Is chamomile tea good for pregnant women? Let’s clarify the above issue!

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Chamomile tea is a popular drink. Not only because of the delicious taste, but it also helps to effectively promote health. However, for pregnant women, the body has many changes, is chrysanthemum tea good for pregnant women ? What is the effect on the baby? These are probably the questions that many people are interested in. Let’s learn the benefits and bad effects of chrysanthemum tea with pregnant women .

The benefits of chamomile tea for pregnant women

Since ancient times, chrysanthemum tea has been likened to a kind of “panacea” of the Egyptians to cure all diseases. And to this day, it has become a popular herbal tea, enjoyed by many people. 

Chamomile tea is divided into two basic types: common chrysanthemum and chamomile. Compared with common chrysanthemum, Roman chamomile has a stronger bitter taste, more fragrance. The nutritional composition is also much higher.


To obtain a rich tea, chrysanthemum flowers are harvested, cleaned and dried or dried. Then, each time you make tea, you can take a few dried chrysanthemums and soak them in hot boiling water. You wait a few more minutes and enjoy.

Is chamomile tea good for pregnant women ? Here are the benefits of chrysanthemum tea for pregnant women when used in the right dosage and in the right way.

1. Brings a feeling of relaxation, helps sleep better

The characteristic of chrysanthemum tea is the gentle herbal aroma that brings a pleasant feeling. This scent can help calm nerves, relieve stress effectively. 

Besides, chrysanthemum is also popularly used in many oriental medicine with sedative effect, helping to sleep better and deeper. 

Therefore, if you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, stressed, tired, try drinking a warm cup of chamomile tea before going to bed.

2. Strengthen the body’s resistance

Many studies have shown that chrysanthemum tea is effective in treating a number of diseases. This drink also helps prevent the risk of certain diseases effectively.

That’s because chamomile contains some anti-inflammatory active ingredients. This substance helps prevent the invasion of bacteria, strengthens the body’s immune system.

3. Reduce Cramps

Should pregnant women drink chamomile tea when having cramps? Then the answer is yes.

The Journal of Agriculture and Chemistry once published a research result on this use of chrysanthemum tea. Drinking chamomile tea helps relieve pain and relieve spasms. Therefore, if pregnant women are experiencing uncomfortable cramps during pregnancy, they can use chamomile tea to improve this condition.


This use can be explained as follows: Chamomile tea increases the amount of the amino acid glycine in the body. This substance has the ability to relax muscles, and at the same time calm the nerve stimulation effectively, so that the pain is relieved quickly.

4. Cure mouth ulcers

During pregnancy, many women suffer from heat in their bodies, leading to mouth ulcers and mouth ulcers. You can use chamomile tea as a mouthwash to relieve this condition.

In order for the sores to heal quickly and disappear, you need to do it regularly 2 times a day. After a few days, you will see visible results.

5. Prevent cancer and heart disease

Polyphenols are an active ingredient that has the ability to prevent the risk of heart disease. This substance is present in the composition of chamomile tea.

Not only that, this herbal tea also contains a rich amount of antioxidants. Drinking chamomile tea can reduce the risk of some dangerous cancers.

6. Good for the digestive system and reduce morning sickness

Besides the above effects, chamomile tea also has the ability to soothe the stomach and improve bloating and constipation. 


The anti-inflammatory substances in chamomile tea help prevent and support the treatment of digestive tract inflammation. Morning sickness was also effectively improved. Pregnant women can add a cup of chrysanthemum tea to the daily menu to make the body feel more comfortable.

Adverse effects of drinking chamomile tea during pregnancy

Not only chamomile tea but any food as well. In order to get the best results, we all need to use it in the right dose and at the right time. 

Using a lot is not good, using a little does not bring into full play. The following are some disadvantages that can be encountered if pregnant women use chrysanthemum tea improperly.

1. Risk of premature birth or miscarriage

Besides the question of whether chrysanthemum tea is good for pregnant women , using chrysanthemum tea can cause miscarriage is also a question many people wonder. 

Although chamomile has a lot of benefits, if you use too much during pregnancy, it can lead to the risk of miscarriage and premature birth.


This is because the uterus is stimulated to contract. Thereby causing premature labor leading to premature birth or more dangerous miscarriage.

Therefore, pregnant women need to consider carefully and use this tea in the most reasonable way.

2. Effects on the infant’s circulatory system

When using chrysanthemum tea indiscriminately, it also seriously affects the circulatory system of babies.

This can affect the heart rate, decrease blood circulation in the child, etc. This makes the child weak and suffers from a number of other related diseases.

3. Make you sleepy

If you are still going to work or performing tasks that require concentration and alertness, pregnant women should consider using chrysanthemum tea.

As we all know above, chrysanthemum tea has a sedative effect, treating insomnia. Therefore, if you drink a lot, you will feel sleepy and may lose focus when working.

4. Causes some allergy problems

Not only chamomile tea, but also other foods. If you have an allergy, no matter how good chamomile tea is, you should absolutely not use it.

If you unfortunately fall into this situation, you need to avoid using it. Because otherwise, you may experience allergic reactions such as stuffy nose, runny nose, red itchy skin, watery eyes, etc., extremely uncomfortable. More severe can cause worse symptoms.

5. May react with other drugs

According to some evidence, chrysanthemum tea has an impact on the function of some drugs such as sedatives, pain relievers and antibiotics. 

In order for the medicine to work properly, without the tea changing its inherent function, you should not use 2 things at the same time. Should stop drinking tea for a while and then take medicine to be most effective.

6. Has a similar role to the hormone estrogen

Similar to the pregnancy hormone estrogen, chamomile tea has important properties. It causes proliferation in the reproductive organs and in relation to the mother.

So, if you are at any risk of developing breast or uterine cancer, avoid chamomile tea. Because it can increase your chances of getting cancer.

7. May react to anesthetics

According to some research results, chamomile tea can react with anesthetic drugs. This causes unhealthy side effects.

Therefore, if you are planning to have a cesarean section, you should not use chrysanthemum tea before and after giving birth. This helps to ensure the safety of both mother and baby.

8. Risk of increasing nausea

As noted above, chamomile has a soothing effect on morning sickness. But if you use too much, it will backfire. Vomiting can become more intense and prolong morning sickness.

To prevent this from happening, use the correct dosage. Do not use tea instead of drinking water every day. Only 1 cup of tea should be consumed per day. This will help bring the best benefits to mother and baby.

Thus, it can be seen that, besides the effective benefits, chrysanthemum tea also has certain disadvantages. With this information, you should be able to answer the question ” is chrysanthemum tea good for pregnant women ?”.

Notes when using chamomile tea

One of the most important notes is not to arbitrarily add chamomile tea to your diet. You should consult your doctor or nutritionist before use.

You should learn carefully about the beneficial effects and disadvantages of chamomile tea for pregnancy. In addition, mothers need to pay attention to the dosage used to avoid experiencing side effects. Here are a few things to watch out for:

1. Should buy tea at a reputable address

Tea ingredients are very important. It determines the nutritional composition and quality of the tea. If chrysanthemums are sprayed with pesticides, using preservatives, they can cause poisoning when used.

Therefore, to ensure health safety, you should go to reputable establishments and supermarkets to buy the best quality chrysanthemum tea. Or make your own chrysanthemum tea at home for peace of mind.

Learn how to make flower tea right away in the article: Instructions on how to make simple yellow chrysanthemum tea at home

2. Use in moderation

The best tea dose that pregnant women should use per day is about 15g or less. You can divide to make two cups of tea to drink daily.

Making chamomile tea is also very simple. You can apply some of the following steps to have a cup of hot, delicious tea right away.

Bring the water to a boil, then pour the water into the cup.

Dip a tea bag or a few dried chrysanthemums in a cup.

– Wait a few more minutes for the tea to soak into the water, then filter the tea to get clear. Discard the bag and daisies.

– To make the tea more delicious and richer, you can add a little honey or sugar. Enjoy while still warm.


Thus, the above article has outlined some information to help you answer the question ” is chrysanthemum tea good for pregnant women ?”. Hope you have learned how to use chamomile tea effectively during pregnancy. If you have any other ways to make tea and useful information on this, please share it right below in the comments!

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