How is liver cancer transmitted? Question and answer corner


How liver cancer is transmitted is probably a question of many people. Understanding how liver cancer spreads so that there are timely preventive measures. So how will liver cancer be transmitted? Follow Dung Ha Dry Food to learn to equip yourself with more knowledge for effective disease prevention and treatment!

1. How does liver cancer spread?

In fact, a family member with liver cancer will bring fear to the rest. Family members will limit contact, do not eat together, do not sleep together and do not share personal items. How will liver cancer be transmitted?

1.1 Is liver cancer contagious?

  • Many people worry that liver cancer can spread through the respiratory tract. Therefore, they often separate the patient from living separately and living separately. This makes the patient feel sad and lonely. However, this is completely a strange misconception. Cancer in general and liver cancer in particular are not transmitted through the respiratory tract. It is classified as a non-communicable disease.


  • For people with liver cancer, their immune system will be weakened. If you accidentally get infected with fluids from sick people, they only transmit bacteria to you, not cancer.
  • For patients with liver cancer caused by hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus. The virus can be transmitted through blood, sharing needles, unhealthy sex, from mother to child. Therefore, to prevent you should use safe sex measures. Test for viral hepatitis when there are abnormal signs.

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In short, liver cancer is not contagious. In times like these, instead of avoiding the sick, let’s always be by their side, get enough nutrients, give encouragement and get through this difficult time together.

1.2 Can liver cancer be obtained through food?

  • In Vietnam, the incidence of liver cancer ranks 8th in the world. It is a malignant disease with very vague symptoms. And especially, liver cancer is not spread through food as people used to say. Therefore, sharing food, drinking together, talking together, and coming into contact with sick people do not spread cancer.
  • Liver cancer is usually transmitted by genetic means. If someone in the family has cancer, there is a 65% chance that family members will have the disease. Screening to find cancer cells is extremely important. Early examination and early treatment are the golden keys to preventing the spread of the virus.

Above is the article that answers the question “Can liver cancer be taken?”. Correction that, liver cancer is not spread through eating or breathing. Always be with your loved ones during this time so they don’t get lost. The strength of family members is the fulcrum for the patient to overcome the disease. Let’s always be by their side to encourage and supplement with lots of nutrients!

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2. Measures to prevent liver cancer

Currently, there is no definitive cure for liver cancer. Preventing cancer in the first place will minimize the risk of exposure to the disease. Measures to prevent liver cancer can include:

  • Vaccination against hepatitis B and hepatitis C is the key to stopping the spread of disease
  • HPV vaccination
  • Avoid foods high in insoluble fats
  • Do not use alcohol, tobacco, stimulants harmful to the body
  • Exercise regularly to keep your body healthy
  • Eat a lot of foods that contain fiber
  • Don’t make your body tense and tired
  • Limit the use of canned or processed foods
  • Periodic health check every 6 months

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3. Is it good to drink papaya leaves for liver cancer?

Dried papaya leaves or dried male papaya flowers are considered an extremely effective folk remedy in the treatment of liver cancer. Medicines from papaya such as:

3.1 Cure liver cancer with papaya leaves


  • 50g dried papaya leaves (Or dried male papaya flowers)
  • 500ml boiling water



  • Add 50g of dried papaya leaves to 500ml of water and bring to a boil
  • Extract the juice and proceed to drink it regularly for 3 months. Drink 3 cups each time (morning/lunch/dinner) after meals

3.2 Cure liver cancer with swing leaves and lemongrass


  • 50g dried papaya leaves (Or dried male papaya flowers)
  • 1 small crushed lemongrass. Cut length 3-5cm
  • 500ml water


  • Bring 50g papaya leaves + 1 lemongrass root + 500ml water and bring to the stove to boil for about 40 minutes
  • Squeeze out the juice and divide it into small plastic bottles and drink 3 times a day
  • You can keep it in the fridge for better taste
  • Depends on the condition. If it is more severe, you can drink more, drink instead of water.

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The remedy for cancer with papaya leaves is only for the relief of symptoms. Helping patients feel refreshed, always happy and comfortable. You need to go to the doctor to check the size of the tumor. At the same time, it must be treated according to the treatment regimen prescribed by the doctor.

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