7+ Effects of almonds on the health of each age group


What is the effect almonds are very hot lately. Many people only know to buy almonds and use them, but very little is known about the benefits of almonds. A delicious nutritious grain, rich in nutrients, extremely beneficial for human health. Almond nutrition is suitable for all ages, genders and occupations. If you do not know what almonds are for, then follow this detailed article of Dry Food to answer all your questions about the health benefits of almonds!

1. What are the effects of almonds?

Almonds are a very popular nutritional nut in the Vietnamese market. This seed is suitable for all ages, from children to the elderly. Almonds in Vietnam cannot be grown. This type of nutritious grain is often imported from abroad. There are many countries in the world that grow and export almonds. But the United States of America is the place that provides the largest quantity of almonds in the world. American almonds are also trusted by many international friends. American almonds are the best of all almond-producing countries.


Almonds contain a lot of nutrients that have health benefits. Eating almonds is very good for the development of the fetus, making them smarter and healthier. The nutritional ingredients in almonds are very good for the skin, preventing the skin aging process, helping the women’s skin to be white and pink. Banish melasma, freckles, crow’s feet on the eyes.
With the era of strong technology development, there are more almond powder products on the market that are also extremely good. This powder is both used for drinking and can be used in both cuisine to increase nutrition and good fiber for the digestive system.

1.1 Protecting heart health

Almonds contain a lot of fat, Vitamin E, fiber and strong antioxidants. All these substances are very important for the human body. These substances when entering the body, they are responsible for controlling the lipid disorder in the blood, reducing the bad LDL cholesterol to a safe level. Maintain stable cholesterol levels so as not to harm the cardiovascular system.

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The special antioxidant Flavonoids present in almonds help protect the heart and promote heart health against harmful external agents. Essential minerals such as Magnesium, Copper, Manganese, Potassium, … help prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

1.2 Treatment of diabetes

Regularly eating 100 grams of almonds every day will help the body balance the amount of insulin absorbed into the body. People with diabetes often have a magnesium deficiency. Eating almonds will help the body replenish magnesium, control blood glucose levels to be stable.

1.3 Prevention of cancer

Vitamin E found in almonds has the effect of slowing down the aging process of the body. Vitamin E is considered as a powerful antioxidant against free radicals associated with cancer.


There have been many studies showing that, regularly consuming almonds will reduce the burden of cancers such as liver cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer in men, etc. ..
In addition to using almonds to prevent cancer. Each of us needs to be conscious of protecting our own health. Limit intake of salty, uncooked foods. Cancer screening every 6 months, regular exercise and sports.

1.4 Good for the brain

Riboflavin and L – Carnitine in almonds are two extremely important compounds for the brain. In particular, the lean protein in almonds will help restore damaged nerve cells and enhance memory. Therefore, almonds are extremely good for the elderly and the elderly. These compounds will protect the brain from damage, prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
Almonds also contain a lot of omega – 3. Omega – 3 will help the brain enhance intelligence. Therefore, mothers who are pregnant are encouraged to use almonds. Regular use of almonds will help the fetus’s brain develop faster and more comprehensively.

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1.5 Support weight loss

The fiber and fat found in almonds will keep you fuller for longer. This will help the body lose weight effectively and safely. Fiber will help soften food for easier digestion. Healthy fats will help you maintain energy absorption into the body. No harm to the body. Diet with almonds but the body still absorbs all the nutrients it needs.
Almonds contain a lot of fat and calories, but they are very healthy. They eliminate hunger and control the amount of sugar absorbed into the body. Helps your body take in fewer calories.

1.6 Beauty skin

Two compounds of Vitamin E and antioxidants found in almonds help protect and improve the health of extremely sensitive skin. Antioxidants will help rejuvenate the skin, erase dark spots, scars, wrinkles on the skin. Vitamin E will strengthen skin health, regenerate damaged skin, nourish skin from deep within. Keeps your skin bright and full of life.
In addition, almonds also contain many other nutrients such as Catechine, Epicatechin, Flavonoids, Quercetin, Kaempferol. These are considered as powerful antioxidants that help prevent skin cancer. Protects skin from the outside against harmful UV damage and ears. These nutrients also help your skin quickly recover from damage.

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1.7 Enhances the ability to absorb nutrients

Almonds are considered a nut that has an alkalizing effect on the digestive tract. Thereby, reducing the accumulation of acid and balancing the pH in the body. If the pH is always kept at a stable level, it will be very good for the digestive system, helping to strengthen the resistance, protect the body and prevent dangerous diseases better.

2. What is the current price of American almonds?

Although the price of almonds is quite high, it is still a product that many people seek to buy. The price of almonds in the market depends on a number of factors such as the place of sale, product quality and origin. Many places sell fake almonds, fake goods, and poor quality goods to users in order to gain illicit profits. The use of such nutritious nuts will greatly affect the health, economy and user experience. With so many uses mentioned above. Many users began to worry about the high price of almonds.
What is the current price of almonds is probably a difficult problem that has not been solved. Almond prices often fluctuate erratically up and down unstable. At one time, the high price of almonds touched the price of 500,000 VND/kg. But at times, the price of almonds decreased by only about 420,000 VND/kg. What customers are most interested in right now is where to buy almonds to stabilize the price?
Dung Ha Agricultural Products is the place to sell almonds with stable prices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. The price of Dung Ha grade 1 almonds is currently being offered at a price of 380,000 VND/kg. Products canned, with full inspection papers meeting food hygiene and safety standards.

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3. Note when eating almonds you should know

Everyone knows that almonds are good for everyone. But in order for it to take advantage of its full effect, you must know how to use it in the right dosage. Here are some small notes for everyone when eating almonds!

  • Maintain eating 4 almonds per day. Do not eat too much, it will make it difficult for the body to digest food
  • Eating too many almonds will lead to an overabundance of Vitamin E
  • The calories and fat contained in almonds are very rich. Using too often and in excess will be counterproductive to weight loss. Sometimes it makes you gain weight under control
  • Compatible with herbal medicines. If you are taking medication for high blood pressure, stomach medicine, antibiotics, etc., you should consult your doctor before using almonds.
  • Should buy almonds at reputable business establishments in the area to avoid buying jagged, regular products, causing food poisoning, abdominal pain
  • Eating too much will cause your stomach to contract, difficult to digest, causing acid reflux, bloating, heartburn, heartburn and indigestion.

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4. Where to buy cheap quality almonds?

4.1 Buying almonds in Hanoi

  • Buy almonds in Hanoi there are many. But to find a place to sell quality almonds is very difficult. The almond market in Hanoi is very large. Here, there are many shops, supermarkets, dry goods markets, large and small commercial centers, etc. Finding yourself a quality almond shop in Hanoi is like finding a needle in a haystack.
  • Dung Ha Agricultural Products is the place to sell cheap almonds in Hanoi. Dung Ha almond is a quality product that many people buy. In addition, our company also supports customers from far away to order and ship goods nationwide. Support customers to receive goods to check goods and then pay.

4.2 Buying almonds in HCMC

  • To find and buy almonds in Ho Chi Minh City is not a simple thing at all. The almond consumption market in Ho Chi Minh City is assessed by experts as having potential and power for development. Almonds are a highly competitive commodity with huge output consumption. Recently, the demand for almonds of people in HCMC is showing signs of rapidly increasing again. If you want to buy reputable quality almonds in Ho Chi Minh City, please quickly find Dung Ha Agricultural Products.
  • With many years of business experience in the field of flour, Northwest specialties, Ha Giang specialties,… So all products our company provides to the market are strictly tested according to VietGAP standards set forth by VietGAP. . Besides, we also bring to our customers the products “Super clean – Super fast – Super convenient”.

5. Conclusion

In short, the almond effect is extremely good for humans. This is what the majority of users recognize. Almonds participate directly and the whole process of absorbing nutrients and protecting the body. It is a type of 10 gold seeds that have extremely effective therapeutic effects. This type of seeds, you should add them in your family’s diet menu. Protecting your health is protecting the health of those around you.


Thank you for following and reading my post. Hopefully, with the above information will be very useful and valuable for everyone. Please always follow and accompany Dry Food to bring users super clean and super quality products!
Thank you very much, dear readers.

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6. Contact Information

Any complaints about the quality of almonds or the service attitude of the staff. Customers, please contact Dung Ha Development Joint Stock Company immediately through the company’s hotline number: 1900 986865 (Support 24/24h).
Branches to buy almonds here:
  • Wholesaling and retailing of almonds nationwide: No. 11 Kim Dong – Giap Bat Street – Hoang Mai District – Hanoi City
  • Retail branch of almonds in Hanoi: A10 – Alley 100 – Trung Kinh Street – Yen Hoa Ward – Cau Giay District – Hanoi City
  • Wholesale and retail branch of almonds in Ho Chi Minh: No. 02/B, Quarter 3 – Trung My Tay Street 13 – District 12 – Ho Chi Minh City

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