What are the stages of liver cancer? Specific details of each stage


What are the stages of liver cancer? What is the danger stage of liver cancer? Patients with liver cancer often stem from nine unscientific lifestyle habits. Regular use of products that are harmful to the liver. If not treated in time, liver cancer will progress to more dangerous stages. Follow Dung Ha Dry Food to find out how many stages liver cancer has? Detailed details of each stage!

1. How many stages does liver cancer have?

The liver is an important organ in the human body. The liver is directly involved in the process of receiving and removing toxic substances from the body. Healthy or weakened liver is up to us. Excessive use of stimulants and alcohol is the cause of serious liver damage. When the liver is damaged, if there is no treatment, it will metastasize into liver cancer which is extremely dangerous and difficult to treat. Liver cancer often happens very silently, they have each specific stage. Let’s find out the stages of liver cancer:


1.1 Liver cancer stage 1

Liver cancer is known as the “silent killer”. According to the World Health Organization, the death rate from liver cancer in men accounts for about 87%. Many people who are diagnosed with the disease often fall into the late stages. It seems that death is near. But if you can recognize the symptoms of liver cancer earlier, there is still a chance for a cure.

1.1.1 Symptoms of early stage liver cancer

  • Fatigue: This is a common symptom of all patients. If you feel tired for a long time with impaired liver function. You should be on the lookout for it could be a symptom of early stage liver cancer. Often patients fall into this stage, symptoms are few, vague and subjective.
  • Digestive dysfunction: When the liver is damaged, liver function will also be impaired. It directly affects the process of consuming and absorbing nutrients from food. Some symptoms of digestive system disorders such as: fullness, bloating, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. It is these symptoms that make the patient fall into unexplained weight loss.
  • Abdominal pain and swelling: The liver is one of the largest internal organs in the body, located on the right side of the abdomen. In the early stages, cancer cells can irritate and inflame the liver, causing the liver to swell and enlarge. Therefore, when touching the abdomen, we also feel the abdomen is enlarged, and hard. The pain and swelling in the abdomen became more and more severe as the tumor gradually enlarged. You need to go to the doctor, endoscopy, take biopsies to clearly check the extent of the disease.

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In short, early liver cancer symptoms are often very poor and unclear. However, if you experience the above symptoms, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination and cancer screening to know what stage the disease is at and to have a more timely treatment.

1.2 Liver cancer stage 2

In stage 2, the cancer cells begin to invade deeper than the blood vessels and the tumor size is also larger than normal. Symptoms will now be more noticeable.

1.2.1 Symptoms of stage 2 liver cancer

  • Rapid weight loss: The liver plays an important role in absorbing and converting food into nutrients. When liver function is impaired, it will interfere with the absorption of nutrients. Since then, the patient lost weight quickly. Although the diet is still scientific, maintaining adequate nutrients, but the weight is reduced. If you lose weight for no reason, do not use weight loss products that lose weight. Please go to the hospital as soon as possible.
  • Dark urine: When the liver is affected, it cannot eliminate toxins. Bilirubin levels in the blood will increase. Causes urine color to change from dark yellow to brown. If you do not use any external influences and your urine changes color, you need to closely monitor and see a doctor soon. This could be a sign of a urinary tract infection.
  • Jaundice: Jaundice is a clinical manifestation of impaired liver function. Liver function is damaged, impaired causing accumulation of Bilirubin in the body. Causes yellowing of the skin or eyes.

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1.3 Stage 3 . liver cancer

In stage 3, the disease shows signs of seriousness and is accompanied by symptoms of the first two stages. The size of the tumor is getting bigger and bigger. It begins to multiply in large numbers and spreads to surrounding cells.

1.3.1 Symptoms of stage 3 liver cancer

  • Epigastric pain: The location of pain is usually in the area above the navel, below the nose of the sternum. The pain occurs with dense frequency. Sometimes dull, sometimes writhing, unable to walk, sometimes sharp pain in the back. For people with stage 3 liver cancer, the liver almost loses its function. The pain is caused by the cancer cells pressing down, running throughout the body.
  • Feeling full quickly: The patient eats very little, sometimes when he eats, he feels full. Because at this time, the liver has gradually lost its ability to absorb nutrients. The fluid in the liver accumulates for a long time, causing the patient to have a full stomach, not eat, and quickly feel full.
  • Fatigue and weakness: Liver function declines, leading to a decrease in the patient’s resistance. At this stage, it seems that the patient is no longer able to work. There is always a feeling of restlessness, anxiety and fatigue in the body. The frequency of fatigue attacks is denser and more frequent.
  • Internal bleeding: The liver is responsible for making proteins that help blood clot. When a part of the liver is damaged by invasive cancer cells, the clotting proteins are no longer produced in sufficient quantities. Mildly, we may feel bleeding when brushing our teeth or naturally nosebleeds. In severe stages, the body can have extremely dangerous internal bleeding.

1.4 Liver cancer stage 4

In stage 4, this is the final stage of a cancer process. It seems that patients who fall into this stage have an extremely low survival rate. The treatment process is also many, complicated and costly.

1.4.1 Symptoms of end stage liver cancer

  • Enlarged liver: Tumors in the liver are getting bigger and bigger and affecting the size of the liver. These tumors signal to the patient that the liver has died and has completely lost its function. Touching the patient’s abdomen will feel the abdomen is abnormally large and hard. The new symptom of late stage liver cancer is hair loss, hair loss. Star veins appear in thin areas of the body.
  • Constant pain: Falling into this stage, the pain appears thick and inevitable. The liver is located close to the stomach. Because the liver damage will affect, stimulate the stomach and cause sudden abdominal pain, extremely miserable pain.
  • Ascites: In the final stage, the patient will have symptoms of lower extremity edema, abdominal distension. The reason is because liver cancer cells produce fluid in the abdominal cavity, causing the abdomen to swell. Makes the patient extremely uncomfortable. Walking is difficult and lying down is not enough.

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Above is the full article detailing the stages of liver cancer. Depending on the stage, there will be different treatment methods. The most important thing is that when experiencing the above symptoms of liver cancer, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

2. What should people with liver cancer eat?

For people who are tested for cancer, diet is something that many people care about. A healthy, scientific, nutritious diet will help the liver gradually become healthier. Some foods that people with liver cancer should eat are:

2.1 Fruits and vegetables

  • Fruit contains many vitamins necessary for the body to help strengthen the immune system. Fruit contains a lot of powerful antioxidants. This substance when entering the body will prevent the formation of harmful cancer cells. At the same time, protect heart health and stabilize blood pressure. Some fruits are good for liver cancer patients such as: Strawberries, oranges, carrots, cabbage.


2.2 White meat

  • The meal should add white meat such as chicken, duck, swan instead of red meat to help the body fight liver cancer better. Should be processed in the form of steaming, boiling for easy digestion and limiting the amount of fat absorbed into the body.

2.3 Tea

  • Teas such as black bean green tea, Thai Nguyen tea, … contain a lot of Polyphenols – a group of powerful antioxidants that prevent the division and metastasis of cancer cells. Dried tea leaves contain up to 40% of polyphenols compounds that help strengthen liver protection and prevent cancers of the liver, stomach, rectum and colon.


2.4 Low-fat foods

  • Some low-fat foods are good for liver cancer patients such as: nutritious seeds, olive oil and vegetable oil. Consuming low-fat foods will make it easier to digest food. Reduce the work load on the liver and kidneys when working.

It can be seen that, for patients with liver cancer, diet is the top concern. Liver cancer has several stages and each stage has signs and symptoms to recognize. Along with that is the use of foods and drinks so that the patient can add a lot of nutrients to fight the disease. Regular check-ups every 6 months to screen for cancer and have more aggressive treatment directions.

3. Where to buy good quality and cheap black bean tea for people with liver cancer?

Black bean green tea is sold a lot in the market at stores and supermarkets. Many places sell black bean green tea with kindness for people with liver cancer. So when buying green bean tea, you should pay attention to the quality and origin. Label parameters printed on product packaging.


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