What is poor digestion? How to cure poor digestion with herbal tea


What is poor digestion? This is probably a question that people who have finished eating do not digest food in time. So how to fix this situation. If this situation lasts for a long time, our body will lose a lot of energy and water. As a result, the patient will fall into a state of fatigue. Today, Dung Ha Dry Food will answer for readers what is poor digestion. At the same time, give some extremely effective herbal tea remedies for digestion.

1. What is poor digestion?

The human digestive system consists of the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine. Each department will take on different roles. When one of these digestive systems has problems, it will directly affect the process of consuming food and absorbing nutrients.


Poor digestion means that the process of converting food into nutrients takes place more slowly than usual. The main cause is a problem with the digestive system, making it impossible for the food to be digested in time. Stagnant in the stomach and causes bloating, abdominal distension, heartburn, diarrhea. Poor digestion without timely treatment will affect the surrounding cells. Causes stomach ulcers, stomach cancer is extremely dangerous.

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2. Poor digestive symptoms

2.1 Digestive disorders in adults

  • Frequent bowel movements: The disease progresses very slowly, often without any serious symptoms, so many people are subjective. It is because the subjectivity will make the disease worse. Patients will feel pain that occurs frequently from severe to mild in the abdomen. Sometimes constipation, indigestion, bloating, heartburn. Sometimes, a new symptom appears that is passing stools many times and not as regularly as before. If you eat a lot, eat quickly, do not eat carefully, it will make your stomach difficult to digest. Sometimes constipation and diarrhea are also accompanied. Or you can experience both of these signs at the same time.
  • Abdominal pain: The pain is dull or intense in any location. Possibly epigastric, left side pain, right side pain, chest pain. Depending on the condition, some people have pain that can spread to the back.
  • Bloating and indigestion: 97% of patients often have this condition. Food is moved to the stomach without the intervention of food softeners. Causes stomach stagnation of food, difficult to digest. That’s why many times the patient often has abdominal distension, touching the abdomen feels hard. Sometimes there is even heartburn full of the smell of food because it cannot be digested.

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2.2 Digestive disorders in children

In children, the digestive system is not fully developed. Therefore, poor digestion in children is easily recognized through the following symptoms:

  • The child has loose stools and passes several times a day
  • Vomiting, vomiting, fatigue, not wanting to eat
  • Fever and high fever continuously for many days
  • Thirst due to loose stools makes the body weak and dehydrated
  • Poor appetite, crying, stirring or refusing to feed
  • The condition is getting worse and worse and there is no sign of improvement

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If you see your child showing any of the above symptoms, take them to the hospital quickly for examination and treatment. If this situation continues for a long time, it will cause the disease to metastasize into more dangerous diseases. Early detection, early treatment is the golden time to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria as well as reduce the cost of treatment.

3. Treating digestive diseases with natural herbal tea

Nowadays, with the development of modern medicine. There are many remedies for poor digestion with natural products without drugs. That remedy is the use of extremely effective herbal teas. Typically as:

3.1 Thai Nguyen Tea

Thai Nguyen tea is a widely used and popular tea in the market. With a cheap price, it is the first tea that appeared. That’s why this product is very sought after by men.


Thai Nguyen tea has a bitter taste, is average, good for health as well as the digestive system. Using a cup of tea after breakfast will help your body be more alert and refreshing than ever. In addition, if working in the hot sun like today, this is the most effective beverage. In the evening, you should use it about 1 hour after a meal to help the digestive system work better. Eliminate toxins and excess food in the stomach from the body. Avoid drinking too late, it will make you fall asleep!

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3.2 Dried stevia tea

For many Vietnamese, dried stevia tea is really a new tea product on the market and few people know about it. However, in the current development era, products are being sold as well as appearing more and more.


Dried stevia tea is also considered as an extremely good herbal treatment for many diseases of Eastern and Western medicine. It is a product containing completely natural sugar content, with a unique sweet taste and aroma. Extremely good treatment of diseases of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Not only that, using dried stevia tea after breakfast also helps the digestive system strengthen the immune system. Support against digestive disorders and stomach cramps. Currently, on the market, there are two popular forms of dried stevia tea: packaged dried stevia tea and filter bag dried stevia tea.

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3.3 Nhan Nourishing Tea

Duong Nhan Tea, also known as Tuyet Yen Plastic Peach Tea. The main ingredients to create include: Peach resin, Snow nest, Goji berries, Red apple, Longan. The special feature of this tea is that it is processed into a delicious dish. With 5 main ingredients, the beauty tea is extremely good for people with poor digestive system.


Finished raw materials. Buyers just need to buy it, cook it and eat it before or after the meal. In order for the digestive system not to be overloaded, you should eat 2 bowls of tea a week. Not only good for the digestive system, this tea also helps to boost collagen for the skin, keeping the skin bright, smooth, and free of pigmentation and freckles. A product that cools down and cools down very well on a hot summer day.

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4. What is the current price of herbal tea?

Today, herbal teas on the market are extremely diverse with many types and uses. Although the price of herbal tea is still very high, it is still a product that many people are looking for. The price of herbal tea on the market also depends on a number of factors such as the place of sale, product quality and origin. With so many uses and good features for health, it is accompanied by the error of worrying about the high price of herbal tea.


What is the current price of herbal tea is probably a difficult problem that has not been solved. There are many units that distribute cheap herbal tea. But the quality has not been tested. The use of poor quality products will entail many risks. The price of herbal tea often fluctuates up and down without stability. At one time, the price of herbal tea was high, reaching 280,000 VND/box. But sometimes, the price of herbal tea is 180,000 VND/box.
If you want to buy affordable herbal tea, visit Dung Ha Agricultural Products. Currently, the price of Dung Ha herbal teas is being welcomed with the price of 70,000 VND – 150,000 VND / box.

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5. Ending

Above is the entire health article about what is poor digestion. In addition, we also give some symptoms of poor digestion in adults and children. If the symptoms we mentioned above appear. Please go to the hospital quickly for examination and treatment. Early detection and early treatment are the golden keys to preventing the disease from spreading. You should visit the doctor according to the doctor’s schedule, don’t be subjective with your health and then regret it. The use of herbal teas is only supportive

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