Specialty of Tet 2023 of each region with many nostalgia


Tet specialties 2023 is a question that is receiving a lot of attention. Vietnam is a lovely S-shaped land, accompanied by the beauty of the culinary culture of each region. Each region has its own unique beauty. If the symbol of the North is the venerable Tomb of the North, the South is the bustling and bustling Ben Thanh market, the West is associated with the beauty of the majestic rivers. Each region will celebrate the traditional New Year in its own way. And in order to know the upcoming Tet specialties of each region, we invite you to take a few minutes to follow Dung Ha Dry Food to find out.

1. The specialty of Tet 2023 of each region must know?

1.1 Hanoi Tet specialties

Hanoi’s traditional Tet menu is very diverse and rich with a lot of delicious dishes. But no matter how delicious those dishes are, a plate of Tet rice in the North consists of 6-8 main dishes. There are mandatory dishes that need to be on the Tet tray. But there are also side dishes to reduce boredom.


Here are the special dishes of the Northern New Year that you can refer to:

1.1.1 Green Chung cake from Khuc village

The list of indispensable Tet specialties on the northern rice tray is the green Chung cake. If there’s anything lacking in Tet in the North, you can’t lack Green Chung Cake. Green Chung cake is a dish originating from the 6th generation of the Hung King. Until now, the beauty of this dish is still handed down. Only difference in materials. If in the past, the ingredients for making banh chung could only be green beans + glutinous rice, today the dish has clearly improved. They will have a triple filling of pork + ground pepper to make the dish more flavorful.
Nowadays, green banh chung is not only used during the traditional Tet holiday anymore. But they have been wrapped and sold on the 15th of every month or the 1st of every year. The person wrapping the cake is an artist. An artisan with skilled hands to produce a square cake. The marinated part is rich in flavor that makes the eater fall in love.
There is nothing more precious than the image of children and grandchildren sitting in a pot of green banh chung waiting for the morning sun.

1.1.2 Thick cake

A tray of Tet rice has a green banh chung dish, perhaps the thick cake is also indispensable. Banh chung and banh day always go hand in hand. If the square banh chung represents the earth, the round banh chung represents the sky. The image of green banh chung + banh day carries a lofty sense of humanity. The harmony between heaven and earth shows solidarity and gratitude of the people to heaven and earth for bringing rain and wind to the Vietnamese people.
Quan Thanh day cake is usually made by people with 3 different forms: sweet cake, salty cake, and vegetarian day cake. The process of making thick cakes is very difficult and arduous. The part of sticky rice needs to choose the type of rice that is delicious, flexible, clean, quality, free of grit and impurities. To make a batch of delicious banh day, it is necessary to use health and good health. Use a pestle to pound continuously to make the cake a certain plasticity.
Banh day is not only popular during the traditional Tet holiday in the North. This type of cake is especially popular at parties of “destined” parties. After 15 years, this cake is still engraved by the descendants to commemorate the ancestors.

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1.1.3 Rice cake

The image of Com Thu Hanoi has become a symbol in the hearts of the people of the capital. There is nothing more beautiful than the image of enjoying a little sticky rice under the chilly autumn wind. Autumn is probably a beautiful season with winds that are not too cold. The rays of the sun are bright, but not as hot as summer. Com can be processed into many delicious dishes. Com dipping with ripe bananas is extremely mouth-watering. The nuggets are soft and delicious. And perhaps, the image of rice cake is an unforgettable Tet specialty when visitors come here.
Not just the type of cake used in the traditional Tet holiday. Rice cake is also a symbol of young couples’ love. And that’s why in weddings, the image of green bean cake appeared on a large scale.
Square cakes, wrapped in green banana leaves tied in red. The red string is the symbol for the pink string to tighten the couple’s affection. The friendship between the two sides of the Inner – Outer family.

1.1.4 Bride’s Cake

Referring to the rice cake without mentioning the wife cake is a very reprehensible omission. Depending on the culture of the region, banh phu thi may be called with other names such as banh xeo, xu te. This type of cake is often accompanied by rice cake in ceremonies on the day of the engagement. Not only are they a specialty of Tet, but they are also widely used in weddings.
The cake has an unremarkable appearance, but the effort to make the bride’s cake is extremely laborious. The main ingredient for making cakes is rice flour. The stage of rice flour selection is extremely important. If you want the cake to have the desired toughness, tapioca flour is indispensable. Today’s wedding cakes are very diverse in colors such as red, yellow, and blue. The inner part includes green beans and coconut fibers that are extremely delicious. Bite a piece of cake that makes us ecstatic because it’s delicious. Because the cakes are handmade, there are no preservatives, so they can only be used for 3-5 days.

1.1.5 Salted dry apricot

On a tray of sweets, Vietnamese people can’t do without Salted dry apricot. Salted dry apricot Hanoi is very diverse with many different types such as: Crocodile Salted, peach Salted dry apricot, … When enjoying the above types of apricots, what leaves an impression on you is the taste. The taste is sour, spicy, salty, sweet enough. O mai is the dish with the quintessential beauty of Ha Thanh cuisine. On New Year’s Day, if you eat too many cakes, you will quickly get bored and not good for your health. An umbrella box is the most useful solution at this time.

1.2 Southern Tet specialties

Tet in the South is very diverse and rich with many dishes. With typical rainy – hot weather all year round. That is the first difference. Secondly, the dishes here are very unique and they are enjoyed in a very unique style.


1.2.1 Five-color Tet cake

If the North is famous for the image of the traditional green banh chung, the people in the South are the image of Tet cake. For generations, our ancestors have considered banh tet and banh chung as a harmony of Heaven and Earth in order to pray for a bountiful harvest, a lucky new year, health and happiness. Banh Tet in the South is a cake with extremely deep meaning to the people here.
Banh Tet is made from glutinous rice with bean paste and meat. Following the change of time. Banh Tet has now become more unique with 5 colors “Orange – yellow – white – purple – blue”. These 5 colors represent the balance of yin and yang and the five elements. Bring good luck, health and fortune to the owner.

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1.2.2 Soc Trang durian cake

When you mention the South, perhaps the place Soc Trang leaves you with many hidden images. The image of Soc Trang Pia Cake is a specialty here. This cake is not only present in people’s daily life, but it is also a popular cake during the traditional Tet holiday. Soc Trang Pia Cake is now popularly sold nationwide. With a rather short life, this cake is bought by many women to add to their family’s Tet candy tray.
The cake has a round design like the earth. The outer shell of the cake is soft and smooth with a sweet, flexible filling that makes the flavor of the cake more rich and delicious. In particular, in Soc Trang, the cake with its own deep filling is also very popular. This place is also famous for pia cake with many different fillings such as salted egg filling, taro filling, black sesame filling,…
A delicious cake with a special taste. This cake is also very luxurious and can be a very polite gift to burn incense.

1.2.3 Binh Phuoc cashew nut

Binh Phuoc is a locality with a special tropical climate. The fertile basalt red soil is favorable for the cultivation of industrial crops such as coffee, rubber, pepper, etc., especially the cashew tree.
Binh Phuoc cashew nut is the most popular nut today. Cashew nuts have a fatty, crunchy taste, when roasted with salt, they have a sweet and salty taste that stimulates users. Cashew nut is a kind of nutritious nut that contains extremely high nutritional value. It is a very good nut for young children, the elderly and pregnant women.
The Lunar New Year is getting closer and closer. The trend of healthy Tet gift baskets is becoming more and more popular. You can use the specialty of Binh Phuoc cashew nut as a gift for your relatives and family during the upcoming Tet holiday.

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1.2.4 Phu Quoc fish sauce

For people in the South or the North, they can eat whatever they want. Fish sauce is definitely indispensable. But perhaps, the fish sauce that leaves people with the most nostalgia is Phu Quoc fish sauce.
Fish sauce is an indispensable condiment in the daily meals of Vietnamese people. Especially on Tet holiday, fish sauce will make your dish delicious and full of flavor. Phu Quoc fish sauce specialties are not only famous in Phu Quoc but they are also famous all over the world.
Anchovies are the most important ingredients to make fish sauce. After being caught from the sea, the fish is immediately braised with salt to ensure its protein and delicious taste.
Phu Quoc fish sauce is not cloudy. They are dark in color in nature. To get the water in the making process will be very meticulous, elaborate, and carefully filtered.

1.2.5 Tan Trieu Grapefruit

A special feature of the Southern New Year’s meal is that desserts are indispensable. Fruit is a widely used and extremely popular dessert. And perhaps, Tan Trieu pomelo is the most used fruit.
For many years, Tan Trieu village, Dong Nai province has always maintained its leading position with 2 types of pomelo: “Green skin pomelo and orange leaf sugar pomelo”. This pomelo is not only famous in the country, but they are also exported to the international market.
Tan Trieu pomelo has sweet duck, yellow white pulp, thin green skin that looks like a pear. In addition, Tan Trieu pomelo has good uses for the intestinal digestive system, drinking alcohol, curing indigestion, … A Tan Trieu pomelo is an indispensable Tet specialty.

1.3 Western New Year dishes

Different from the special Tet dishes in the North and the South. Westerners celebrate Tet very rustic, idyllic, full of homeland flavor. In particular, the dishes on Tet holiday in the South are all made from familiar “homegrown” ingredients.


1.3.1 Sausage

Sausage is definitely a delicious dish on Western New Year’s Day with a strong “coverage” at the beginning of the year. Sausage is not only popular in the West, but this dish is popular during the Lunar New Year and is bought by many people. Whenever I see someone’s house that has sausages + sausages, I can’t see it when Tet comes around.
If you want to eat good sausages, you have to buy them in the West. Sausages here when grilled, fried have a very irresistible aroma. Today’s sausages are much more diverse with dried and fresh sausages, shrimp, fish, … suitable for each person’s use.

1.3.2 Dried imitation An Giang

The Western New Year’s culinary culture is extremely famous for being rustic, rustic and idyllic. That has been proven by the fact that the people here always choose the ingredients that are very close, familiar, simple processing, do not require high skill,
One of the dishes on Tet holiday in the West that fully converges these elements is the dish: An Giang dried imitation. After being caught in the field, the clones will be cleaned. Marinated with pure wild honey, a little fish sauce and then dried. Dried imitations keep for a long time if stored carefully. Dried imitations are indispensable on the Western New Year’s tray.

1.3.3 Puffed banana jam

Since ancient times, people in the West have the custom of preparing many kinds of jam on Tet holiday to worship grandparents and ancestors in the house and treat guests from far away. In Ben Tre, banana jam is the most popular dish.
Banana jam has a crispy outer layer of rice paper, a sweet inside that blends with the spicy taste of ripe ginger and a little bit of peanut fat to create a delicious Southern dish.

1.3.4 Banh Tet

Referring to the delicious dishes of the Western New Year, banh tet is the top candidate mentioned. If the North has green banh chung, the South has five-color banh tet, the West of the river is the traditional banh tet.
Banh Tet in the West is different from Banh Tet in the South Central Coast and Saigon in that the filling is made slightly sweet and rich. Add a little coconut milk or grated coconut mixed with grated coconut to increase the fragrance.
Therefore, when enjoying the traditional Tet cake on Western New Year, you will surely be surprised by the greasy and sweet taste of coconut milk mixed with the greasy taste of pork belly. This is the cake that makes everyone “seduce” right from the first taste.

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2. Summary

Above is a detailed, complete article, answering questions about Tet specialties that we want to send to our readers. Above all, this is a more detailed article about Tet specialties of each region you can refer to. The dishes above are very popular and are enjoyed by many regions once.
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