3+ How to make delicious and greasy Caramel at home for babies

Caramel is a dish loved by many people because of its delicious taste and nutritional value. Caramel is very good for pregnant women or children. Caramel is a dish that many children love every summer. So do you know how to make delicious and fatty Caramel at home for your baby? If you do not know, let Dung Ha Dry Food introduce in the most detail to you how to make Caramel at home. Let’s go to the kitchen together!

1. What is Caramel?

Caramel (also known as flan) is a dessert commonly used in Vietnamese cuisine. This dish is often used after meals to make it easier for the body to digest food. Caramel has a delicious, greasy taste from fresh milk, eye-catching golden color comes from chicken eggs. Not only used after a meal, caramel is also an extremely good summer snack.


Currently, caramel is being sold a lot at stores where mothers can easily find and buy them. Besides the delicious and fatty Caramel cups, delicious Panna Cotta cups are also a favorite dish to cool off in the hot sun. The price of Caramel cups only ranges from 10,000 VND – 12,000 VND / cup. A very cheap price that mothers give to their children after tiring school hours.

Not only is it easy to find and buy, but the recipe for making Caramel is “very very” simple, but mothers can completely make them at home. Both clean, quality, and ensure food hygiene and safety. The ingredients for making Caramel are not too difficult for mothers to find in the market. So we don’t have to wait any longer, let’s go to the kitchen to find a way to make delicious and fatty caramel at home right away!

2. How to make fragrant home caramel for babies delicious and greasy

2.1 How to make Caramel with fresh milk at home for kids

Preparation materials:

  • 500ml fresh milk without sugar
  • 5 chicken eggs
  • 30ml lemon juice
  • 500g white diameter


Implementation Guide:

Step 1: Make caramel

  • Put 400g white sugar + 2 cups pure water into the pot
  • Put the pot on the stove, proceed to melt the sugar with low heat for 10 minutes. Stir well until the sugar melts
  • In 10 minutes of cooking, the sugar will turn into the color of cockroach wings, viscous, mixed together
  • Put 30ml of lemon juice in a pot of sugar, stir it with your hands over the fire for 3 minutes
  • Pour the finished sugar mixture into the previously prepared plastic container


Step 2: Make egg custard mixture

  • Crack the eggs into a bowl, take only the egg yolk mixture
  • Put 100g of white sugar + 500ml of unsweetened fresh milk in a bowl of egg yolks
  • Using an egg beater, beat the egg mixture until dissolved
  • Pour the egg custard mixture just blended through a sieve to remove excess residue


Step 3: Molding

  • Pour the finished custard mixture into the caramelized plastic container completed in step 1
  • Close the lids of plastic containers


Step 4: Steam the cake

  • Put the steamer on the stove, put 150ml of pure water, bring to a boil
  • Boiling water, neatly arrange each caramel jar just finished above into the pot
  • Cover the pot, proceed to steam the caramel for 20 minutes
  • Use a toothpick to poke the cake, if it sticks to it, the cake is undercooked. Cakes without toothpicks are cooked cakes
  • Finally, remove the caramel from the steamer and enjoy immediately


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2.2 How to make flan with condensed milk

Preparation materials:

  • 400g condensed milk (Ong Tho milk)
  • 8 chicken eggs
  • 200g white diameter
  • 30ml lemon juice
  • 1 tube of vanilla
  • 700ml warm water


Implementation Guide:

Step 1: Make Caramel Sauce

  • Put 150gr white sugar + 200ml warm water into the pot. Turn on the stove on medium heat, melt the sugar
  • Put 30ml of lemon juice in a pot of sugar, stir well
  • Stir the sugar well for about 5-7 minutes, the sugar will gradually turn to the color of cockroach wings
  • Pour the sugar mixture into a plastic cup to cool
  • Cold sugar mixture, pour into the prepared flan molds


Step 2: Beat eggs + mix condensed milk

  • Crack an egg into a bowl, take only the egg yolk
  • Put 1 shoulder tube into the bowl of egg yolk. Using an electric mixer, beat well for 5 minutes until the eggs are dissolved
  • Put 700ml of warm water in a bowl with 400g of condensed milk. Beat with your hands until the milk is dissolved


Step 3: Mix the flan

  • Slowly pour the condensed milk mixture into the egg yolks. While pouring milk, use a whisk to beat these 2 mixtures together
  • The two mixtures are mixed together, continue to stir for 3 minutes to make the cake smooth
  • Pour the finished mixture through a sieve, filter out the clear water, remove residue

Step 4: Steam the cake

  • Pour egg custard mixture into the sugar water mold just completed in step 1
  • Pour out the mold and close the lid
  • Arrange the flan mixture neatly into the steamer, steam the cakes on low heat for 25 minutes
  • Take out the flan, enjoy


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2.3 How to make Caramel Savoryday smooth, no holes

Preparation materials:

  • 5 chicken eggs
  • 100g white sugar
  • 400ml fresh milk without sugar
  • 150ml Whipping Cream
  • 1 tube of vanilla
  • 500ml warm water
  • 5ml lemon juice



Step 1: Make caramelized sugar water

  • Put 80g of white sugar in the pot with 150ml of warm water
  • Put the sugar pot on the stove, open the high heat, boil the sugar mixture
  • When the sugar mixture is boiling, reduce the heat to low
  • Occasionally, gently shake the pot so that the sugar water burns evenly
  • Boil the sugar water mixture until the color of cockroach wings is changed
  • Put 5ml of prepared lemon juice into the pot of sugar water, stir well and then turn off the stove
  • Pour the sugar mixture into the pre-prepared flan mold, let it cool


Step 2: Make Flan

  • Crack 5 eggs into a bowl. Separate egg yolks
  • Put 20g of white sugar in the egg yolk bowl. Using an electric mixer, beat the eggs until dissolved in the sugar
  • Strain chicken eggs through a sieve to obtain a smooth, impurity-free egg mixture
  • Put 400ml of fresh milk + 150ml of whipping cream into the pot. Turn on the stove with high heat, proceed to boil the milk cream mixture for 10 minutes
  • Milk cream mixture boils, reduce heat to low, add 1 vanilla bean and stir well. Heat the milk cream mixture for 5 minutes
  • Turn off the heat, pour the milk cream into a bowl to cool
  • Slowly pour the milk cream mixture into the egg bowl, while stirring while pouring
  • Finally, pour the custard mixture into the sugar water mold. Cover up


Step 3: Steam in water bath

  • Put the flan in the steamer
  • Steam the flan for 20 minutes and the cake is cooked


3. Nutritional value in caramel dessert?

Caramel is made from milk, sugar, eggs and other ingredients such as vanilla, whipping cream. Depending on how it is prepared and the main ingredients in the Caramel dish, the nutritional value may vary. However, caramel dishes often contain some basic nutritional ingredients such as:

  • Carbohydrates: The sugar in caramel provides the body with a large amount of Carbohydrate, which helps provide energy for the body
  • Protein: Eggs and milk are the main sources of protein in caramel. Protein is an important component in building and protecting cells in the body
  • Fat: Caramel contains a certain amount of fat. This fat usually comes from raw milk. Fats provide energy for the body and help absorb fat-soluble vitamins
  • Vitamins and minerals: Caramel contains many beneficial vitamins such as Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6,… In addition, the amount of minerals is also extremely rich and abundant in Caramel.

However, Caramel also contains a fairly high amount of sugar and calories. Therefore, it is necessary to eat in moderation to avoid weight gain.

So do you know how many calories are in Caramel? Typically, one serving of caramel (about 100-120g on average) contains:

  • 250 – 400 calories.

This means, one serving of Caramel can account for 12-20% of the calories needed for each person. On average, the human body consumes 2000-2500 calories per day. Therefore, it is recommended to eat Caramel in moderation.

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4. How to make caramel at home is always delicious, soft and nutritious, what should I pay attention to?

Here are some notes for you to know how to make Caramel at home always delicious and soft:

  • Good selection of ingredients: Choose fresh milk, white sugar, good eggs to ensure the best caramel flavor and quality
  • Adjust the amount of sugar to suit: Depending on each person’s taste, you can adjust the amount of sugar so that the caramel is not too sweet or too light. Usually, the best lactose ratio is 1:2
  • Choose the right mold: Caramel molds come in many different types and sizes. Should choose the right mold so that the caramel ripens evenly, without opening or drying
  • Beat eggs properly: Beat eggs thoroughly. Filter eggs through a sieve to remove impurities and residue
  • Mix well: To ensure that the cake core is smooth, not dry, all ingredients are mixed together for a certain period of time.
  • Steaming for enough time: If you steam the main caramel for too long, the caramel will be dry and not smooth. If steaming too quickly, the caramel will not be smooth. Steaming time depends on the thickness of each caramel. The best standard time is 25 minutes

In short, to make Caramel at home is always delicious, soft, and quality. You need to be careful to choose good ingredients. Adjust the appropriate sugar ratio, choose the right mold, beat the ingredients and steam the cake correctly and for the specified time.

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5. Conclude

Above is the entire article on how to make caramel at home that is always delicious, soft, and nutritious, which Dry Food has shared with you. On hot summer days, enjoying super-fast and super-cool dishes will help the body recharge with more energy and strengthen resistance against disease-causing bacteria. A cup of Caramel Mom loves to give her baby on a hot summer day will help her body relieve pressure in studying. Good luck moms!

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