Where to buy sticky rice? What is the current price of sticky rice?

mua gao nep cam
Cam sticky rice, also known as Bo blood Me, is a familiar name in our country. This is one of the best rice with a lot of healthy nutrients. On the market, there are many different types and places selling sticky rice. So how to know where to buy the best quality sticky rice? What is the current price of sticky rice?
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1. What is Glutinous Rice?

Cam glutinous rice is also known as charcoal sticky rice. The scientific name of sticky rice is Philydrum lanuginosum Banks. This is a familiar food to Vietnamese people. Sticky rice wine is not only delicious but also contains many nutrients that are good for the body. You will encounter quite unique dishes from glutinous rice such as sticky rice, cake, tea, ..

gao nep cam
Glutinous rice

2. The difference between black glutinous rice and charcoal glutinous rice

Glutinous rice and glutinous rice have a lot in common, so many people often confuse them. They are all famous for their delicious taste and especially good for health. These are two types of traditional Vietnamese rice.
Both types have abilities such as preventing cancer; limit cardiovascular disease; Improve digestion, beautify skin….
Sticky rice and sticky rice both bring very high nutritional values ​​for health. However, when using sticky rice, you should combine some foods such as green vegetables; fruit; Lean meat will stimulate digestion and help nutrients be absorbed more easily.

2.1. Where to grow two types of rice

Sticky rice is grown a lot in the Northwest mountains, mainly in Dien Bien. Glutinous rice is grown a lot in the Mekong Delta such as Long An; Soc Trang… These two places have geography. Soils are different, so the growth, nutrition and absorption capacity of each type of sticky rice are different.

2.2. Shape of two types of rice

– Glutinous rice grains: round glutinous rice, dark purple in color, light yellow belly, big and round.
– Charcoal glutinous rice grain is blacker – almost black covers the entire grain, the grain is longer and flatter.
Due to being cultivated by ethnic minorities in the Northwest mountainous area on terraced fields with soil, the special climate here in the summer-autumn crop has 4 seasons: cold at night, fog in the early morning and golden sunshine. brilliant when the sun is high has created the outstanding quality of sticky rice grains. Glutinous rice is richer in nutrients, when cooked into sticky rice, it is also softer and more flexible than charcoal glutinous rice.

3. 7 unexpected uses of sticky rice for health

Glutinous rice is a type of rice with high nutritional content. Compared with other types of rice, sticky rice has a higher protein content of 6.8% and a 20% higher fat content. Not only that, it also contains up to 8 types of amino acids along with carotenes and essential trace elements… Here are the amazing health benefits of glutinous rice:

3.1. Protect the heart

According to health experts, the effect of glutinous rice is to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Protects arteries and prevents heart attacks and strokes. The phytochemicals in rice help balance cholesterol levels in the body.

3.2. The effect of detoxifying the body and strengthening the resistance

The reason is because in glutinous rice has a very high nutritional content, which helps to clean the liver and eliminate toxins accumulated in the body. In particular, the antioxidants present in glutinous rice will support the detoxification process. Helps the body to be healthier, reduce inflammation significantly.

3.3. Helps prevent diabetes

The nutritional composition of glutinous rice has the effect of helping to prevent diabetes. The fiber present in rice grains can help the body absorb glucose for a longer period of time.

3.4. Good protection of the digestive system

Because it contains fiber, it prevents constipation, bloating and other digestive system related symptoms. Not only are they good for those who lose weight, but for patients with intestinal diseases, they are also an effective remedy.

tac dung gao nep cam
The effect of glutinous rice

3.5. Prevent obesity

The nutrients in glutinous rice ensure stable body energy, reduce cravings. Besides, it has insulin resistance effect thereby preventing the risk of obesity.

3.6. Beauty effect

The outer black membrane of the rice grain contains a lot of vitamin E. In particular, fermented glutinous rice wine also contains many B vitamins and many other beneficial micronutrients. Therefore, this type of rice is also used in beauty. Effectively moisturizes and restores the skin.

3.7. Good for postpartum women

Glutinous rice contains protein, calcium, phosphate, iron, zinc … and especially vitamin C content, chlorophyll is usually not found in other types of sticky rice. After giving birth, if you regularly eat sticky rice, it will help your stomach work well. In addition, it also helps the body circulate blood, fight depression, increase milk secretion.

4. Where to buy sticky rice?

Sticky rice is now grown in many places. However, the types of sticky rice grown in the Northwest mountains will give the best quality rice. Among them, the most famous is the sticky rice in Dien Bien.
If you go to Google and type a phrase: “where to buy sticky rice”, within 1 second will appear in front of your eyes nearly 700,000 results. Mostly what you see are promotional articles or online sales pages.
But, how do you know which one is reputable? So where to buy sticky rice? Here are some experiences to help you buy the right quality sticky rice!

4.1. Where to buy glutinous rice – At supermarkets

At most supermarkets, convenience stores … have their own stalls to sell agricultural products. Various types of rice are also sold in those stalls. Currently, all supermarkets sell sticky rice. There are places that supply Dien Bien sticky rice, there are places that supply Camel glutinous rice originating from other Northwest provinces.
Buying sticky rice at the supermarket will have full information about the place of origin, distributor, and expiry date. In addition, it is also preserved in a safe and clean vacuum environment, etc. So, as long as you pay attention to the information on the product, you can easily choose and make a purchase decision. Please!

4.2. Go directly to the store, the agent selling agricultural products

Agricultural stores not only sell glutinous rice, plain rice that we often eat. Even the rice stall in the market! They will sell glutinous rice, plain rice, brown rice, and of course, will sell mixed rice
A prestigious address for you is Dung Ha Agricultural Products store. It sells a variety of items such as rice, dry food, fresh food, vegetables, etc.
Camellia rice in particular and all products in general sold here are of clear origin, quality assurance, and undergo rigorous testing before reaching consumers. Not only glutinous rice, but also many other types of rice are wrapped in vacuum bags, preserving the right conditions. So, you can absolutely buy sticky rice or other products here!

mua gao nep cam

5. How to choose standard sticky rice

The simplest way to choose a good type of sticky rice is based on the appearance of the grain. The grain of glutinous rice is dark purple, the belly is light yellow, the shape is slightly flattened, but the body is still round. Rice grain is not broken, not humus, no hair, no strange color and strange smell.
However, you should note that sticky rice and sticky rice will not be the same. It is possible that the shape of the rice grain has many similarities, but the quality will be different. Please pay attention to distinguish so you don’t buy the wrong one!

6. Current price of glutinous rice

After learning where to buy sticky rice, you will definitely be interested in the price. If compared with the general level of ordinary rice, the price of sticky rice will usually be higher. In particular, Dien Bien sticky rice will cost a little more.
So how much is a kilogram of sticky rice? Currently on the market, Dien Bien sticky rice is being sold with prices ranging from 40,000 to 60,000 VND/kg. If you buy in larger quantities, you can get them at a lower price. The most popular price is 50,000-55,000 VND/kg.
Above are some experiences where to buy sticky rice, how to choose sticky rice and the price of Dien Bien sticky rice. Hope you have captured the most useful information for you!

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