What’s wrong with garlic? Foods that match – “in conflict” when combined with garlic


What’s wrong with garlic? What foods are compatible and “incompatible” when combined with garlic? This is probably a difficult question about life experience that not many people know. Garlic is an indispensable culinary ingredient in many dishes. Besides, garlic is also an extremely effective folk remedy for disease and exorcism. However, many women have violated the taboo rule when cooking with garlic, which not only makes them unable to absorb nutrients but also brings more diseases to their bodies. So to avoid these great taboos, please take a few minutes with Dung Ha Dry Food to find out in detail what garlic is taboo!

1. What’s wrong with garlic? What dishes “conflict” with garlic?

As we know, garlic is like a friend attached to the kitchen cabinets of many Vietnamese families. Garlic is very common and used for many different purposes. Garlic is used as a marinade, used in stir-fries, or as a dipping sauce,… Without garlic, such a dish completely loses its characteristic delicious taste. Normally, when we bring garlic to our nose, we will not smell anything. But when garlic is smashed, fried with oil, the aroma of garlic rises up, making the whole kitchen corner fragrant.


Garlic is both used in cooking and as a folk remedy for diseases such as colds, high blood pressure, cancer prevention, etc. But if we are subjective in processing garlic. Garlic inadvertently brings certain unpredictable dangers.
Garlic is rich in nutrients that are beneficial for health. In 100g of garlic contains:
  • 6.36g Protein
  • Carbohydrates: 33g
  • Calories: 150g
  • Vitamin B (B1, B2, B3, B6)
  • Trace elements (Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus,…)
  • Organic Compounds: Sulfur and Glycosides

So many nutrients, but do you know what garlic is not?

1.1 Garlic hates chicken

Chicken is a typical Vietnamese dish. Chicken can be processed into many delicious dishes such as: boiled chicken with lemon leaves, fried chicken with lemongrass and chili, chicken stewed with bamboo shoots, chicken with traditional medicine,… The chicken itself is warm and sweet. Meanwhile, garlic is a hot food. Heat and cold are often opposites of each other. It is the combination of chicken and garlic that will make your dish extremely hot. Such a hot dish is very easy to make you constipated, stomachache, even dysentery.
If you have eaten chicken with garlic, to solve the above constipation. Drink mulberry leaf juice to heal quickly!

1.2 Garlic is not carp

Carp is also a dish on the list of “extremely taboo” with garlic. Therefore, we should not combine garlic with carp. Although carp is very delicious, it is very nutritious and rich in nutrients. The fish meat is firm, chewy and crispy. But the carp itself is a medium-sized food with a strong sweetness and this is not the case with garlic.


When processing carp, you should only marinate the carp with spices such as: ground pepper, seasoning, MSG, ginger, and dill. When combined with garlic, it is easy to produce heat, indigestion, abdominal distension, and easy worms.

1.3 Garlic does not like carp

Carp fish is an extremely attractive and attractive dish to eat. Carp fish can be braised salty, deep-fried or cooked with high quality sour soup. The dishes from carp fish all have the effect of clearing blood vessels, supplementing body weakness, beneficial gas, clearing heat, detoxifying, lowering blood pressure, benefiting milk, diuretics, rheumatism, … are extremely good dishes. for pregnant women and babies. However, you should not cook carp with garlic because they are extremely similar. Eating carp and garlic together can increase gastrointestinal spasms.

1.4 Garlic hates dog meat

Dog meat is like any other “incompatible” food when combined with garlic. Dog meat is known for its high protein content. With a high protein content exceeding the allowable threshold, if eaten with garlic, it will cause indigestion, bloating and “crazy” chase. Instead of eating dog meat with garlic, you should eat it with ginger, lemongrass, ham, apricot leaves, …

1.5 Garlic doesn’t like eggs

Many of you wonder if eating eggs with garlic is good? Does garlic go well with eggs? Nutrition experts said that eggs and garlic are not compatible and recommend not to use them. Garlic combined with eggs can cause stomach upset, nausea, vomiting and indigestion. Therefore, when eating or cooking with garlic, the most hated chef is eggs, especially goose eggs.
If you have accidentally cooked eggs with garlic and enjoyed it, it’s okay, don’t worry. The way for us to detox with this dish is very good as follows:
  • Drink a glass of warm ginger water to induce vomiting completely
  • Drink lots of water to speed up digestion
  • Use laxatives for detoxification (Need to consult a doctor before use)

1.6 Garlic is not honey

What honey do you know? If you are still subjective, indifferently misunderstand the combination of garlic and honey, you need to immediately reconsider this situation. Garlic and honey have a lot of ways to combine and use to bring about certain effects. Garlic soaked in honey can cure colds, sore throats, sore throats, … But if you combine it wrong, the consequences of garlic and honey will be significantly reduced. Sometimes they even have unintended consequences.

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1.7 Garlic does not tolerate medlar

Hawthorn fruit is also known as cat apple. This is a famous fruit of the northern mountainous region of our country. Fresh apples have a sour taste, very acrid, so few people use them. People often like to use the most is dried cat apple. Dried cat apple is an extremely good drink for soaking up alcohol that many bearded men are looking for. They are the extremely taboo fruit when combined with garlic. Eating together is very easy to get food poisoning.

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1.8 What does garlic do with mushrooms?

Speaking of mushrooms, it is certainly not too strange to many Vietnamese people. 100% mushrooms are something that Vietnamese people love to use. Mushrooms are an extremely delicious dish and are used a lot in cuisine such as stir-fries, mushrooms in hot pot,… However, mushrooms are extremely incompatible with garlic. If mushrooms are handled properly, mushrooms are very good for the body. But remember not to cook mushrooms with garlic. If you don’t want to have trouble coming from this dish.

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2. What is garlic taboo? What dishes “match” with garlic? Who should not use garlic?

Besides the things that garlic hates, there are also things and dishes that are indispensable without garlic. Specifically like:

2.1 Dishes that are “suitable” with garlic

  • Tofu: The combination of garlic and tofu is an extremely nutritious dish. This dish will help your body stabilize blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar, promote blood circulation to all parts of the body. This is a very useful dish for the elderly.
  • Vinegar: Vinegar pickled garlic isn’t just a delicious dipping sauce for men. This is also an important dipping sauce, indispensable in dishes such as heart porridge, vermicelli, beef noodle soup, chicken noodle soup,…
  • Cucumber: Garlic has very high antibacterial properties. Cucumber has the ability to clear heat. It is the combination of garlic and cucumber that will help your body to clear heat, detoxify, and disinfect. It also promotes the ability to burn excess fat and bad cholesterol. It is a very good food for weight loss.
  • Pork: Pork not only contains high protein ingredients but also is extremely rich in Vitamin B. Garlic combined with pork will help you easily absorb Vitamin B into the body.

2.2 Who should not use garlic?

  • People with eye diseases: A famous saying of Chinese herbalists said: “Garlic has hundreds of uses, only harms the eyes”. Garlic irritates the mucous membranes and conjunctiva of the eyes. Therefore, it is always recommended that garlic should not be used by people who are blind, have just had eye surgery or have eye-related diseases.
  • Abstain from garlic when you have cholera: Usually, eating raw garlic is very good for the stomach and digestive system. But for those who are having bowel movements, loose stools, or indigestion, … should not use garlic. This is because garlic contains allicin. This substance increases the irritation of the intestinal wall, causing congestion and swelling, making the disease worse
  • People with liver disease: Garlic is a food that does not specialize in treating or preventing liver diseases. Eating too much garlic will make your body hot, affect the stomach, and harm the liver.
  • People who are physically weak and hot inside: In addition to hot inside, heat in the mouth, people with physical weakness are also the subjects that are advised not to eat garlic. If intentionally used, garlic will make the disease worse and worse.
  • People with other dangerous diseases: Associated with some other diseases. You must limit as much as possible when using garlic and chili. These are two very strong hot spices. They interact with certain medications. From there, the healing time will be longer and not achieve the desired.

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3. Conclusion

Above is a detailed article that answers the question of what garlic is taboo – Foods that are suitable and “incompatible” when they are not compatible with garlic. These are the basics that you need to master. No matter what products we eat, they have two sides and certain opposites. These knowledge we need to grasp so that when processing, we do not make silly mistakes.


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