Food for preschool children until the age of 5, mothers should know


Food for children is a question that many women are interested in. Children at a different age will have foods that are appropriate for that age. Taking care of children right from eating will help them a lot. Both support children to absorb nutrients and help children gain weight and develop more fully. Besides, eating disorderly will make children suffer from many dangerous diseases of the digestive system. Today, mothers follow Dung Ha Dry Food to learn about dishes for preschool children to 5 years old!

1. What is food for children?

Food for children means food that children can eat and suitable for all ages. These dishes must ensure 3 factors: quality, cleanliness and full of nutrients. The digestive system of young children is really immature and weak. Letting children eat foods that are not suitable for their age will make them suffer from many dangerous diseases. Therefore, mothers need to really pay attention to the processing as well as the diet of their children.


To have delicious and nutritious baby food. Mothers should build a tower of detailed and scientific menus for each child each day and each session. Doing so will help the menu become diverse, the children will not feel bored and the body can still absorb the maximum nutrients. These dishes are not only delicious but also extremely beneficial for health. Specifically:

  • Support the child’s brain to develop better
  • Help children grow in height and weight
  • Strengthen resistance to fight against bacterial attack
  • Help children eat more delicious

2. Dishes for children from preschool to 5 years old include?

2.1 Food for preschool children

Babies in the preschool period need to expend a lot of energy to develop physically. Therefore, mothers need to consider carefully in choosing their baby’s food menu.
Preschoolers should eat 5 times a day. Includes: 3 main meals and 2 snacks. For some children who are stunted, malnourished or anorexic, poor absorption. Mothers should feed their babies 3 snacks/day. Mothers must know how to calculate a reasonable amount of calories each day for the baby to receive enough energy. Support your baby’s stronger development in the future. Preschool children’s meals need to ensure enough 4 main groups of substances: Protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and starch.
Let your baby absorb all the nutrients inherent in the food. Mothers need to divide those dishes according to each type of menu suitable for their baby. Below, the child’s meal menu needs to be divided into 3 main meals: Breakfast, lunch and snacks.

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2.1.1 Kindergarten food for breakfast

Morning is the most important time of the day. Babies need to absorb more energy at breakfast to function more effectively. Therefore, mothers should pay attention to preparing foods that help the baby’s stomach to be easily digested. Food must be prepared by mother in the morning, for example:

  • Chicken and beef noodle soup
  • Minced meat porridge with vegetables
  • Pork Ribs Porridge
  • Buds grow
  • Salmon Porridge with Spinach
  • Soup

2.1.2 Kindergarten food for lunch

Lunch is also very important for preschoolers. This meal will help children regain lost energy after half a day of activity. Mothers should consider building a reasonable lunch menu so that children are not too full but still ensure enough protein, fiber,… Some typical lunch menus include:

  • White rice + stir-fried beef with beans + cabbage soup + dessert grapes
  • Rice + steamed minced pork with egg + chopped gourd soup
  • Rice + sweet and sour fried ribs + okra + minced potato soup + watermelon dessert
  • Rice + cabbage soup cooked with minced meat + fried shrimp with garlic butter + watermelon dessert
  • Rice + braised fish + vegetable soup cooked with meat + dragon fruit for dessert

2.1.3 Dishes for preschool children in the evening menu

Dinner is a very important meal for preschoolers. The main menu of the evening consists of dishes served with rice. Eating full at night will help your baby develop well and sleep deeply. For example, some dishes for preschool children in the evening such as:

  • Rice + beef stir-fry with mushroom + vegetable soup + fruit dessert
  • Rice + tofu with tomato sauce + cabbage soup with minced meat
  • Rice + shrimp with fish sauce + papaya stew
  • Rice + braised meat with quail eggs + spinach soup
  • Rice + rib tamarind + mushroom tofu soup
  • Rice + roasted pork + vegetable soup with minced meat + tangerine dessert

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2.1.4 Kindergarten food for snacks

In addition to the main meals, the mother must give the child extra meals. Note that the snacks are small but still have to provide adequate nutrients. Mothers avoid confusion with junk food. Give children a moderate amount of food to avoid directly affecting the main dishes. Here are some suitable supplements for preschoolers:

  • Fried Dumplings
  • Choux cream
  • Yogurt
  • Asparagus soup, mixed soup,…
  • Mixed “Che
  • Asparagus shrimp porridge
  • Custard cake
  • 1 cup fresh milk
  • 1 cup fruit smoothie

These are all important meals that a mother must not forget. The food here is very nutritious. But there are still some children who are anorexic, lazy, and anorexic, so mothers should deal with this situation as follows:

  • Do not force your baby to eat
  • Let the baby eat rice with the whole family
  • Change the menu constantly so that your baby does not get bored

2.2 Food for anorexic children

Anorexia children are always a big problem and worry for parents around the world. When children are lazy to eat, it will cause the body to be stunted, malnourished, have poor resistance and this is a convenient way for many types of disease-causing bacteria to attack. When children are anorexic, many mothers feel extremely pressured and stressed.


A dish made extremely delicious and nutritious, but children can only eat 2-3 spoons, then they will not eat. To try for children to use all that food, mothers have to pamper, coax and use sweet and sweet words. Children who are anorexic will make their already busy mother even busier. It is also possible that the child’s anorexia may stem from some of the following reasons such as:

  • Mother rarely changes the food menu, causing boredom for children
  • Children are in the process of teething, harassment, minor illnesses, skipping meals, anorexia
  • Eating snacks too full. Mothers let children eat too many snacks before meals such as candy, milk, sweets, … These foods will make children “frustrated” until the main meal will not be eaten.
  • Children are sick
  • Children are not used to food yet

When the mother has found the cause of the child’s anorexia. Change your child’s food menu with things like:

  • Carrot porridge
  • Pumpkin milk soup
  • Milk potato soup
  • Mashed sweet potato
  • Chicken egg porridge
  • Lotus seed porridge
  • Porridge with lotus seeds

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2.3 Food for 1-year-olds

2.3.1 Starchy food group

This is considered the first and most important group of nutrients present in baby food. Because it is a source of carbohydrates and carbohydrates, it helps provide children with the energy and fiber they need to function tirelessly throughout the day.
Parents can find this source of nutrition in popular weaning dishes for children such as: Porridge, rice, flour,… made from foods such as cereals, potatoes, tapioca, etc. …

2.3.2 Egg dishes

In addition to starch, eggs are also foods that you should have in your baby’s daily menu. Eggs contain extremely high protein content that helps children have more energy for the functioning of metabolic organs in the body.
In addition, eggs also contain calcium to help children grow taller and healthier. The processing of eggs in the weaning menu for a 1-year-old baby also needs to be rich, attractive and strange. Parents can cook, steam, fry, omelette, bake, … all this will stimulate the baby’s taste buds to develop comprehensively.

2.3.3 Meat, fish and shrimp group

Meat and fish are the food groups that are classified as the most effective sources of concentrated protein. This food source also helps the body build and synthesize useful antibodies, improving resistance and the immune system.
In addition, fish and shrimp meat are also easy to find and very easy to prepare. While parents prepare solid foods for babies over 1 year old, they can be used to prepare delicious, attractive and nutritious weaning foods for babies from 12 months old and up.

2.3.4 Green Vegetables

Another important nutrient in feeding a 1-year-old baby is green vegetables. The amount of vegetables and fruits in the baby’s diet at this stage is quite large, so parents need to supplement them daily and most appropriately.
In particular, green vegetables with many different flavors help improve the baby’s taste, flesh and touch. The composition of green vegetables contains fiber to help stimulate the digestive system, limit the risk of constipation, bloating and contribute to keeping the baby’s intestines healthy. Eating more green lines helps the baby need nutrients and develop more comprehensively.

2.3.5 Dessert fruit group

It is known that in the fruit contains many vitamins and minerals that help regulate the activity of the young body. Especially the fruit is very rich in fiber, so it is very good against constipation and bloating. Fruits should be included in the regular weaning diet of a 1-year-old baby for him to get used to. Fruit is not only good for children, but it is also a suitable food for all ages.
Fruit can be eaten directly or processed into other dishes such as cakes, fruit juices, smoothies, etc. to stimulate curiosity and make children eat more appetizing..

2.4 Food for 2-year-olds who are anorexic, gain weight quickly

2.4.1 Principles of building menus for 2-year-olds

In order for children to eat deliciously and get enough nutrients, mothers should add extra meals for children in addition to 3 main meals daily. Here is the mother’s weaning time for reference:

  • Breakfast: 6:30am – 7:30am
  • Breakfast Snack: 9g
  • Lunch: 11am – 11:30am
  • Extra Afternoon: 14h – 14h30
  • Dinner: 17:00 – 17:30
  • Stinky side meal: 20:30 – 21g

The snacks (drivers) you can let the children enjoy dishes such as green bean soup, banana tea, flan, fruit,… In the evening meal, you should give your baby a cup of warm milk to drink. Support children to increase height and develop the body in the most comprehensive way.

2.4.2 Detailed menu for 2-year-old anorexic children Menu for the first Monday of the week

  • Breakfast: Crab egg soup, milk
  • Lunch: Soft rice, tomato tofu soup, braised fish, banana dessert
  • Afternoon: Soft rice, dried shrimp amaranth soup, egg rolls Menu on Tuesday

  • Breakfast: Cake + fresh milk
  • Lunch: Soft rice + spinach soup with minced meat + sweet and salty roasted shrimp + papaya
  • Dinner: Soft rice + minced melon soup + stewed chicken with mushrooms + grapes Wednesday’s menu

  • Breakfast: Green bean sticky rice + orange juice
  • Lunch: Soft rice + dried shrimp kohlrabi soup + braised meat with eggs + watermelon
  • Dinner: Pork rib porridge + dragon fruit Thursday menu

  • Breakfast: Pancakes + grapes
  • Lunch: Soft rice + mushroom rib soup + custard apple smoothie
  • Dinner: Soft rice + minced cabbage soup + breast milk Friday menu

  • Breakfast: Chicken liver porridge + Yakult yogurt
  • Lunch: Soft rice + fragrant sour soup of snakehead fish + melon
  • Dinner: Soft rice + shrimp soup + braised beef with carrots + papaya Saturday menu

  • Breakfast: Shrimp soup, flan
  • Lunch: Vermicelli + avocado smoothie
  • Dinner: Soft rice + pumpkin soup with minced meat + stewed chicken with potatoes + tangerines

2.5 Food for 3-year-olds

2.5.1 Breakfast menu for children 3 years old

Providing children with healthy food is extremely important to help them develop better. However, many mothers do not care about their baby’s breakfast. For 3-year-old children to develop comprehensively and form healthy eating habits, mothers must pay attention to breakfast. At the same time, choosing a simple way of processing helps children digest better. Here are some menu ideas for an anorexic 3-year-old, please refer to:


  • Breakfast with eggs: Baked egg muffins and vegetables, egg bread, boiled eggs,…
  • Breakfast with whole grains: Whole grain oatmeal, blueberry muffins, pumpkin oat porridge,…
  • Breakfast with vermicelli: minced beef vermicelli, vermicelli, vermicelli, vermicelli…
  • Breakfast with Pho: Beef Pho, Chicken Pho,…
  • Breakfast with porridge: Porridge with heart, porridge with ribs, porridge with minced potatoes, asparagus and pumpkin porridge, pigeon porridge,…

2.5.2 Lunch menu for 3-year-old anorexic

For breakfast, the mother introduced the baby to easy-to-digest foods. Lunch is the first main meal of the day. Children need to eat nutritious foods. Here are some lunch dishes for 3-year-old children that mothers should refer to:

  • Rice + mackerel braised with soy sauce + broccoli soup cooked with dried shrimp + oranges
  • Rice + braised meat with quail eggs + plum + mixed soup
  • Rice + mushroom braised chicken + salmon + tangerine sour soup
  • Rice + braised ribs tofu + cabbage soup cooked with minced beef + pomelo
  • Rice + chicken stew with Chinese medicine lotus seeds + water spinach soup + dragon fruit
  • Rice + mackerel in tomato sauce + sauteed cabbage + dragon fruit
  • Rice + dried shrimp with fish sauce + tomato tofu soup + mango

2.5.3 Lunch menu for 3-year-old anorexic

Dinner is a meal for the whole family to gather. Mom will also have more time to cook. So, treat your child to attractive, nutritious foods. Specifically:

  • Rice + amaranth shrimp soup + stewed chicken with lotus seeds and red apple
  • Rice + sour fish soup + stir-fried beef with mushrooms
  • Rice + papaya rib soup + rimmed shrimp meat
  • Rice + vegetable soup + fish in tomato sauce
  • Rice + tomato egg soup + rimmed shrimp
  • Rice + Sausage soup with minced meat + steamed shrimp
  • Rice + boiled cove beans + fried eel
  • Rice + zucchini soup cooked with minced shrimp + beef with wine sauce

2.6 Food for 4-year-old anorexic

One of the reasons why 4-year-olds are anorexic is because they don’t find the joy and attraction of eating. This is partly due to the main menu prepared by the mother. Eating certain familiar foods over and over again will make children lose their appetite and eat less. Therefore, regularly updating the menu and exploring different ways of processing is extremely important to refine eating skills, helping children find their inspiration again early. Here are some food menus for 4-year-olds moms refer to:

Meal menu number 1:

  • Breakfast: noodles cooked with minced pork + fresh milk
  • Snack: 1 box of yogurt
  • Lunch: Rice + hot vegetable soup cooked with shrimp + apple
  • Snack: sponge cake
  • Dinner: rice + pumpkin soup cooked with minced meat + chicken stew with ginseng + papaya

Meal menu #2:

  • Breakfast: beef noodle soup + milk carton
  • Snack: 1 box of yogurt
  • Lunch: Rice + stewed chicken with vegetables + watermelon
  • Snack: sponge cake
  • Dinner: Rice + Stir-fried mixed vegetables + papaya dessert

Meal menu number 3:

  • Breakfast: Minced pork rib porridge
  • Snack: 1 glass of fresh milk
  • Lunch: Rice + stewed chicken with mushrooms + pear dessert
  • Dinner: Rice + stewed taro soup with pork feet + dessert

2.7 Food for 5-year-old anorexic

5 years old is the period when children need a lot of nutrients to develop height, weight and brain. Therefore, mothers must have a balanced diet menu, especially with young children who are busy eating and playing. Here are some of the most suitable dishes for 5-year-old children, mothers should refer to:

First Monday of the week:

  • Breakfast: Rib porridge + 1 banana
  • Lunch: Rice + stir-fried beef with vegetables, fried fish + dessert grapes
  • Dinner: Rice + stuffed tofu + sour fish soup
  • Before going to bed: 1 box of yogurt


  • Breakfast: Beef noodle soup + 1 apple
  • Lunch: Rice + chicken marinated in fish sauce + water spinach soup + watermelon
  • Dinner: Rice + braised meat and eggs + sautéed melon with mushrooms + pineapple
  • Before bedtime: 1 cup of fruit smoothie


  • Breakfast: oat porridge
  • Lunch: Rice + pumpkin soup cooked with dried shrimp + 1 cup of orange juice
  • Dinner: Rice + fried chicken thighs + boiled water spinach soup + tangerine
  • Before going to bed: 1 glass of warm milk


  • Breakfast: Snail vermicelli
  • Lunch: Rice + boiled pork + shrimp + cabbage soup
  • Dinner: Rice + braised meat with quail eggs + pickles + dragon fruit
  • Before bedtime: 1 cup of fruit smoothie


  • Breakfast: Porridge
  • Lunch: Rice + fried shrimp with fish sauce + tangerine
  • Dinner: Rice + braised fish + sour soup + watermelon
  • Before going to bed: 1 glass of warm milk


  • Breakfast: Chicken porridge
  • Lunch: Rice + fried beef with onions + melon
  • Dinner: Rice + fish with tomato sauce + fried bitter melon with egg + spinach soup
  • Before going to bed: 1 glass of milk

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3. Conclusion

Above is a detailed article that answers the question of food for children in full detail of each age that mothers can refer to. All the dishes above can be made in the easiest way. It is important to get these dishes that the input ingredients of the sisters need to be monitored and tested in the most rigorous way. Make your own food to help your baby grow healthy!


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