Poor digestive system what to do. What to eat to be good for the digestive system?


HPoor digestive system what to do. This is probably a question that people with poor digestion often think about. Measures to protect the poor digestive system are many. But the most important thing is that we ourselves often have wrong eating habits that damage the digestive system. Today, we invite readers to follow Dung Ha Dry Food to find out what to do with a poor digestive system. What to eat to be good for the digestive system!

1. Poor digestive system what to do?

The cause of poor digestion is due to an unscientific lifestyle. The abuse of stimulants, the use of alcohol a lot, … are the factors that make the stomach hurt. So when the digestive system is affected, we need a way to keep the digestive system healthy?

1.1 Limit the use of processed canned foods

In canned products contain a lot of unsaturated fats and preparation additives. It is these ingredients that make the stomach hurt and increase the risk of digestive disorders.

  • Glucose, salt, and other chemicals have been shown to contribute to acute intestinal inflammation.
  • Trans fats in canned foods also have a negative effect on heart health. Using a lot, will lead to increase stomach ulcers.
  • Bottled drinks with artificial sweeteners (xylitol). This is a dangerous substance that increases harmful bacteria in the intestines. Excessive use will lead to heartburn, intestinal upset, difficulty in digestion.


On the contrary, if using fresh, nutrient-rich products, it will be good for the digestive system. Limiting the use of canned and processed foods is the optimal way to protect the digestive system.

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1.2 Use foods rich in fiber

Fiber is an indispensable food group in the daily diet menu. Fiber not only provides benefits to the body, but it is also directly involved in the process of supporting the digestive system to work better. Fiber exists in two states: soluble fiber and insoluble fiber.

  • Soluble fiber: A substance that can be dissolved in liquid into the intestinal tract in the form of a gel. Helps water easily absorb into stools, making them softer, effectively preventing constipation. Soluble fiber is found in oats, soybeans, and beans.
  • Insoluble fiber: A substance that does not dissolve with liquid when it enters the intestinal tract. The mechanism works like a giant brush. It is responsible for cleaning the intestines, removing bacteria and harmful substances from the intestinal tract. Foods containing insoluble fiber are found in: wheat, brown rice, cereals, vegetables.

A scientific diet, using a lot of fiber is important to promote a healthy intestinal system. Reduces the risk of stomach diseases such as: stomach pain, stomach ulcers, gastric reflux

1.3 Drink enough water a day

Dehydration is the main cause of constipation. Water is really important for sick people. Dehydration also makes the patient fall into a state of fatigue and weakness. In adults, the amount of water consumed is from 2 liters to 3.2 liters of water per day. For young children from 1 liter – 1.5 liters of water/day. If you work in hot weather and lose water, you need to add a larger amount of water.


In addition to filtered water, you can load your body with salted lemonade, rehydrate electrolytes, fight dehydration. If possible, you should use herbal tea drinks that are extremely good for the digestive system.

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1.4 Add healthy fats

Healthy fats are easier to digest after a meal. In addition, it helps your body absorb dissolved nutrients. Omega-3 fatty acids also reduce the risk of intestinal diseases and digestive disorders. Foods with healthy fats include: Flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts, salmon, mackerel.

1.5 Always keep your mind at ease

The gut and brain have a very complex relationship. When the brain is stressed and tired, it will also directly affect the intestines. When we are in a state of stress, the body releases hormones that cause blood and energy to move out of the digestive system. Stress is believed to be the cause of stomach ulcers, diarrhea, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.
Improve this situation by practicing yoga, meditating to help relax the body, refresh the mind, and clear the mind. Most importantly, it improves symptoms in people with digestive disorders.

1.6 Eat slowly

Digestion begins in the mouth. The longer you chew, the more saliva will be released. The salivary glands are directly involved in the process of softening food. It is like a liquid, allowing food to pass more smoothly down the stomach. Eating slowly and chewing thoroughly will make food addicted to easily digestible crumbs. Focus on eating, do not eat too fast and too much food will help the stomach easily contract and secrete. Thereby, protecting the stomach from harmful agents.

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1.7 Give up bad habits

  • Alcohol: Alcohol contains a lot of acid. This acid is extremely harmful to the stomach. When stomach acid levels are high, it can lead to heartburn, reflux or stomach ulcers. Drinking too much alcohol also causes gastrointestinal bleeding, intestinal inflammation.
  • Tobacco: Cigarettes contain a lot of licotin that is harmful to the body. Smoking too much increases the risk of acid reflux. This bad habit also directly affects stomach ulcers, stomach cancer, oropharyngeal cancer. Secondhand smoke is extremely harmful to health. Give it up to protect your health and those around you.
  • Eating too late: Eating too late will cause the amount of food to stagnate in the stomach and can not be digested in time. Sleeping after eating will lead to heartburn. When lying down, gastric juice will increase causing gastric reflux. The body needs about 3-4 hours after eating to digest the food. When you lie down, food will also follow because the structure of the human stomach is J-shaped.

1.8 Exercise and sports

Regular exercise will keep your body healthy. At the same time, strengthen the body’s immune system from the attack of harmful bacteria. Going for a light walk after dinner for about 30 minutes will help food digest easily. Limit eating after sitting, because when the food cannot be digested, you are easy to become constipated and have hemorrhoids.

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In short, for people with poor digestive system, it is necessary to change the varied diet menu. Give up the habit of using alcohol and stimulants. Get plenty of fiber, healthy fats, and essential nutrients. Eating slowly, chewing well, exercising are the measures to help the digestive system digest food easily. At the same time, reducing the risk of serious damage to the stomach.

2. What to eat is good for the digestive system

The digestive system is important to human health. It has the function of absorbing nutrients and converting them into energy. However, many people still do not know what is good for the digestive system. Below, are some of the products that Dry Food recommends you eat to be good for the digestive system.

2.1 Dill

Dill is known as an ingredient that enhances the flavor of delicious dishes. In addition, adding dill to the menu will help you improve constipation, diarrhea and dehydration. Dill has antispasmodic properties that help relax smooth muscles in the digestive tract. Relieves symptoms of flatulence, stomach ache.

2.2 Thai Nguyen Tea

Thai Nguyen tea is known to be a good product for the digestive system. The tea has a bitter taste, is neutral, and has a characteristic aroma. Cheap price, is the first tea line appeared on the Vietnamese market. That’s why almost everyone in the family has a packet of Thai Nguyen tea to entertain guests who come to play at home. Using tea after breakfast or dinner 1 hour before going to bed also helps to relax the mind and digest food more easily. It is an effective summer drink. A favorite product of men.


2.3 Ginger

Ginger is an indispensable ingredient in the small kitchen. In addition, ginger is widely used in Oriental medicine to improve the digestive system. Prevent nausea, motion sickness. Many women use ginger to treat morning sickness. Drinking a glass of warm ginger water in the evening will keep the body warm. The nervous system is stable, easy to fall asleep. Ginger juice will help food move from the stomach to the small intestine faster. Visibly reduces symptoms of heartburn, nausea.

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Above is the most detailed article on what to do with poor digestion. In addition, we also give some advice for people with poor digestive system what to eat. Hopefully, the above information will help those who are having a poor digestive system. Because of the limited time, we only list a few products. There are many other products that are good for the digestive system on the market.

3. Where to buy good quality food for the digestive system with cheap price?

There are many foods that are good for the digestive system on the market. Many places sell food good for the digestive system of poor quality, adulterated products. So when buying foods that are good for the digestive system, you should pay attention to the quality, origin and parameters printed on the product packaging. What customers are most interested in is where to buy cheap food for the digestive system? The use of cheap and poor quality products will potentially pose many health risks.
Dung Ha Agricultural Products is proud to be the best food supplier for the digestive system in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Guarantee that the product has all inspection documents. Say no to bad products, poor quality products. With many years of experience in the field of dry food and nutrition, all products we sell are strictly tested according to VietGAP standards.
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