Vegetable powders to beautify the skin for women


Vegetable powder is a kind of functional food. They have many uses in cooking, especially to beautify the skin for women. Today, let’s learn more about the ingredients and functions of vegetable powder to beautify the skin with Dung Ha Dry Food!

1. What is Vegetable Powder?

Vegetable powders are powders made from 100% natural vegetables. Through modern processing methods, vegetable powder retains its natural color, nutrition and delicious taste. In addition to the use of natural food coloring for dishes. Make seasonings for processing. It also has a very good use in vegetable powder to beautify the skin for women.

2. Synthesis of vegetable powders to beautify skin from nature

2.1 Vegetable powder made from carrots helps to whiten skin

Carrot powder is produced from 100% pure weevils in skin-beautifying vegetable powders. Fresh carrots are dried according to modern technology. Helps carrots retain color, smell, nutrients. Materials are imported 100% from clean vegetable farms of Vietnam.
Carrots contain beta-carotene compounds, which help limit the deterioration of cells. Slows down the aging process, keeps the skin elastic and healthy. The compounds are also converted into vitamin A, which helps the skin to be smooth and shiny.
  • How to use: Take a moderate amount of carrot powder, mix with 1 box of unsweetened yogurt. Then, apply evenly on the face, leave for 20 minutes and then rinse with clean water. Maintain within 1-2 weeks, you will see noticeable results.
In addition, you can combine with coffee powder, honey, … To help the skin always maintain moisture, as well as softness on the skin.


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2.2 Mint skin-beautifying vegetable powder

Ingredients of mint powder: 100% clean mint leaves are dried according to the latest technology. Helps preserve its mint green color, scent, and nutrients.
In addition to the main uses such as: making respiratory problems, supporting the digestive system, helping to relax, … Mint powder also plays an important role in the lives of women.


  • Some of the skin beauty benefits of mint include:
– Mix with warm water to soak your feet or take a bath: You can combine mint powder and dried rose to mix into bath water. After a tiring day, soaking in warm water will help your skin relax and remove toxins from the skin. In particular, they also help to exfoliate, leaving the skin clean and smooth.
– Steam with mint starch: steaming will help the facial skin to relax. Makes skin much softer and firmer. The dirt on the skin will be removed, helping to unclog pores, reduce blackheads and acne.
– Moisturize the skin: You can mix mint powder with clean water to make a moisturizing toner for the skin.
– Brightening skin care: Use mint powder, combined with sugar-free yogurt to apply a mask.

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2.3 Perilla vegetable powder to treat melasma

Perilla powder contains Enterpriseril. This active ingredient has the effect of purifying the skin, removing dead cells. Thereby, helping to improve pigmentation on the skin, the skin becomes brighter and more even.

  • How to use:
– You can use perilla powder to make tea and drink every day. Or they can be used in the bath, as they help to lighten and brighten the skin.
– Besides, you can use perilla powder combined with unsweetened yogurt. Apply in the evening 2-3 times/week. Apply for about 20-30 minutes each time.
Perilla is a plant with a quite pleasant aroma and easy to drink. Use on the skin regularly and combine with drinking water in moderation. After 4 weeks you will see visible results.

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2.4 Vegetable powder from gotu kola to cure acne

In the vegetable powders that beautify the skin, it is impossible not to mention gotu kola powder. They have many uses in oriental medicine and beauty skin.
Gotu kola powder contains antioxidants, which completely improve and moisturize the skin. Helps to keep skin youthful and prevents aging. Besides, in fresh gotu kola also contains Saponin, asiatic acid, brahmic acid, … These substances have anti-inflammatory effects, treat acne. They also help promote acne breakouts, healing extra marks and swelling left behind.
Using gotu kola powder as a daily face mask will help regenerate cells and disinfect the skin. From here, help you have a healthy, bright skin and reduce acne.
In addition, you can also combine gotu kola and lettuce, honey, fresh lemon, … together. These two vegetables both have the ability to treat acne and prevent acne.


In summary, the skin-beautifying vegetable powders contain many nutrients and good ingredients. They not only work to help exfoliate, avoid clogging pores. It also hydrates and keeps skin healthy. Besides, vegetable powder for skin beauty is also an easy-to-find, friendly and non-irritating ingredient on the skin. Try it out and test it right away!

3. Where to buy vegetable powder to beautify skin in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh?

Dung Ha Agricultural Products is a reputable address, ensuring quality supply when customers buy vegetable powder to beautify their skin. Contact us now to get the best advice and support.
Hotline: 1900 689865.
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