25 effects of wormwood on the health of pregnant women, postpartum women and disease treatment


Wormwood can be processed into many dishes and is also an herb that has the ability to promote health and reduce pain in general. Let’s explore the 25 effects of wormwood with the news column of thucphamkho.vn!

1. The effect of wormwood on pregnant women

1.1. The effect of wormwood in treating irregular menstruation and vaginal discharge

Wormwood is very effective in gynecological problems such as menstrual irregularities, vaginal infections, and abnormal vaginal discharge. This is one of the nutritious foods that you should keep at home to use when needed.
If pregnant women want to stop vaginal itching, they can use the following medicine. Use 20g young coriander leaves, 1 ginger branch and a little salt, wash all. You put all the ingredients in a pot to boil and use to steam the private area. When the water cools down, use it to wash the outside of your vagina. Then rinse with clean water and dry with a dry cloth. It is recommended to perform wormwood sauna 3 times / week for effective results.

1.2. The effect of wormwood to treat pregnancy

One of the health care benefits of wormwood is to cure pregnancy. If you have a concussion from an impact or injury, it can be used for stabilization. You can boil nutritious chicken eggs with wormwood until fully cooked, then take the water and meal. This dish is very safe and effective.

1.3. Cure bleeding, coughing up blood is the effect of wormwood

In the case of pregnant women with bleeding, use wormwood remedies as follows. Wormwood leaves and perilla 16g each, decoction with 600ml of water. Take 100ml of the drug orally 3 times a day.


1.4. The effect of wormwood to limit nosebleeds

Another effect of wormwood that very few people know is to stop nosebleeds. This nutritious dish can stop bleeding and keep the meridians warm. Wormwood has the effect of shortening the time of nosebleeds and making blood clot quickly. If you often have mouth ulcers, you can use the following remedy. Fresh wormwood, rhododendron progenitor, fresh hawthorn and fresh cypress cypress drink.

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1.5. The effect of curing abdominal pain, neuralgia

When you have abdominal pain, neuralgia, you can take a handful of wormwood, wash it and pound it. Squeeze out the water and add honey, drink it twice a day in the afternoon and evening. You should do this remedy for 1-2 weeks for effective results.

1.6. Treatment of scabies rheumatism

The tannins and cineol in mugwort have anti-edema and analgesic effects. In addition, there are other substances that help increase resistance, blood circulation and reduce inflammation. You should drink wormwood tea to support the treatment of rheumatism. For scabies sores, should be crushed with a few grains of salt and then covered and bandaged.

1.7. Reduce vomiting

One effect of wormwood is to cure vomiting. If you have vomiting, you can use dried wormwood to drink water, twice a day. The effect of wormwood will help prevent and gradually reduce vomiting

1.8. Treatment of bloody dysentery

Considered a valuable medicine in the treatment of diseases related to the digestive tract, the effect of wormwood can be used to treat bloody dysentery. Crushed and then applied to the anus, done daily will have a good change.

2. The effect of wormwood on women after giving birth

2.1. Treatment of weak body

Wormwood has the effect of helping to improve the health of women after giving birth. You can make wormwood eggs that are both delicious and easy to eat and have very good effects. However, you should only eat a maximum of 3 eggs a week. In addition, you can make the following remedy: wormwood, cloves, pears, goji berries and curry chicken. Boil these ingredients with water, season with light spices and divide into 5 servings a day. Regularly eating this dish will help improve health, eat more delicious.

2.2. Menstrual conditioning

Khi kinh nguyệt ra nhiều, không đều hoặc đau rát, bạn có thể đem ngải cứu sắc nước uống hàng ngày trước kỳ kinh 1 tuần. Uống nước này 3 lần / ngày để ổn định kinh nguyệt và hết đau bụng kinh. Nếu muốn giảm đau bụng kinh, bạn có thể dùng một nắm lá ngải cứu hơ nóng với muối rồi chườm lên bụng, tác dụng của ngải cứu cũng rất tốt.

2.3 Stop the bleeding

The effect of wormwood helps to stop bleeding. For bleeding wounds, you should crush wormwood leaves and apply it on the wound to have a very good effect of stopping bleeding, pain relief and antiseptic. This way the open wounds will not become infected and heal quickly

2.4. Help wounds heal

The essential oil in mugwort has anti-inflammatory effects, reduces muscle pain and also helps wounds, ulcers heal quickly, bruises quickly disappear. In addition, in this vegetable also has some substances that support the process of blood circulation. As a result, the whole body’s metabolism is improved, the wound heals quickly, and the skin is youthful. The effect of wormwood helps to improve skin problems both inside and out.

2.5. Acne treatment

This vegetable also contributes to the care of oily, acne, dry, sensitive skin in the summer thanks to the tannins in wormwood that work to prevent blisters and some other types of skin inflammation. Wormwood essential oil can also treat acne scars and dark spots after acne. You can mix it with olive oil and apply it on your face before going to bed, leave it overnight. In this way, blood circulation under the skin will easily circulate, skin cells regenerate quickly, which will disappear scars and dark spots caused by acne.

2.6. Treats colds, coughs, sore throats, headaches, neuralgia

Wormwood is one of the nutritious foods to prevent dangerous diseases that people believe in, effective in treating colds, coughs, sore throats, headaches, neuralgia.
You bring crushed wormwood leaves, extract the water and add delicious pure honey, drink 2 times a day. Maintain this way for two weeks to improve headache. In addition, you can also use the steam bath. Take wormwood with grapefruit leaves and lemongrass and boil it with water. After boiling, remove the pot, open the lid and cover the body with a blanket and steam for 15 minutes. You will feel the effect very clearly right after the first sauna session.


2.7. The effect of wormwood on children

The effects of wormwood are not only for adults but also for children. It can also cure mouth sores, boils, typhus, cough, and warm the body. If you use wormwood leaves to bathe your baby, it will help kill bacteria on your baby’s skin, and the redness will gradually disappear. Follow the steps below to bathe your baby. Wash and finely chop the wormwood leaves and put them in a pot to boil until the water turns green. Use wormwood leaf juice mixed with water and a few grains of salt and then take a bath. Use a wet towel to wipe the baby’s body. After bathing, use clean water to bathe and then dry the child’s body.
Newborn skin is quite sensitive, so please check if your baby is allergic to wormwood before doing it. In addition, if the baby’s skin is scratched, do not bathe with this leaf, to avoid infection.

2.8. Helps clean and replenish skin moisture – the effect of wormwood

Wormwood can be a great substitute for moisturizers and emollients. For oily skin, it will help remove oil and sebum from the skin. You can puree wormwood leaves and apply on your face for 20 minutes, then wash your face with water. Do it regularly twice a week for best results. Another beauty way is to put it in a pot to boil thoroughly and then filter the water. Using that water to wash your face morning and night will maintain acne-free skin.

3. Wormwood has any other effects?

3.1. Wound first aid

Using crushed wormwood leaves with white salt on the wound will help stop bleeding and disinfect. Prevent the wound from becoming infected.

3.2. Acne treatment and skin care

You can use boiled water to massage your face, helping the skin to be moisturized and smooth. The effect of wormwood in beauty has been proven to be very effective.


3.3 Lose belly fat

Wormwood has the effect of dissolving cholesterol very effectively, wormwood essential oil also has the ability to stimulate the body to sweat, so it helps reduce belly fat very effectively. You can process wormwood leaves into food or drink to improve your physique.

3.4. Health promotion

Wormwood helps strengthen the body’s immune system and detoxifies the body. Eating wormwood also helps you have abundant health, less disease.

3.5. Relieves symptoms of spleen pain and stomach pain caused by cold

The essential oil and bitter taste in wormwood leaves help fight stomach ulcers. In addition, the warmth of mugwort will help the body cool down and relieve pain caused by cold. You can squeeze the juice to drink for a few days to relieve the pain.

3.6. Wormwood leaves have the effect of curing night sweats

You take the wormwood leaves, wash, dry, lower the earth and then wrap it into small cigarettes. Each time you use it, light each cigarette for the wormwood essential oil to penetrate the skin. This will help prevent theft very effectively. In addition, you can use it in combination with O Hai, Bach Phuc Than, boiled with water to drink to reduce the situation of theft.

3.7. Treatment of rashes caused by wetness

To further answer the question: “What disease can wormwood cure?” then you can see this end effect. Burn dried wormwood into charcoal, grind it with alum, cypress and mix it with oil and apply it on the rash. Then, the rashes will quickly disappear.

4. Who should not use wormwood leaves?

Wormwood is considered a spice to prepare delicious dishes. However, when using it, you also need to be careful because there are some cases where vegetables cannot be used.

4.1. People with intestinal disorders

People with intestinal disorders should not use wormwood because its laxative and diuretic effects will make the condition worse and difficult to control.

4.2. Women who are pregnant in the first 3 months

For pregnant women in the first 3 months of pregnancy, who are stable and do not have a seizure, they should not eat wormwood, which can easily lead to contractions affecting the fetus. People still argue about whether wormwood is good for pregnant women or not without a clear conclusion. Therefore, except for the case of passive pregnancy, pregnant women in the first 3 months should not eat wormwood.


4.3. People with hepatitis

For people with hepatitis, wormwood essential oil will lead to cirrhosis of the liver, ascites, acute skin inflammation, urine with bile.
People in the above cases need to abstain to ensure health. In addition, women who are pregnant for more than 3 months and do not have any disease should also use wormwood in a certain dose. Do not use too much for a long time will lead to dangerous side effects.
If there are people in your family who need to use wormwood to cure diseases or want to buy and process dishes after knowing the effects of wormwood, you should choose to buy wormwood at reputable and clean vegetable stores. Only ensuring food safety can promote positive medicinal properties and not cause poisoning for users.
Above are all the effects of wormwood that we would like to introduce to readers. Keep following Dry Food to discover more great tips!

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