What is the effect of peach resin on women’s health? Where do you buy it?


What is the effect of peach resin? This is a question that many women care about. Peach resin is an extremely important product for women. But not many women understand what is the use of peach resin? For something general, the most detailed about peach resin. Please take a few minutes to follow Dung Ha Dry Food to find out what effect peach resin has on women’s health.

1. What is peach resin?

Peach resin is also known as peach latex, peach acacia. This is the excess latex that is released from the peach tree. Peach resin is an extremely familiar ingredient in cuisine. Referring to peach resin, certainly not many women are unfamiliar with this product. Peach resin is the main ingredient that appears in the beauty tea.


To get peach sap, we have to say “thank you” to a worm on the peach tree. This worm digs into the trunk of a peach tree and will release a resin that is peach sap. Peach sap is actually a liquid gel secreted from the stem of a peach tree. After a while, this liquid gel will solidify to form small cubes with beautiful cockroach yellow color.
Before using peach resin. You need to soak peach resin with warm water for 10-12 hours for the peach resin to expand. After that, you can make them into a beauty tea or make a cake.

2. What effect does peach resin have on women’s health?

Previously, peach resin was harvested mainly in China. This is a product that is used by many beautiful women to protect their skin’s beauty and keep it young and beautiful. Today, in Vietnam, many kinds of trees are grown for peach sap.
Peach resin contains many valuable nutritional components that are beneficial to women’s beauty such as:
  • galactose
  • a-glucuronic acid
  • carbohydrates
  • the protein
  • plant collagen
  • fat
  • ….
In order for these substances not to be lost, the harvesting process must be done properly. Peach resin will usually be harvested in the summer. The tool to use to get the peach sap is a knife.
Contains important nutrients in beauty, so the use of peach resin for female beauty is extremely high. These include:

2.1 Weight loss

The first use of peach resin is to lose weight and keep fit. Peach latex contains the active ingredient glucuronic acid. This is the active ingredient that gives you a feeling of fullness by slowing down the metabolism of food in the stomach. From there, the energy from food loaded into the body will be less but still ensure to maintain you a stable health.
Let weight no longer be the number 1 enemy of women. The use of peach resin needs to be in the correct dosage. Avoid overuse. Only use 2 cups of peach tea per week.
Besides eating in moderation. You also need to combine exercise, yoga, walking, etc. to get the most positive results.

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2.2 Beautify the skin

The old people used to have a saying “First shape – Second skin”. Body shape and skin are two important factors to evaluate the appearance of women. However, in the process of eating and living in moderation will directly affect the skin. The skin problems that women often encounter such as: pimples, skin allergies, itchy rashes, freckles, melasma, … To overcome the problems of skin beauty, the products you should use use that is peach resin.
Peach resin contains a large number of substances such as: Galactose, rhamnose, collagen and amino acids. It is these ingredients that will directly participate in the skin protection process. They will make your skin fade, scars, freckles, crow’s feet in the eyes or cheekbones, reduce acne. More specifically, it helps your skin always maintain its shine and smoothness like a baby’s skin.


The collagen in peach resin when entering the body will help regenerate the skin, prevent dark spots, sagging, and keep your skin bright and rosy.
Besides using peach resin, women also need to have a reasonable diet, avoid eating hot, spicy, greasy fried foods, etc. Take the initiative to protect your skin before and after go to bed.

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2.3 Rehabilitation of the uterus after childbirth

The body of women after giving birth will be very tired and need a lot of time to recover. The new diet, functional food supplement to restore the body, and live in moderation will not affect the body in the future.
Peach resin is the elixir for postpartum women. Collagen along with ammonium acid and rhamnose will heal and restore the wound in the uterus after childbirth.
After giving birth, using peach resin will help your body regain health quickly. Improves contractions in the uterine region. Improve pain in abdomen, biceps and calves. Especially, it also helps women gain weight suddenly and improve postpartum depression.

2.4 Pain relief, quick wound healing, good for the digestive system

Plant collagen and galactose in peach resin are known to reduce pain, speed up wound healing, and protect the digestive system. Eating peach sap will help increase intestinal motility, which is beneficial for the digestive system. Regular use of peach resin will reduce the symptoms of stomach pain. Helps the body eliminate toxins easily.
The resin in the peach tree also helps glaze, promote intestinal health, prevent constipation and protect the intestines from harmful bacteria.

2.5 Reduce stress, fatigue

Life with a lot of worries, worries, thoughts,… Each person has their own destiny. The pressures of life and work sometimes make our bodies feel tired. Or simply thinking too much about something also makes the body feel stressed and tired. At such times, you need to immediately add healthy foods to relieve stress and tension.


A bowl of peach tea will directly affect the nervous system. They will relax your mind, energize and repair brain damage. Thereby, helping your body feel comfortable, mind not thinking, helping to eat better and sleep better.

3. Where to buy cheap, reputable quality peach resin in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City?

Peach resin is now quite popular and sought after by many people. Therefore, on the market there are many places that sell cheap peach resin. However, not all addresses selling peach resin sell quality products. It is even possible that counterfeit products, fake goods, fake goods, … are sold at high prices to gain illicit profits. When buying peach resin at a very cheap price, you should also carefully consider the quality of the product. The use of such products will be extremely dangerous to health.
There are many places to sell quality peach resin in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. So have you found a reputable place to buy cheap peach plastic yet? Coupled with worries about quality is the price of peach resin in the market. If you are wondering, worried about where to sell cheap quality peach resin in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, quickly find Dung Ha Agricultural Products. With many years of business experience in the field of powder, Northwest tea, Northwest alcohol, etc., all products we sell to the market are strictly tested according to VietGAP standards.

4. Questions regarding peach resin?

4.1 Is peach resin toxic?

The nature of the peach tree attracts a lot of insects and pests that cause diseases for humans. In order to get peach sap, it is necessary to rely on these stem borers. They pierce the trunk of the peach tree and secrete the peach sap to help the tree heal quickly. A small amount of toxicity in peach sap is used to repel harmful insects.
Conclusion: Peach resin is toxic!

4.2 Peach resin how much 1kg?

The price of 1kg of peach resin often changes very erratically, up and down unstable. At one time, the price of peach resin was high, touching the price of 580,000 VND / 1 kg. But sometimes, the price of peach resin is low, only about 540,000 VND / 1 kg.
What customers are most interested in is where to buy cheap peach resin in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Dung Ha agricultural products are the place to sell peach resin with stable prices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The price of Dung Ha grade 1 peach resin is currently being offered for sale at a price of 520,000 VND / 1 kg.

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4.3 Is peach sap good for pregnant women?

The toxicity in peach resin is very small. According to the advice of our forefathers, peach resin should not be used for pregnant women under 3 months of age. During this time, it is absolutely not advisable to eat snow nest peach sap tea. 3 months old fetus is not stable, this small toxicity will adversely affect the fetus.
With fetuses 4 to 9 months should also limit use. If used, only about 30g of peach resin is allowed. Only eat 1-2 times a week only. Peach resin toxicity will stick to breast milk, nursing baby will cause itching.
Above is a detailed article that answers the question of what effect does peach resin have on women? Where to buy quality peach resin? Besides, there are some useful questions about peach resin that you need to know. Hope this article will bring you a lot of useful information.

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