How does liver cancer manifest in the patient’s body?


What is the manifestation of liver cancer? Are liver cancer symptoms clear enough to recognize? This is a dangerous disease with a very high mortality rate. Follow along with the article of Dung Ha Dry Food to learn about how liver cancer manifests in the patient’s body!

1. Manifestations of liver cancer?

According to updated data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the rate of liver cancer in Vietnam is 23.2 per 100,000 people in both men and women. The proportion of Vietnamese men with the disease is much higher than that of women. The initial cause is that the disease often progresses silently, with vague signs. That is why it is often confused with digestive dysfunction. Then when the disease enters the final stage, the more obvious symptoms are more difficult to treat. Some signs of extremely severe liver cancer can be seen such as:

1.1 Liver cancer vomiting blood

  • Vomiting blood is the final stage of liver cancer. When cancer cells have completely destroyed liver function and metastasized to nearby cells. They cause liver failure, loss of anti-clotting function, making patients very susceptible to bleeding.
  • When the tumor has metastasized to nearby cells such as the stomach, esophagus, lungs, .. they will absorb nutrients and grow bigger. When subjected to great pressure from the outside, this tumor will burst, causing ulcers and bleeding. When there is blood in the digestive tract, it irritates the stomach and small intestine. Causes gastroesophageal reflux, in the vomit with blood.
  • When the patient falls into this state, it is extremely dangerous to health. Even death at any time if not treated promptly.


At this stage, the patient should abstain from eating foods high in fat and oil. Instead, you should eat liquid foods such as porridge, milk, fruit juice. Eat enough meals, enough nutrients. Add blood-tonic foods such as eggs, fish, beef. Do not use alcohol, tobacco, stimulants that are toxic to the body. Never use any antiemetics without your doctor’s approval.

1.2 Cancer of the liver and abdomen

  • Enlarged abdomen is also known as ascites. When the accumulation of fluid exceeds the allowable threshold inside the abdomen due to pressure from the tumor. It causes abdominal stiffness and bloating. Sometimes the fluid even overflows the lungs, blocking the airways, making it difficult for the patient to breathe. The abdomen is enlarged, making it difficult for the patient to wear clothes.
  • Ascites is common in some patients who are in the advanced stage and metastasize to the abdomen. When cancer cells metastasize here, it destroys nearby cells. They can form ovarian, liver, colon, stomach and pancreatic cancer cells.
  • Patients can use chemotherapy to control ascites. Or suction to reduce the amount of fluid in the abdomen. But this method only lasts a few days or weeks and then the epidemic will continue to return.

When the abdomen is distended, to reduce this condition, the patient should limit salty foods. Avoid using salt in cooking and don’t eat foods high in sodium. The most comfortable sleeping position is to put your feet on the pillow. When sitting, put your feet on a chair with a stool.

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1.3 Liver cancer, edema

  • Leg edema is the accumulation of fluid in the tissues, causing a decrease in the osmotic pressure of the blood vessels. There are two common types of edema: soft edema and hard edema. Soft edema is also known as fluid edema. The patient presses on the swollen part with his hand, finds it concave and has no elasticity back. Stiff edema is a form of edema related to the thyroid gland. When touching the swollen part, the patient does not feel pain but only feels the hardness. The patient will have edema in the legs and then gradually will edema all over the body.
  • Swelling or edema is the accumulation of salt and water in the body. Using some diuretics can overcome edema. Stimulates the kidneys to remove sodium and salt from the body. Therefore, the patient urinates more often and more fluid is excreted outside.


When there is swelling or edema, the patient should drink a sufficient amount of water. Exercise regularly to increase blood circulation. Avoid sitting or standing in one place for too long. Follow your doctor’s regular check-up schedule and treatment plan.
Here are all the symptoms of liver cancer that everyone needs to know. It seems that the symptoms mentioned above have metastasized to worse stages. The goal of liver cancer treatment is to alleviate symptoms, improve quality of life, and prolong survival.

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2. Bird’s nest support treatment of liver cancer?

Recently, many people are looking to buy bird’s nest to improve the health of liver cancer patients. Bird’s nest contains a lot of nutrients in the process of recovering the health of the patient. When determined to fall into the terminal stage of cancer. Patients will have to be treated according to special methods. Radiation therapy is used to destroy cancer cells. The process of radiation therapy requires very high health and resistance patients. Immune to the patient after radiation therapy with bird’s nest will help the patient recover miraculously. At the same time, helping patients eat better and sleep better, regulate the nervous system stably.


To buy quality bird’s nest in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh is extremely difficult. Because this is a rare commodity, the competition is high, and the consumption is high in the market. The price of bird’s nest is also extremely high, so many people with a limited economy are also very hesitant. On the market, there are many places that provide cheap bird’s nest but have not tested the quality. The use of poor quality products will cause diseases to grow.
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