What are the causes of liver cancer? Liver cancer how to eat


What is the cause of liver cancer? This is probably a question many people are interested in. Is the cause of liver cancer stemming from eating habits? In Vietnam, liver cancer ranks first in terms of new cases and deaths. The trend of people with liver cancer is showing signs of getting younger. So what is the reason that the number of people infected with the disease is getting younger and younger? Let’s find out with Dung Ha Dry Food!

1. What is the cause of liver cancer?

Liver cancer is more and more dangerous. The World Health Organization (WHO) calls liver cancer a “silent killer”. The reason is, the symptoms of liver cancer are often very vague, causing many people to be subjective or have confusion here. And today, the rate of people with liver cancer is showing signs of getting younger. Let’s clarify the causes of liver cancer below:


1.1 Cirrhosis

  • Cirrhosis is a disease when liver cells are destroyed by fibrous tissue. 80% of people with cirrhosis will gradually progress to liver cancer. The main cause of cirrhosis of the liver is the habit of consuming alcohol. Unscientific diet. In addition, some hepatitis B viruses hide, destroy liver cells and form secondary liver cancer.

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1.2 Contraceptive drug inflation

  • Emergency contraceptive pills are extremely dangerous to a woman’s health. Excessive use of the drug will cause the liver to not be able to remove the toxins. From there, form Adenoma (adenoma) in the liver and gradually progress to cancerous tissue. Not only affecting the liver, drug abuse will cause atrophy of the uterine lining. Directly affects future fertility. Using condoms is the safest method of contraception and sexually transmitted diseases.

1.3 Type 2 diabetes

  • Type 2 diabetes is associated with an increased risk of liver cancer. Especially those who are addicted to alcohol, addicted to sweets or have chronic hepatitis. It is typical for people with diabetes to crave sweets. Using a lot of sugar will make the condition worse, causing obesity, overweight. Affects the liver’s process of filtering toxic substances in the body.

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1.4 Use a lot of iron-containing foods

  • Iron is very good for the body, but it needs to be used in a permissible dose. If you overindulge in iron-containing foods such as beef, pork, lentils, .. will cause the liver to not be able to eliminate and stagnate iron in the liver. With a high amount of iron in the liver, it can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer.

1.5 Exposure to hepatitis virus

  • The most common risk factors for liver cancer are the hepatitis B virus (HBV) and the hepatitis C virus (HCV). HBV and HCV can be spread from person to person through sharing needles, razors, blood transfusions, and personal items. In the majority, 78% of patients were exposed to these two viruses. Unsafe sex, oral sex, and transmission from mother to child during childbirth are the main reasons why many people are infected with hepatitis virus.

1.6 Smoking

  • Smokers will make liver cancer worse. Smoking also leads to many other consequences because in smoke contains extremely toxic nicotine. Inhaling cigarette smoke can lead to difficulty breathing and stuffy nose. For pregnant women, it can lead to miscarriage or premature birth. Smoking is also associated with many other cancers related.


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1.7 Chemicals Thorotrast

  • Thorotrast is a chemical that is introduced into the body to perform X-ray procedures. Long-term exposure to chemicals increases the risk of hemangiomas in the liver. In addition, they increase the risk of developing malignant cholangiocarcinoma and hepatocellular carcinoma. Scientists studying this substance have found it dangerous to health and have removed it from the list of specialized drugs of the Ministry of Health.

Here are 7 causes of liver cancer that you need to avoid. To keep the liver healthy, use liver-supporting foods such as tea, high-fiber foods, etc. In addition, you need to have a scientific diet and limit the use of alcohol. stimulate. Exercise regularly to strengthen the resistance as well as help the liver stay healthy.

2. How do people with liver cancer eat?

Diet for people with liver cancer is extremely important to help the liver stay healthy, regenerate and recover. So what is a reasonable diet for the liver? Let’s find out together:

2.1 People with liver cancer should not eat anything

Once diagnosed with liver cancer, liver cancer patients need to abstain from foods such as:

  • Fast food, canned processed food
  • Fried and fried foods contain a lot of fat
  • Red meats
  • Animal organs because they contain a large amount of fat, insoluble cholesterol is not good for health
  • Alcohol, tobacco, alcoholic beverages and gas. These products will make you fall into a full stomach. The liver works continuously and falls into overload. Meanwhile, the liver is also sick and needs to work lightly and have time to rest.

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2.2 Can people with liver cancer eat oats?

People with liver cancer can completely use bird’s nest. Bird’s nest is a nutritious product, containing many nutrients that are good for the health of the patient. Nests carry with them 18 kinds of amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals necessary for the recovery of the patient’s health.

  • Bird’s nest contains active ingredients that stimulate the growth of cells. Quickly restores damage, stimulates blood circulation.
    Salanganes’Nest has the effect of stimulating taste, enhancing the ability to absorb nutrients of cancer patients. Regular use, the right dose will help the body increase the ability to regenerate cells, strengthen the resistance of the patient.
  • Stage 3 and 4 liver cancer will require the intervention of many complex methods. The most typical example is radiation therapy to destroy cancer cells completely. After radiation treatment, using bird’s nest will help the patient recover miraculously.
  • Should be used before breakfast about 1 hour or at 9 pm is the right time for the body to rest and absorb nutrients.

2.3 What should people with liver cancer eat?

Good foods for liver cancer patients should eat such as:


  • Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of fiber such as pumpkin, carrots, cabbage, ..
  • Milk and yogurt
  • White meat
  • Foods containing healthy fats like nuts, olive oil
  • The kind of whole grain, white sesame
  • Protein-rich foods such as eggs and fish

3. Where to buy cheap quality bird’s nest?

Bird’s nest is sold a lot at supermarket stores, but the quality is not guaranteed. Many places sell poor quality bird’s nests at high prices in order to gain illicit profits. So when buying bird’s nest, you need to pay attention to the origin. Product quality and parameters printed on product packaging labels.
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