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Wine is divided into many categories. There are types of alcohol used to drink, but there are also types of alcohol used for massage and joint pain. And perhaps, today we want to bring you a massage wine, specializing in the treatment of joint pain, which is ginger ale. So do you know how to soak in ginger wine to massage and treat joint pain effectively at home? The detailed sharing article below of Dung Ha Dried Agricultural Products will give you detailed answers to 2 ways to soak in ginger wine to massage, treat joint pain and use it for 365 days at home.

1. What is ginger ale?

Before learning how to soak ginger wine to massage and treat joint pain, we need to find out what ginger wine is.


Ginger wine is a type of wine that is made from 100% pure fresh ginger (or dried ginger). Ginger is not only a special herb used to create a delicious taste for dishes but also has a very flexible application in health treatment. In particular, for those who are having problems with joint pain, numbness of hands and feet, the use of ginger is really very effective in treating diseases.
Almost in each of our families, everyone has a pot of herbal wine soaked from many types of fruits and vegetables such as turmeric, garlic, longan, and five spices. Or the Northwest wines such as: dried areca ginseng, purple three sizes, chit chit, red ha thu,… Even are soaked from animals such as geckos, morning glory, centipedes, seahorses, etc…. However, ginger ale is still far more popular.
In ginger wine, there are two main ingredients that are alcohol and ginger. In particular, the wine has a bitter orange taste, and is toxic when used a lot. Ginger has a warm, spicy taste that goes into the heart, liver, waste, and taste. Ancient folk used ginger ale as a conduction alcohol to treat stomachache, difficulty digesting food or problems with joint pain.
So we don’t have to wait any longer, let’s find out together how to soak ginger ale and treat joint pain right away.

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2. How to soak ginger wine to massage, effectively treat joint pain?

You can use fresh or dried ginger to soak the ginger ale. In order to have a standard ginger ale, it is extremely important to choose to buy quality fresh ginger.

2.1 How to choose quality fresh ginger:

Some small suggestions for you to choose the best fresh ginger:
  • See appearance: Fresh ginger should have a smooth skin, no cracks, rot. Feel that the surface of the ginger peel is always smooth, without too many wrinkles
  • Aroma: Fresh ginger has a very characteristic aroma, fragrant aroma. No unusual unpleasant odors
  • Color: Fresh ginger usually has a light yellow skin, not blackened. The ginger meat inside is golden yellow, with many longitudinal fibers
  • Origin: If possible, buy fresh ginger from trusted sources where quality is guaranteed
Remember to check the ginger carefully before you buy it. That way, when you soak, you have a quality wine, keeping the full flavor and nutritional value. Here is the easiest way to soak ginger ale.

2.2 Preparation materials:

  • 2-3kg fresh ginger
  • 40l of delicious sticky rice wine, 40 degrees C
  • Wine decanter


2.3 Implementation steps:

Step 1: Prepare ingredients
  • Wash fresh ginger under clean running water 2-3 times to remove sandy soil
  • Put the ginger in a pot and soak the ginger for 15-20 minutes to loosen the soil in the ginger
  • Pick up the ginger, use a toothbrush, scrub every crevice deep in the ginger
  • Rinse ginger under clean running water
  • Let the ginger dry and drain
  • Take the ginger root and slice it into pieces with a thickness of about 0.3 – 0.5cm (Also, you can mince the ginger)
  • Clean the crock pot soaked with white wine
  • Using a clean cloth, dry the water in the jar. Let the jar dry and drain
Step 2: Start soaking
  • Neatly arrange sliced ginger in a crock pot soaked in wine
  • Pour all the white wine into the ginger ale
  • Close the lid of the jar, soak the ginger wine for 6-8 months to be able to use it


Note: Ginger wine should be soaked for at least 6 months to fully utilize its effects and be usable. Please soak the wine in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. About 3 months, open the wine and stir well. Choose alcohol of the highest strength possible. Because during the soaking process, the alcohol content of the wine will drop to a very slight level. Wish you always success!!!

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3. How to soak dry ginger wine simple and effective at home?

3.1 Preparation materials:

  • 2-3kg fresh ginger
  • 40 liters of delicious glutinous wine
  • Wine-soaked crock pot


3.2 Implementation steps:

Step 1: Prepare ingredients
  • When you buy fresh ginger, you shave off the whole ginger skin
  • Rinse ginger under clean running water to remove dirt
  • Drain a pot of clean water, put ginger in and soak for 5-10 minutes to loosen the sandy soil
  • Pick up the ginger, use a toothbrush, scrub it carefully in the deep crevices of the ginger to clean the soil
  • Then, rinse the ginger under clean running water. Let the ginger dry and drain
  • Slice ginger into thin slices with a thickness of 0.5 – 0.7cm
  • Put all the sliced ginger into a bowl, dry the ginger in the sun
  • Let the ginger dry for about 3-5 days
  • Rinse the wine cellar with a little white wine
  • Use a clean towel, dry the wine in the bottle, let the bottle dry, drain
Step 2: Start soaking
  • Put all the dried ginger in a wine-soaked jar
  • Pour all the white wine into the decanter
  • Cover the jar and proceed to soak the ginger wine for 5-7 months to be able to use it



Note: To get a quality dry ginger ale, in addition to using fresh and dried ginger will take you a lot of time. Instead, you can completely buy prepackaged dried ginger on the market ready to soak, which is both cheap and extremely time-saving. Wish you always success!!!

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4. How to use ginger wine to treat joint pain? 

  • After the ginger ale has soaked and incubated for enough time. Shake or stir the wine until it is mixed.
  • Take a sufficient amount of ginger ale for a cup
  • Put ginger ale in the palm of your hand
  • Rub ginger wine evenly into the painful joints, red areas for 10-15 minutes
  • Perform regularly 2-3 times / day to reduce the signs of joint pain significantly
In addition to being used to treat joint pain. Ginger wine is also used as a very effective method of reducing belly fat. You also put ginger wine in the palm of your hand, massage evenly on the abdomen area for 10 minutes. Do it regularly 3 times a week.
In addition, you can refer to more health news here: https://thucphamkho.vn/tin-tuc-su-kien/

5. What are the effects of ginger ale?

Not only specialized in making massage, treating joint pain. Ginger wine also has many other effects such as:
  • Cure colds, coughs and fevers: Use a little ginger ale to warm up. Apply directly to the nose, temples, throat, earlobes,… Immediately owls, sneezing, runny nose, cough, fever,…
  • Digestive problems: Use warmed ginger ale. Hold in mouth and swallow slowly. Do regularly 2-3 times / day, the nausea will be relieved. You only use 1 day. After the 2nd day, you can feel better eating and drinking
  • Beauty: Combine ginger ale mixed with turmeric powder. Then, apply turmeric ginger wine to the whole body (do not apply to the face, sensitive areas). Immediately your skin becomes bright and rosy, without cracks, pigmentation, freckles,…
  • Reduce belly fat: Combine with practical weight loss training methods. Use ginger wine to gently massage the belly fat for 15 minutes. The hot nature of ginger ale will help burn belly fat. Help you have a slim, balanced belly
  • Relieve stress and anxiety: Ginger wine has warming properties. Using ginger wine has the ability to warm the body, reduce stress, anxiety, help the mind become relaxed, comfortable, highly focused on work. This helps you to improve the quality of your sleep, and to have a fresh mind the next morning.

6. Conclude

Above is a detailed article introducing 2 ways to soak fresh and dried ginger wine to treat joint pain simply at home that Dung Ha Dry Agricultural Product has shared with readers. Hopefully, with the above sharing, you will always succeed and have yourself a bottle of the best and most delicious medicinal wine. Wish you always success!!!
In addition, if you have a need to buy delicious wine of all kinds, please contact Dung Ha Agricultural Products immediately to own the quality products, the cheapest price.

Call center to order precious wine-soaked goods: 1900 986865.

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