6+ Uses of chrysanthemum tea with honey sugar alum is good for health?


Chamomile tea with honey sugar alum is a very hot health drink recently. With the perfect combination of honey and chrysanthemum has created a drink that is really good for human health. Chrysanthemum flower is known for its use to beautify the skin and keep women’s shape. Honey complements chrysanthemum flowers to increase the deliciousness of the product. Not just stop there. This is also a drink with countless other uses. Let’s learn more about this honey-sugar chrysanthemum tea with Dung Ha Dry Food.

1. What is honeysuckle chrysanthemum tea?

Tea is a popular and familiar drink of Vietnamese people. Currently, on the market, there are many types of convenient packaged dry tea. Tea is not only a drink of all men, but even women can use it. Realizing the great interest of women, the Vietnamese tea market has launched the product Chamomile tea with honey and sugar alum. This is a tea for women.


Chamomile tea with alum sugar comes in the form of tablets, square bars, with a chrysanthemum flower on the outside that looks very eye-catching. With the perfect combination of 3 ingredients: Chamomile + rock sugar + and honey. It is this combination that has created an extremely beneficial drink for health. But perhaps, the best main function for human health comes from the chrysanthemum flower itself. Honey is just an additive to make the color of the tea more matchy and iridescent.
Through this, we can partly answer the question of what is honeysuckle chrysanthemum tea for readers. The simple answer is that it is the perfect combination of the 3 ingredients mentioned above.

2. What are the uses of honeysuckle chrysanthemum tea?

Not just a delicious, beautiful drink. A daily cup of chamomile tea with alum sugar will help your body become refreshed, healthy, and your mind much more sophisticated.

2.1 Good for the cardiovascular system

Flavonoids are a substance found in abundance in chamomile tea. This substance is extremely important for the human cardiovascular system. They lower bad LDL cholesterol to a stable safe level. At the same time, it helps to increase the stable blood circulation to the cardiovascular system. Prevention of heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis, …

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2.2 Relieve colds, treat flu, colds

Chamomile tea combined with rock sugar is an extremely effective remedy for colds, flu and colds. Chamomile tea with alum sugar has the ability to treat wind and cold extremely well, reduce fever, and clear body heat. A herbal remedy that you deserve in your family’s tea cabinet.


Not only that, this tea also helps the body to treat skin-related diseases such as: allergies, rashes, rashes, … Every day using a cup of chamomile tea with alum sugar will help you recover your body. After being sick, problems related to allergic skin quickly subsided.

2.3 Preventing cancer

Apigenin in chamomile tea is essential in preventing the formation of cancer and the spread of tumors in the body. In particular, it is breast cancer in women and skin cancer.

2.4 Lower blood pressure, cure insomnia

The properties of chrysanthemum flowers are sweet, slightly bitter, cool, have a cooling effect, detoxify the liver, and are good for women and the elderly. A cup of chamomile tea with sugar and honey after 2 hours of sleep will help your mind relax, reduce stress and pressure. Helps to stabilize the nervous system and easily fall asleep. Preventing trouble sleeping, not sleeping well, never sleeping or having nightmares.
Not only that, if you use chrysanthemum tea reasonably, properly and in a dose that allows them to help your blood pressure always maintain a stable level.

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2.5 Reducing menstrual pain in women

Abdominal pain when the day comes is the obsession of many women. During this period, your body will feel inorganic anger, very uncomfortable. Measures to relieve abdominal pain also only relieve pain immediately, not completely. In these days, it is considered as an obsession and fear of many women.
What measures to relieve severe pain during the month? The simplest way is to use alum sugar chrysanthemum tea. A drink that will help your stomachaches to go away quickly. No more intense pain. The active ingredients in chrysanthemum, rock sugar, honey will help your abdomen no longer have severe pain. Makes the body feel more comfortable, and more comfortable.
Not only relieve menstrual pain. Chamomile tea also helps menstrual flow become more regular.

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2.6 Good for Eyes

The next use of chamomile tea is to protect human eye cells. People with low vision, nearsightedness, … or some other eye-related diseases. The examination is 100% obvious. But a drink from chamomile tea with alum sugar will help keep your eyes healthy and clear. Prevent eye strain. In particular, this drink is very good for office workers, people who work continuously for 8 hours with computers will be very tired and sore eyes.

3. What should be noted when using honeysuckle chrysanthemum tea?

The use of honeysuckle chamomile tea gives users very optimistic signals. So, you SHOULD NOT use chamomile tea in the following cases:

  • Do not use chamomile tea with alum sugar to drink with Western drugs, antibiotics, …
  • Do not drink chamomile tea on an empty stomach
  • Pregnant women should limit the use of chamomile tea with alum sugar
  • Use with the specific dosage printed on the product packaging. Do not use tea instead of filtered water


In order for the tea to work to its full potential, you SHOULD use chamomile tea with alum sugar in:

  • Chamomile tea with alum sugar in general and Vietnamese teas in particular. Should drink tea at the time after breakfast 30 minutes. 30 minutes before bedtime to relax your mind
  • After a greasy meal. Food that is fried through fat, when absorbed into the body, will have difficulty digesting. Using chrysanthemum tea after meals will help you not be sick and easier to digest
  • After eating salty food. The amount of salt absorbed into the body will increase, causing an excess of salt. The amount of salt after absorption will be very difficult to be excreted. From here, it will cause severe damage to the kidneys. A cup of chamomile tea will help reduce the risk of kidney disease
  • After vigorous exercise. When exercising too hard, sweat glands secrete, the body loses a lot of water and needs to be supplied immediately. Chamomile tea with alum sugar will help the body rehydrate and electrolytes.

In addition, you can refer to many other types of tea at:  https://thucphamkho.vn/tra/

4. Chamomile tea sugar alum honey tablet form how to do?

Making honeysuckle chamomile tea at home is extremely simple. A cup of warm house sipping in the humid weather of Hanoi will make your body feel much more comfortable. Or on hot sunny summer days. A cup of honeysuckle chamomile tea will help your body recharge more energy. How to make honeysuckle chamomile tea in tablet form as follows:

4.1 Preparation materials

  • Tea essence (oolong, pineapple ginseng,…)
  • Dry tea
  • Yellow chrysanthemum: 350gr
  • Honey
  • Rock sugar: 500gr
  • Ground ginger

4.2 Implementation steps

Step 1: Wash the yellow chrysanthemum flowers, gently under the tap
Step 2: Soak yellow chrysanthemum flowers with diluted salt water to disinfect
Step 3: Pick up chrysanthemum flowers, drain
Step 4: Put the yellow chrysanthemums in the oven, dry for about 30 minutes for the chrysanthemum petals to shrink
Step 5: Put all the prepared mixture into the pot with alum sugar in the ratio of 0.5gr: 150gr of yellow chrysanthemum flowers.
Step 6: Add the rest of the tea base + 100g of yellow chrysanthemum flowers + unbraced dry tea + ground ginger + honey. Bring all this mixture together over medium heat
Step 7: Pour out the mold lined with non-stick paper, decorate the remaining yellow chrysanthemum petals and let it cool
Step 8: Put in a zip bag, close the mouth of the bag and store it in a cool, dry place

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5. Conclusion

Above is a detailed article that answers all questions surrounding the question of honeysuckle chrysanthemum tea. Hopefully, with the useful information above will bring you more useful things. At the same time, wish you success with the recipe for chamomile tea with alum sugar that we mentioned above.
Thank you for watching and reading. Wishing you and your family the best of health.

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