11+ delicious 2023 Lunar New Year snacks should have


The 2023 Lunar New Year is getting closer and closer. At the end of the year, supermarkets and grocery stores become more and more crowded. All kinds of Tet confectionery, Tet gift baskets, Tet snacks, … are being searched for a lot. There are confections you can absolutely make at home with recipes online. But perhaps, below are the Tet snacks that almost every family has. Follow in the footsteps of Dung Ha Dry Food, which synthesizes all kinds of snacks for the Lunar New Year 2023 you should have in the Tet candy tray!

1. Tet snacks – Roasted pumpkin seeds

During the Tet holiday, nuts are extremely popular such as: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pistachios, etc. Coming home to play, drink tea, wish each other good health, chew pumpkin seeds will help you have a good health. more stories. Besides, roasted pumpkin seeds have a salty and sweet taste on the outside of the shell.
Pumpkin seeds not only provide the body with important substances such as fiber, magnesium, protein, … but eating pumpkin seeds also helps you prevent breast, lung and colon cancer effectively. Even people with heart disease or blood sugar can safely use it. Therefore, this is a snack worth 10/10 points should have in the Tet candy tray.


1.1 Preparation materials

  • Pumpkin: 1 fruit
  • Seasoning: salt, olive oil

1.2 Preliminary processing of raw materials

  • Buy a pumpkin, separate the pumpkin seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds put in a bowl, drain the water to wash the pumpkin seeds
  • Pick up the pumpkin seeds, drain the water
  • Spread the pumpkin seeds out on a clean towel to let them dry faster

1.3 Implementation steps

  • Prepare a 200ml bottle, divide the pumpkin seeds evenly into each jar. Each jar for 2 teaspoons of salt
  • Proceed to soak pumpkin seeds with salt for about 3 hours
  • Put the pan on the stove, wait until the pan is hot, then you put the pumpkin seeds in and fry with low heat. Stir well to avoid burning
  • Pumpkin seeds are dry and drained, turn off the heat and let it cool
  • Store pumpkin seeds in an airtight glass jar. Use it here, spend it there

2. New Year snacks – Buffalo meat in the kitchen

Kitchen buffalo meat is a famous snack that is a specialty of the Northwest highlands. This is a famous dish and extremely many tourists look for when coming here. Buffalo meat has a very beautiful dark brown color. When enjoying, you can feel the natural sweetness of 100% buffalo meat remaining in each fiber. In addition, there is the aroma of wood smoke in the rocky mountains and the typical flavor of mac Khen nuts. Surely this will be a strange snack to eat without getting bored on Tet holiday.
Not just Tet snacks. Kitchen buffalo meat is also an extremely favorite drink of men. Now, finding and buying kitchen buffalo meat is also extremely easy, not as difficult as it was in the past.
Dung Ha agricultural products sell kitchen buffalo meat packed in 500g, priced at 400,000 VND.

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3. Tet snacks – Dried chicken with lemon leaves

Dried chicken with lemon leaves appeared on the dry food market about 2 years ago. This dish quickly gained a foothold as well as attracted a lot of attention from young gourmets. With rich flavor from chicken. Seasoned with some spices, sweet, spicy, salty enough, extremely rich. In addition, having a little scent from lemon leaves will help the dish smell better without getting bored.
Sit down together to sip 1-2 cups of wine and then chat about small stories. A little bit of raisin from dried chicken will make you extremely strange. It’s a delicious Tet snack, isn’t it?
Dried chicken on the market is selling for 300,000 VND/kg. But the price of dry chicken at Dung Ha Agricultural Products is applying promotion to only 230,000 VND/kg.

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4. Tet snacks – Dried beef

Beef jerky is probably the next “name” mentioned in the upcoming Tet snack menu. If you forget beef jerky during Tet, it’s a huge mistake.
The beef was dry but not dry. They are very soft and chewy characteristic of each grain of beef. Salty sweet sweet spicy just enough. Sipping with a little draft beer or soft drink is no doubt. To save money as well as enjoy the original 100% fresh beef, you can absolutely make this dish at home!


Dried beef on the market is being sold for 180,000 VND / box of 200 grams. But buying dried beans at Dung Ha Agricultural Products is applying a promotion for only 160,000 VND / box of 200 grams.

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5. Tet snacks – Dessert fruit

Tet can’t be without fruit, right? Fruits are known to be a rich source of nutrients, minerals as well as extremely rich vitamins that are essential for human health. Tet with Vietnamese families, the five-fruit tray is indispensable and fruit is also a dish that should be on the menu.
Eating fruit after a meal will help you dessert, supplement nutrition. Eating fruit is perfectly fine without fear of gaining weight. Fruit also helps to dispel the sadness in the mouth. Helps the body to purify the body, not hot in the body.
Buy clean fruit, quickly find Dung Ha Agricultural Products. Dung Ha fruit is a first-class product selected in the gardens and has full inspection documents.

6. Tet snacks – O mai

A snack that you cannot forget in the Tet candy tray is: O mai. O mai is the common name of many different types such as: Dried alligator apricots, apricots apricots, plums, apricots, apricots, ginger, etc.
With a sweet taste, salty and sour taste, everyone will surely enjoy this special delicious taste. Bringing umbrella tomorrow to treat guests on New Year’s Eve is guaranteed to be great. Eating apricots is not only delicious because of the taste, but they are also an extremely effective cough remedy.

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7. Tet snacks – Dried sweet potatoes

Dried sweet potatoes are not only a delicious snack on Tet holiday, but also a dish for women who are on an extremely effective weight loss diet. Sweet potatoes as we know they contain a lot of fiber that is good for the digestive system. Besides, the content of Vitamins A, C will help your skin always white, smooth and healthy. Plus, dried sweet potatoes are a great snack. So you don’t have to worry about your blood sugar or blood pressure when you eat them.
Dried sweet potatoes can be dried with or without sugar. Since sweet potatoes are naturally sweet, you can add a little salt to make it more delicious when adding sugar.

7.1 Preparation materials

  • Sweet potato: 1-2kg
  • Yellow sugar: 200g
  • Ginger: 1 piece
  • Cooking oil

7.2 Preliminary processing of raw materials

  • Step 1: Peel the sweet potato
  • Step 2: Wash sweet potatoes with clean water, drain
  • Step 3: Drain the potatoes, grate/slice the potatoes thin enough to eat
  • Step 4: Peeled ginger, washed, smashed

7.3 Implementation steps

  • Step 1: Put the pan on the stove, add cooking oil, wait for the oil to heat up, then fry the sweet potatoes until golden and crispy
  • Step 2: Crispy yellow potatoes, take out oil absorbent paper to drain the oil
  • Step 3: Using a new pan, add 200g of yellow sugar along with 100ml of filtered water + crushed ginger. Turn on the stove on high heat until the sugar dissolves and thickens
  • Step 4: You pour the crispy golden fried potatoes into the slugs with sugar water for about 2 minutes. Stir well so that the potatoes absorb the sugar. Dry sugar forms a powder that sticks to each piece of potato
  • Step 5: Turn off the stove, scoop out the potatoes into a bowl to cool and then store them in a large glass jar for later use

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8. Tet snacks – Tet jam

Tet jam is an extremely important and indispensable product during Tet. Seeing Tet Jam is seeing Tet. Tet jam is very delicious, nutritious and definitely an irreplaceable dish on each family’s Tet confectionery tray. Tet jam is very versatile because the ingredients inside are made from many different types. You are completely free to choose the right flavor according to your preferences.
If you buy Tet jam outside, you will be concerned about food safety and hygiene. Please refer to the recipe for making Tet jam   simple below!

8.1 Ingredients for preparation

  • Ginger: 1kg
  • Lemon: 2
  • Sugar: 500g
  • Salt

8.2 Preliminary processing of materials

  • Step 1: Buy ginger, you wash it with clean water
  • Step 2: Using a knife, scrape off the ginger skin
  • Step 3: Slice the ginger into small enough slices
  • Step 4: Soak ginger slices in salt water for about 2 hours and then pick up ginger to drain
  • Step 5: Put the ginger in the pot, proceed to boil the ginger for about 7 minutes. Remove the old ginger broth, put in the new ginger broth and boil
  • Step 6: For white ginger, squeeze lemon juice and boil together with ginger for 5 minutes
  • Step 7: Pick up the ginger, rinse the ginger with cold water 4-5 times. Put it in a bowl

8.3 Implementation steps

  • Step 1: Put in a bowl of ginger 500g white sugar. Wear gloves, mix well. Marinate the ginger for about 8 hours so that the ginger can infuse the spices
  • Step 2: Put the pan on the stove, heat the pan. In a hot pan, add the marinated ginger to the slugs on medium heat
  • Step 3: Stir well, continuously until the ginger is dry, on the surface there is a layer of crystallized white sugar around is satisfactory.
  • Step 4: Stir with low heat for another 5 minutes, then turn off the heat and scoop the ingredients into a bowl to cool

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9. Tet Snacks – Ginger Cookies

Gingerbread cookies are actually a very popular Christmas cake in the West. Ginger biscuits with a characteristic sweetness from the cake and a slight spicy taste from fresh ginger will help your body become warm in the cold winter. However, in recent years, ginger biscuits have suddenly become a snack for guests on Tet holiday of Vietnamese people.
Ginger biscuits are delicious, warm and extremely healthy, so they are extremely popular. In addition, the price of this cake is also quite soft, easy to buy, but also very attractive to young guests who come to wish Tet.

10. Tet snacks – Crispy dried bananas

Crispy dried fruit is always the perfect snack for those who want to eat but are afraid of gaining weight during Tet. Dried bananas are crispy, very fragrant and very nutritious, eat them all the time without worrying about gaining weight. Crispy dried bananas when eaten are extremely crunchy, crunchy and delicious to listen to. Very suitable for making snacks during the coming Lunar New Year 2023.


Crispy dried bananas are currently being sold on the market at a price of 35,000 VND / 290 gr. Buy cheap crunchy dried bananas and find immediately Dung Ha Agricultural Products. Crispy dried banana type 1 Dung Ha is currently being offered for sale for 27,000 VND / 290gr.

11. New Year’s Snacks – Marzipan

Almond cake is a popular cake during Vietnamese New Year. On these special days, there is nothing better than enjoying crispy macaroons with your loved ones. The cake is made from flour, egg whites, butter and almonds. The ingredients are simple, but everyone who eats it has to praise the deliciousness.

11.1 Preparation ingredients

  • Wheat flour: 300gr
  • Unsalted butter: 150g
  • White sugar: 130g
  • Almond powder: 40g
  • Almonds: 20g
  • Baking powder: 3g
  • Chicken eggs: 1 egg
  • Vanilla: 3ml
  • Seasoning: cooking oil, salt

11.2 Preliminary processing of materials

  • Step 1: Put unsalted butter in a bowl along with 130g of white sugar. Using an egg beater, beat this mixture well together until you get a light golden mixture
  • Step 2: Add to the above flour mixture: 50ml of cooking oil + 1 egg yolk + 3ml of vanilla. Continue to beat well to form a smooth, creamy yellow mixture
  • Step 3: Add 300g all-purpose flour + 40g almond flour + 3g baking powder + half a teaspoon of salt. Mix well together
  • Step 4: Pour in the friable mixture in step 1 and mix well
  • Step 5: Use your hands to knead the dough into a flexible mass

11.3 Implementation steps

  • Step 1: Use your hands to break a little dough into balls. Using a knife, cut into 2 horizontal and vertical lines to shape the cake
  • Step 2: Place 1 almond nut on top of a medium-sized cake. Use your hands to gently press, so that the almonds stick to the cake
  • Step 3: Preheat the oven for 10-15 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius
  • Step 4: Put all the cakes you just created into the oven. Turn on the oven, bake the cake at 160 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes
  • Step 5: Turn off the oven, leave the cake in the oven for 5 minutes to keep the cake crispy and delicious


So you probably already know 11 delicious Tet snacks for this Lunar New Year 2023. Hopefully with the above suggestions will help you have more choices to treat the whole family as well as guests to the house to wish Tet. Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and full of joy new year!

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