The flesh of longan is sweet, flexible, soft and has a characteristic aroma.
long nhan
What is Longan?

Harvesting, processing and preserving longan

In Oriental medicine, to make medicine, people often use the flesh of the fruit, also known as the pulp of the longan. According to folk experience, people also use the leaves, roots or fruits of the longan tree to make medicine. Normally, people harvest longan around June-August every year, choose ripe longan with yellow-brown outer skin.
After harvesting, people will bare the longan in boiling water for about 2-3 minutes to remove dirt, insects, kill yeast, then remove the longan to dry. When the fruit starts to hunt again, it is dried at high temperature for 30 hours. Finally, peel and separate the seeds, continue to dry until the pulp no longer sticks together.
Longan is a food that is very susceptible to mold, so we need to store it carefully in a plastic bag or glass jar with a tight lid. Keep longan in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, insects, vermin…

Nutritional composition of longan

According to traditional medicine, longan has a peaceful, sweet taste, cures indigestion, dry cough, and nourishes blood. In modern medicine, scientists have found herbs that contain saponins, tannins, fats, and glucose. They have a sedative effect, treat insomnia, constipation.

Some effects of longan

Longan is not only a daily fruit, but it is also a nutritious food with many therapeutic uses, including in Eastern and Western medicine. Here are some benefits of longan that you need to know

Effects of longan in traditional medicine

In Oriental Medicine, longan has a sweet and neutral taste. Longan has many effects to cure many diseases. Cure indigestion, anorexia, dry cough, expectorant, wind cough. In addition, it is also used in medicine to help sedation, anti-anxiety, nervousness or forgetfulness, physical weakness, etc. Especially, it has a very good blood-nourishing effect.
Use with appropriate dosage depending on the disease condition and age each day. This herb is often used in the form of a decoction, a broth soaked in alcohol. According to experience from folk, people use the following way. Every day use about 15-20g longan, can be used to eat or drink water every day.

Effects of longan in modern medicine

Researchers have proven that ingredients in longan help increase resistance, immune system, anti-aging, increase elasticity to help blood vessels circulate better. Thereby preventing cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, anti-aging bones and joints in post-menopausal women. In addition, it also helps to beautify the skin, dispel dark spots, crow’s feet on the eyes.
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The effect of longan

Longan helps sedation, tonic blood, cures blood damage, body weakness

Remedy 1: Sedative, tonic blood, cure blood damage.
Use 17g longan, 15g big apple (jujube) with 100g plain rice. Bring all the cooking ingredients into porridge to eat every day. Sick people should eat porridge while it is still hot. The course is used for 2-3 weeks to improve health.
Remedy 2: Cure body weakness
Take 300g longan mixed with 400g rock sugar. Thoroughly cook all ingredients. Then let it cool for 10-15 minutes and then store it in an airtight container. About 15g each time, use twice a day morning and night.

Treat insomnia, forgetfulness, pale skin, nervousness, anxiety.

The way to use longan medicine is as follows: Use longan, royal flag, white truss, ginseng, apple mandarin, 20g each, combined with 12g dong quai, 7g vien chi, wood incense, and draft resolution each. taste 6g.
Bring all the herbs except for aromatic herbs with 1000ml of filtered water. After about 30 minutes, add the incense. Concentrate about 2 cups of medicine to take daily, can add a few slices of fresh ginger or jujube (great apple).
The medicine should be used while it is still hot, if it is cold, reheat it and then use it. If it is too cold, the effectiveness of the medicine will be reduced.

Longan cures edema, diarrhea, damaged spleen, and indigestion.

How to use to treat edema as follows. You use each flavor 20g longan, big apple and Sinh Khuong. All herbs are washed and decocted with 1 liter of water. Divide evenly, use 2 times a day, take 1 tablet per day. Use within 30 days to see the effect.
Remedies to treat spleen damage, diarrhea, and indigestion are as follows. First you use 15g dried longan pulp, 12g Sinh Khuong. Take these two herbs decoction with filtered water. Drink twice a day, 30 minutes before meals. After 1-2 months, the symptoms of the disease will be completely reduced.

Treat arrhythmia, night sweats, dry cough, cough with phlegm.

How to use medicines to treat arrhythmia, night sweats, dry cough, cough with phlegm is as follows. We use Hoai Son, Phuc Than, Longan, Bach Truc, each using 16g, humiliation, 20g each and 10g of licorice. Bring all the decoction with 700ml of water. Should be used while the medicine is still warm.

What is the selling price of longan?

Currently on the market, the selling price of longan varies depending on location, season, time of transportation, etc., mainly ranging from 300,000 VND / kg to 400,000 VND / kg. The selling price goes up and down depending on the longan harvest season in the northern provinces.
To buy quality longan at a good price, you can order it right at Dung Ha Agricultural Products. We sell Hung Yen longan price: 350,000 VND / kg
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mua long nhan
Where to buy longan?

Where to buy longan?

Currently on the market there are many units selling longan of unknown origin, not quality assurance. Or just the usual kind of humiliation longan, without many precious medicinal substances like Hung Yen longan. Therefore, you need to choose to buy at reputable, reputable addresses to rest assured to use.
We Dung Ha Agricultural Products is proud to be the address for selling quality prestigious longan. Trusted and used by many customers over the years. Hung Yen Longan at Dung Ha Agricultural Products is taken from 100% dry Hung Yen cage longan, carefully selected, packed in convenient zip bags, ensuring food hygiene and safety and bringing high efficiency to health. strong. Therefore, you can rest assured when ordering products at Dung Ha Agricultural Products
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Hope the above sharing has helped you better understand the longan, the price of Hung Yen longan. To learn how to use longan effectively for health, visit our news section!

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