Discover the effects of marjoram essential oil on children

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Natural essential oils for babies are always the first choice of many parents because other essential oils may contain chemicals that are not good for the baby. When it comes to essential oils, it is impossible not to mention marjoram essential oil. Follow the news section of to follow the shares below to understand this essential oil.
Marjoram essential oil is well known for its antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, marjoram essential oil has many other uses for children that you should know.

What is marjoram essential oil?

Marjoram essential oil is used in both medicine and cuisine. It is also known for its many health and beauty benefits. Marjoram oil is an essential oil with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Considered as a natural antibiotic, preventing the aging process of cells, anti-cancer, lowering blood sugar, anti-mutant and anti-virus very well.
Oregano, also known as oregano, used as a common herb in European countries, is a perennial herb of the mint family.
Currently, Oregano is popular in many places such as India, Laos, Cambodia, Japan, Thailand and even Vietnam. Marjoram grows strongest at an altitude of 0 – 3400m, about 30 – 50cm high, upright, square, hairy.
The tree is often grown in mountainous areas, wastelands, in forests or along rivers. Marjoram leaves have pointed tips, serrated edges, and are soft like velvet because of the fine hairs above. Marjoram essential oil is extracted directly from the leaves of the Oregano tree. The slightly pungent aroma contains a lot of oils, carvacrol, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins, etc. Thanks to its high nutrient content, marjoram essential oil achieves significant benefits.

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How to use essential oils for babies

When using essential oils on babies, it’s best to dilute them. You can mix it with another carrier oil (coconut oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil …) and then mix it into your baby’s bath water. You can also mix it with fresh honey.
For infants under 3 months of age, only 1-2 drops of marjoram essential oil should be used per 30ml of carrier oil.
You can use this essential oil to massage your baby’s legs and spine. But not recommended for chest and back massage because this is a hot oil.
Doctors do not recommend giving marjoram essential oil to children under 5 years of age because it can cause side effects. However, you can add it slowly to see your baby’s reaction and consider if it’s right for your baby.

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Benefits of oregano essential oil for children

In addition to its antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Marjoram essential oil is also a very good medicine for health. The effects of marjoram essential oil for children include:

1. Anti-inflammatory effect of marjoram essential oil

Marjoram essential oil works to help soothe inflammatory symptoms that children have, both externally and internally. When applied topically, it helps soothe inflamed skin. However, remember to dilute it with raw or pure honey

The effect of marjoram essential oil is als

2. Treatment of infection

o to prevent infections caused by bacteria. You can give your baby marjoram essential oil if he has a skin infection without hesitation. In addition, it is also effective in treating colds and urinary tract infections in infants.

3. The effect of treating sinusitis

Marjoram essential oil is a natural sinusitis remedy. It acts like an anti-infective due to its antioxidant and antibacterial properties.
If your child is too young for sinus medicine or other medicines that are not working. You might consider giving your child marjoram essential oil.

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4. Treatment of respiratory problems

The effect of marjoram essential oil is to help clear the respiratory tract, remove mucus, and loosen phlegm. Basically, it acts like a normal excreta. Helps reduce discomfort. In addition, essential oils are also used to relieve pain caused by sore throats and coughs. Therefore, marjoram essential oil products are really useful in the treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases.

5. Anti-allergy is another effect of marjoram essential oil

This is another benefit of marjoram essential oil. This essential oil has a calming effect on allergic reactions. Not only does it help reduce sensitivity to allergens, but it also helps reduce the severity of allergy symptoms. Therefore, babies who are prone to allergies should be massaged with marjoram essential oil to reduce allergies.

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6. Marjoram essential oil has anti-cancer effects

This essential oil is also effective against certain cancers. Because it has the ability to neutralize some oxidants and can repair damaged cells. It contains phenol, a powerful antioxidant. Helps to cleanse the body and remove disease-causing free radicals.

7. Fight against parasites and insects

Newborns are very susceptible to parasitic infections such as tapeworms and roundworms. Insects like mosquitoes, fleas…
You can dilute marjoram essential oil and apply it to your baby’s skin to protect him from bed bugs, mosquitoes, and other parasites. You can give your baby essential oils in a certain dose to deworm the intestinal tract. However, when using it for this purpose. Consult your doctor for the correct dosage.

8. Treatment of colds and coughs

This essential oil helps relieve colds and coughs. Massage your baby’s legs or spine. But do not rub the baby’s chest and back to avoid causing heat to the baby

9. Treatment of pneumonia

Massaging with marjoram essential oil can be a natural cure for pneumonia. Alternatively, you can also add a few drops of essential oils to your baby’s bath water.

10. Cure ear pain

Instead of taking medicine prescribed by your doctor. You can give your baby marjoram essential oil for ear pain without any side effects.
Marjoram essential oil has many health benefits for children. In addition, it is also very effective against viral infections. It helps strengthen the immune system, fighting against mumps, colds, chicken pox and other problems.

11. Anti-fungal

Fungal infections in babies can become a serious problem because it can cause infections of the nose, ears, and throat. Massaging with marjoram oil regularly can protect your baby’s body from these fungal infections.

How to use marjoram essential oil effectively

Oregano essential oil has a wide range of benefits, each benefiting users for decades.

  • Essential oils can help reduce swelling and redness. We can apply essential oils directly to the wound. Essential oils should be diluted before applying to help the wound heal faster and treat the skin around the wound.
  • Dilute essential oils before applying. Mix Oregano essential oil with olive oil or coconut oil in a 1:1 ratio.
  • Oregano essential oil can be mixed with food to eat (but in very small doses). Or dilute with honey, drink with other non-dairy beverage.
  • Use Oregano Essential Oil as an alternative antibiotic. Combine essential oils with a carrier oil of your choice. Then massage into the soles of the feet. Gently massage to allow the oil to penetrate deeply into the skin. About once every 10 days, do so to keep the body in the best state, fighting against diseases and viruses.
  • Treat toenail fungus. Put a few drops of essential oil on the affected area and rub it in. Then just let Oregano essential oil do the anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory task to return the toes to rosy, eliminate the fungus.
  • Dilute essential oils with some carrier oils: olive oil, coconut oil, etc. Then apply the mixture evenly on the skin. Massage gently to relax the skin and achieve the desired skin care effect. .
  • Use an essential oil diffuser to spread the fragrance everywhere in the prevention of mold and insects.

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Some notes when using marjoram essential oil

  • Keep essential oils out of reach of children. Because hyperactive children can break or get into the eyes, which is very dangerous.
  • When there is an abnormal smell in the essential oil, stop using it immediately.
  • Consult with experts when you want to use Oregano Essential Oil as an alternative medicine.

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Where to buy marjoram essential oil in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City?

With many useful effects, marjoram essential oil is currently being used very popularly across the country. Depending on the volume that marjoram essential oil has different prices. To ensure quality, you should find out about reputable and long-standing essential oil suppliers!
Above are the great effects of marjoram essential oil and how to use it to bring the highest efficiency. However, when used for infants. You also need to keep in mind a few points above! Wish you successful use of marjoram essential oil
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