Where to buy cheap quality almond powder?


Where to buy cheap and reputable almond flour is an extremely difficult question. The market for almond flour consumption in Vietnam is very large. Along with that, there appeared a lot of flour business establishments in the area. Finding a shop selling almond flour is not easy at all. So today, let’s follow Dung Ha Dry Food to find out where to buy the best quality almond powder!

1. What is almond flour?

Referring to almonds must not be too radiation for users. Almonds are an extremely good nutritional nut for all subjects. Because it is very good, so that to be able to use it easily, there are almond powder products on the market. Almond flour is made entirely from 100% almonds. Therefore, the nutritional composition of almond flour remains the same. But in order to get a fine, pure white powder without lumps, the refining process will be carefully and meticulously supervised.


Almond flour is very good and has many uses. Almond flour is used a lot in cuisine, recipes for delicious fresh cream cakes. With almond flour, you can freely cook your favorite cake. The use of almond powder gives users a lot:

  • Prevents the formation and spread of cancer cells
  • Improves the health of the cardiovascular system
  • Good for people with diabetes
  • Enhances the body’s ability to absorb nutrients
  • Helps improve digestive stability, prevent bloating, constipation, indigestion
  • Good for brain function
  • Helps bones and joints to be flexible, strong and well developed
  • Your favorite weight loss products
  • Helps smooth, shiny, dandruff-free hair
  • Beautify skin, anti-aging skin, prevent acne

2. What is the current price of almond flour?

The market is very wide and countries are constantly developing countless products to sell to the World. Therefore, almond flour products in each country often have different prices and different quality. American almonds are the highest quality nuts. Therefore, American almond flour is also extremely high quality and trusted by many people. Specifically, the price of almond flour in each country will be sold as follows:

2.1 Price of US almond flour

The US is the first country to grow almonds and export almond flour to the world. American Almond Flour doesn’t need to talk about quality. As a leading country in the export of almond flour. Therefore, the price of American almond powder sold in the market is extremely high. American almond flour is very smooth, fragrant, rich in nutrients and does not have any lumps. The price of American almond powder sold in the country is very low, only about 350,000 VND – 420,000 VND / kg. But when exporting to the International, the price is pushed up very high. The price of American almonds sold on the market is 480,000 VND – 550,000 VND/kg. A huge price difference.

2.2 Price of Chinese almond flour

China is very talented. They can propagate almond trees to suit the weather and climate. They do not want to have to import or depend on any country. The price of Chinese almond flour usually ranges from 280,000 VND – 320,000 VND/kg. This is just the price of almond flour type 2, type 1, the price will be very high, falling at 440,000 VND – 540,000 VND / kg.

2.3 Price of Hanoi almond flour

Although the price of almonds in Hanoi is quite high, it is still a product trusted by many people here. The price of almond powder on the market depends on a number of factors such as the place of sale, quality and origin. Many places sell fake almond flour, fake goods, and poor quality goods to users in order to gain illicit profits. Hanoi is a large locality. This place has a lot of supermarkets, commercial centers, powder shops of all kinds, etc. The fact that there are so many choices has made users very confused and worried. The price of Hanoi almond flour grade 1 is offered at the price of 300,000 VND – 330,000 VND/kg.

2.4 Price of almond flour in Ho Chi Minh

The market for almond flour consumption in Ho Chi Minh is very large. Almond flour in Ho Chi Minh is an extremely valuable and scarce commodity. The rate of consumption of almond flour here is also very large. The price of almond flour in Ho Chi Minh City often fluctuates up and down unstablely. At one time, the price of Ho Chi Minh almond powder was high, ranging from 400,000 VND – 460,000 VND/kg. The price of Ho Chi Minh almond powder is expensive or cheap, depending on some reputable shops in the area. You should check the price of almond powder in stores before you buy it!

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3. Factors affecting the price of almond flour

Almond flour is considered to be a beneficial nutritional powder for all users. It is not natural that almond flour is so revered by users. Although almond flour has many real uses, the process of creating quality almond flour will go through many stages and influencing factors. Here are some factors that affect the price of almond flour:

3.1 Input materials

Everyone knows that, to create almond flour, it is necessary to have almonds as the core. Inputs depend on seed quality, climate, soil quality, and care. If an enterprise owns the input of raw materials, it will have conditions to improve product quality. It is this that requires hard work and meticulousness that makes the price of almond flour very high.

3.2 Origins

On the market, there are many types of almond flour available in all countries. But the dominant one on the market today is the Chinese almond powder. But the special feature of this powder is that the quality is from China, but the packaging labels are from the US and Russia. With the border between Vietnam and China close to each other, it is not difficult to see Chinese almond flour sold here. By this convenient border route, the price of almond flour in the border area is usually very high, but the quality is extremely bad. When buying, you need to consider carefully! The origin of origin is not clear and transparent, which also greatly affects health.

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3.3 Consumer purchasing power

Currency is the main determinant of any type of transaction. The uneven supply and demand will entail many consequences behind. The most obvious proof is that the price of almond flour in the market is unbalanced. Many people want to use almond flour, but the price is too high to meet it.

3.4 Business expenses

When starting a business, everyone will face many difficulties at first. The first thing to do is to have a stable customer base. Next is the desire to bring the brand to a large number of domestic users. To do these two things in parallel, business owners will have to invest a lot of money such as hiring sales staff, money for running ads, Marketing programs, … to attract customers to shop. .

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Along with that, the source of imported almond flour is also focused a lot. They will find sources of good quality but cheap goods. Products arriving at the store will be carefully packaged, labeled and sold at different prices. Therefore, the price of almond flour in each business establishment is completely different.

4. Where to buy cheap quality almond flour in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh?

Almond flour is now quite popular and sought after by many people. Therefore, on the market there are many places selling cheap almond flour. However, not every address selling almond powder sells quality products. Even most likely fake products, fake goods, fake goods, poor quality goods with high prices. When buying almond powder where it is too cheap, you should also carefully consider the quality of the product. The use of such products will greatly affect the health, economy and shopping experience of consumers.


There are many places selling almond flour in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. So have you found a reputable place to buy almond powder yet? Coupled with the quality concern is the price of almond flour in the market. If you are still wondering and worried about where to buy cheap quality almond flour in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, please visit Dung Ha Agricultural Products. Dung Ha agricultural products sell grade 1 almond flour at the cheapest price today. With many years of business experience in the field of Ha Giang specialties, Northwest specialties, tea of all kinds,… So all products we sell to the market are strictly tested according to VietGAP standards.

5. Contact Information

Any complaints about product quality or service attitude of sales staff. Customers, please contact Dung Ha Development Joint Stock Company immediately through the company’s hotline number: 1900 986865 (Support 24/24h).
Branches buy almond powder here:
  1. Wholesaling and retailing of almond powder in bulk nationwide: No. 11 Kim Dong – Giap Bat Street – Hoang Mai District – Hanoi City
  2. Almond powder wholesale and retail branch in Hanoi: A10 – Alley 100 – Trung Kinh Street – Yen Hoa Ward – Cau Giay District – Hanoi City
  3. Wholesale and retail branch of almond powder in Ho Chi Minh: No. 02/B Quarter 3 – Trung My Tay Street 13 – District 12 – Ho Chi Minh City

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