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Talking about the Northwest, we can not only feel the majestic natural beauty here. The Northwest dishes have made a name to become an extremely interesting destination for many domestic and international tourists. Coming to the Northwest, you can not only immerse yourself in nature or enjoy the specialties here. The highland yeast that makes people very excited when coming here is the Northwest corn wine. So do you know what is Northwest corn wine? How to soak Northwest corn wine like? Follow along with Dung Ha Dry Food to find out.

1. What is Northwest corn wine?

Northwest corn wine (or corn wine) is a famous wine of the people in the northern mountains of Vietnam. The process of making corn wine is very laborious and goes through many rigorous stages. The wine will be brewed from yellow corn kernels and forest leaf yeast. After that, it will be distilled according to the traditional recipe of the people here.


Corn wine has a sweet, rich aroma and taste, with a light alcohol content of 20-40%. In particular, this wine is extremely smooth to drink. If taken in excess, they do not cause headaches like other industrial alcohols. In particular, the corn wine in the Northwest is the most delicious, famous and well-known wine.

2. What is the effect of Northwest corn wine?

Northwest corn wine is the traditional drink of people in the high mountains in the North. This drink gives you a lot of health benefits. However, you need to be aware that the use of alcohol needs to be very careful, responsible and healthy.
Some people believe that drinking corn wine can help:
  • Warm body
  • Reduce joint pain
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Prolong relationship time
  • Cure impotence, spermatorrhea, dream sperm, premature ejaculation, …
  • Make your skin white, bright and smooth

However, there are no specific scientific studies that prove corn wine has this effect.

Some people also use northwest wine as a tonic. But you need to be aware that using alcohol as a substitute for tonics is not recommended. Excessive alcohol use can be harmful to health and cause a lot of trouble. Therefore, if you want to use black corn alcohol effectively, please use it responsibly and use it with the specific dosage allowed.

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3. What are the most famous types of Northwest corn wine?

The Northwest is one of the largest maize growing regions in Vietnam. This place is also the cradle of the famous corn wine. The famous Northwest corn wine can be mentioned as:

  • Moc Chau corn wine: Produced from Moc Chau fresh corn. Moc Chau corn wine has a bright yellow color, a sweet taste after drinking and a slight bitter taste in the throat. Overall, this wine is fragrant and easy to drink
  • Ha Giang corn wine: This is corn wine produced in Ha Giang. The wine has a bright yellow color, a sweet taste and a slight bitterness
  • Son La corn wine: Produced from Son La fresh corn. Son La corn wine has a light yellow color, a light sweetness, a cool feeling and is easy to drink
  • Lai Chau corn wine: A wine produced in Lai Chau. It has a bright yellow color, a characteristic sweet aroma and is considered the best quality wine in the Northwest
  • Dien Bien corn wine: Produced from Dien Bien fresh corn. Dien Bien corn wine has bright yellow color, sweet taste, not bitter, cool feeling, does not cause heartburn

The wines mentioned above are not only famous and they are also gifts of Northwest specialties that are loved and preferred by many people across the country.

4. How to cook delicious, well-prepared Northwest corn wine

Cooking Northwest corn wine is an art that requires ingenuity and rich experience of the maker. Here are some basic steps to cook the most delicious Northwest corn wine:

4.1 Preparation materials

  • 10 – 15 kg of delicious corn grown for 6 months or more
  • 50 liters of white wine
  • Leaves glaze
  • Clean water source
  • Porcelain / crockery soaked in wine


4.2 Preliminary processing of corn

  • Peel off the outer shell. Clean up corn silk
  • Bring corn on the roof to dry corn in the sun

4.3 How to do it

  • Corn after drying, peel off the corn kernels, remove the core
  • Wash the corn thoroughly in a basin of water
  • Using your hands, skim off the corn flakes and corn kernels that float on top of the water. Pick up to drain
  • Put the corn in a large pot with 500ml of water, cook on low heat
  • Corn needs to be popped for 20-24 hours continuously with low heat during the cooking process

4.4 Mixing brewing yeast properly

  • Prepare a large clean basket to store the corn after the above time has been released
  • Spread the corn evenly to cool the corn
  • Put the yeast in the blender, puree it to get the water
  • Use a sieve to filter out the clear water and discard the residue
  • The ratio of yeast and corn is 10: 5. For every 10kg of corn, 5ml of yeast will be used
  • Prepare a set of large, covered compost bins. Pour corn and diluted yeast mixture into the compost bin
  • Using a large ladle, mix the yeast + corn together


4.4 Fermentation of corn wine

  • After the corn and yeast have mixed together, close the lid. You can cover a little bit of rice straw around to make the yeast rise faster
  • Leave the yeast container on the ground, in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight
  • This fermentation process will last from 5-7 days for the yeast to infuse to begin the final stage of distillation


4.5 Distillation of corn wine

  • Use solid firewood for distillation. This firewood does not easily stick to the smoke, when drinking, it does not smell smoky
  • Group of wood stoves for a big fire
  • When the water boils, lower the heat, put out the firewood to keep the fire low
  • Corn wine distillation time is about 3 hours for 20 liters of alcohol
  • The cooking process must be slow and meticulous.


As time goes on, the concentration of alcohol obtained decreases gradually. Therefore, winemakers need to prepare their own alcohol measurement kit to know exactly how many degrees the wine is in for adjustment. About 25 – 30 degrees is the standard average concentration for delicious corn wine.

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5. The note when using Northwest corn wine is not harmful to health?

Northwest corn wine is a traditional wine produced according to the traditional recipe of the people of the Northwest. To use quality northwest alcohol without harm to health, there are some notes below:

  • Drink in small amounts and infrequently: Corn wine contains relatively high amounts of alcohol. If used too much or often will be harmful to health. Therefore, it is recommended to drink corn wine in small, moderate amounts, not often.
  • Choose quality and reputable wine: Choose corn wine produced by reputable quality units or purchased from the Northwest region itself.
  • Drinking alcohol with food: Drinking Northwest wine with food will help reduce the rate of alcohol absorption into the body. Helps you stay awake and avoid getting drunk
  • Do not drink alcohol while driving or working: Alcohol affects the ability to concentrate at work and drive. Therefore, do not drink alcohol while driving or working that requires high concentration
In short, Northwest corn wine is a traditional beverage. A cultural beauty of the people here. Use alcohol properly and carefully so as not to harm your health.
It can be said that, if you have ever been to the Northwest, it is impossible to forget the passionate highland corn wine. But few people know how to make this wonderful corn wine. The Northwestern people spend a whole week distilling and cooking corn wine with a very special yeast.

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