Vietnamese Tet food is very diverse and rich with a lot of delicious dishes. The Tet culinary culture of each region is also very different. Vietnam with 54 ethnic groups. 63 provinces and cities across the country are divided into 3 regions: North – Central – South. Each region has its own culinary beauty on Tet holiday. Today, let’s walk around Vietnam with Dung Ha Dry Food to learn about Vietnamese Tet dishes of the North – Central – South. After reading this article, surely many people after eating Tet will come here to visit the cultural beauty of the people here.

1. What is Tet food?

Tet food is talking about the beauty of Tet culinary culture. Each region will have its own unique culinary beauty on Tet holiday. These beauties have been handed down from generation to generation. Until now, this beauty is still engraved by descendants forever. Peach branches, apricot trees, kumquats, … are artifacts that signal the arrival of Tet. Besides, trays of Tet confectionery, Tet jam, Tet tea, … always go together.


Vietnamese Tet food is very rich and diverse with many designs and models. The foods on Tet holiday are not only diverse in terms of dishes, but also pay great attention to the presentation form and color. A year has 365 years, but there are only a few days of Tet when all family members can rest and gather together at the Tet tray. There is nothing more precious than the Vietnamese Reunification Festival. The whole family sits together at the tray of rice, enjoys delicious food, chats and wishes together a new year of peace, fortune, luck and health.
New Year 2023 Lunar New Year of the Rabbit is only counted in days. So where have you prepared Tet food for your family? With Dry Food learn:

2. Vietnamese Tet food of 3 regions?

2.1 Traditional Northern New Year food

2.1.1 Green Chung cake

For the people of the North, the image of green Chung cake is indispensable on the Tet tray. Green Chung cake was born from the 6th Hung King. Until now, this is still a cake that is forever engraved by descendants when Tet comes to Spring. Green Chung cake symbolizes heaven and earth, a cultural beauty of Vietnamese people. Not only appearing during Tet, banh chung is also sold very strongly on the 15th full moon day of every month and the 1st lunar month.
The ingredients for making banh chung are very simple, not too difficult or fussy. They only include ingredients: glutinous rice, green beans, pork belly, salt, ground pepper and dong leaves. Simple ingredients, easy to find. But perhaps, the art in this dish must include the person wrapping the cake. To get a square cake that catches the eye, it requires extremely skillful hands.
Open the cake, you will see an eye-catching green color like autumn nuggets. The first bite of the cake, the supple taste comes from sticky rice. Going deeper inside, there is an extremely attractive green bean paste and pork belly.
Green Chung cake is also a childhood sky of many ages. The image of all the children in the neighborhood gathering around and watching green banh chung by the pink fire waiting for the morning to come is so beautiful.

2.1.2 Boiled Chicken

Certainly, on Tet holiday, images of boiled chicken, incense-burning chicken, and New Year’s Eve offerings are indispensable. Boiled chicken is a very simple dish but extremely important during Tet. Almost boiled chicken appears a lot in parties, anniversaries, filial piety or daily family meals. Boiled chicken is delicious. You can process it into many other dishes such as: chicken salad, chicken stew with mushrooms, chicken porridge, …
The plate of boiled chicken with incense on the Tet tray shows the respect, fullness and warmth of the descendants for the ancestors. Chicken has a sweet taste, served with lemon leaves and chili lemon seasoning will bring you a very special and unforgettable taste.
The pieces of yellow-skinned chicken, cut and displayed on the rice tray are really eye-catching. White, chewy chicken will be an attractive dish you can’t forget on this Tet holiday.

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2.1.3 Gac sticky rice

Gac sticky rice is a very popular dish but extremely popular with Vietnamese people. The plate of sticky rice in the past is very simple and simple. As for now, Gac sticky rice has been transformed in an extremely flexible way. The main ingredient is still glutinous rice + gac. But the highlight of this dish is that they have an eye-catching layer of green beans + roasted sesame on top.

According to the concept of our forefathers in the past, red is the color that symbolizes luck, prosperity, and wealth. In addition, red is also the color that symbolizes love and happiness. Therefore, in the full moon days, the 1st lunar month and especially the Lunar New Year, there must be a plate of sticky rice gac. A new year with full of luck, fortune and health for the homeowner.
Bright red color, eye-catching, soft sticky rice is extremely attractive. In particular, Gac sticky rice is a dish containing extremely high levels of Vitamin A and good for health.

2.1.4 Bamboo shoot soup

In the tray of Vietnamese Tet rice, a bowl of bamboo shoot soup is indispensable. Bamboo shoots are cheap, easy to find, and contain many essential minerals and vitamins. Bamboo shoot soup can be combined with many different ingredients. But perhaps, the most popular among many families, most of them love bamboo shoot soup. Mango bamboo shoot soup is also extremely delicious, nutritious and good for pregnant women.
Right from the beginning, our people have had a hard time when they don’t eat enough. At that time, there was nothing to eat, our forefathers all ate what was available in nature. There are potatoes to eat potatoes. There is corn to eat corn. There are bamboo shoots eat bamboo shoots. And bamboo shoot soup is a symbol of cultural beauty originating from nature.
Nowadays, finding and buying bamboo shoots has become simple, and not too difficult. You can buy bamboo shoots at dry goods stores, clean agricultural products nationwide. Enjoying dried bamboo shoots will give you a space like you are immersed in the vast vast nature.

2.1.5 Tet confectionery

Delicious Tet confectionery is an indispensable food on the Tet confectionery tray of many families. Vietnamese Tet confectionery is very diverse in form, and origin. A dish that is most suitable for young children. There are Tet candies that you can make at home when you have free time. As for other high-class Tet confectionery, you can easily find them anywhere.
The delicious Tet confectionery market on Lunar New Year is very crowded, bustling and bustling with many eye-catching designs. They are very suitable for everyone’s pocket. Tet confectionery is also clearly hierarchical so that users can easily choose to buy them for different purposes.
But perhaps, on the Tet candy tray, there are confectionery such as: Che Lam cake, Nam Dinh sausage, American pistachios, American almonds, salted roasted cashews, jackfruit candies, dried crocodiles. Those are the dishes that appear the most and are the most popular. There is nothing more precious than the image of the whole family sitting together eating sweets, sipping a cup of hot tea and enjoying the Tao Quan.

2.2 Southern Vietnamese Tet food

2.2.1 Banh Tet

If the North of green banh chung is a sign that signals the arrival of Tet, the South is a typical image of banh tet. The ingredients for making Tet cake are very similar to banh chung. But in terms of form, these two types of cakes are different. Square Chung cake represents the land. Banh Tet is wrapped in a very fancy elongated round package. The special feature of Southern Tet cakes also lies in the fact that they have many colors to stimulate people to eat. Banh Tet filling is made mainly of 3 main types: salty, sweet, and vegetarian.
If you want to cut green banh chung in the North, you will have to use the cake to tie the cake. But with Banh Tet wrapped in an elongated package, you use a sharp knife to cut it into a circle with just enough thickness to eat. A special cake from every form.

2.2.2 Braised Meat

The Tet rice tray of the people in the South is very diverse and rich. In particular, they are not constrained and restricted by traditional rituals. The variety of dishes on the tray also clearly shows the hospitality and generosity of the land and people here.
Braised meat is one of the indispensable delicious dishes on the Tet tray of the people of the South. This dish is often prepared during Tet because of its convenience, ease of preparation and long-lasting preservation.
Braised meat is simply braised pork belly with chicken eggs and coconut water. Similar to Banh Chung + Banh Day, it also carries Eastern philosophy with square and round shapes representing heaven, earth, and parents.

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2.2.3 bitter melon soup

Delicious Tet dishes on the rice tray are not only delicious and eye-catching, but they are also a substance that binds emotions between family members.


Bát canh khổ qua ngày Tết miền Nam không thể thiếu vắng. Theo quan niệm của người miền Nam, canh khổ qua là món ăn giúp xua đuổi đi những điều xui xẻo của năm cũ và đón năm mới An khang – Thịnh vượng nhiều may mắn lộc tài. Canh khổ qua được chế biến đơn giản với khổ qua nguyên trái, ruột làm sạch. Bên trong là thịt heo hoặc chả cá xay nhuyễn, nấm hương luộc đậm đà, ngọt thanh nước dùng.

2.2.4 Coconut jam, ginger jam, melon seeds

I don’t know when, every New Year comes, Vietnamese people always have a box of Tet jam on the tea table. The first is to worship the ancestors. After that, let the children enjoy the fortune. To pray for peace, the Tet jam tray should have many types of levels with different colors. And in it, coconut jam, ginger jam are indispensable.
One of the dreams of Vietnamese people is to gather and reunite with their families. Both types of jam with colorful colors are always ranked first on the jam tray. Enjoying coconut jam with a cup of hot tea will make it easier to eat. In addition, mango is a favorite dish of the elderly and children.
Red-skinned melon seeds, very happy to bite, is the reason why it appears on the tray of Tet jam. Vietnamese people often think that the red color of melon seeds symbolizes happiness, joy and luck in the first days of the new year.

2.3 Tet dishes in Central Vietnam

2.3.1 Spring rolls

Nem chua is a famous specialty drink in the Central region. If you go to the Central region to enjoy spring rolls, then come to Thanh Hoa. Nem chua Thanh Hoa is the most famous specialty dish in the region. People outside the North are also very fond of spring rolls here. Nem chua is often used by men when drinking beer. The recipe for making spring rolls is very easy, this dish has now been widely made by many families outside the North.
Not just a favorite dish for drinkers. Nem chua is also a dish used a lot on the Vietnamese Tet tray. Vietnamese people often say: “If you have spring rolls, you must have spring rolls”. Therefore, on Tet holiday, spring rolls and spring rolls are often paired together. With a rosy color wrapped through guava leaves and wrapped outside with green bananas. When enjoying, spring rolls often bring a mild sour taste, a little bit spicy numb the tip of the tongue. You can serve spring rolls with some garlic to enhance the flavor of the dish.

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2.3.2 Beef jerky

If you have spring rolls, you can’t go without beef. Every spring, on the tray of 3 regions, spring rolls appear. In which, the most popular dish in the Central region is beef jerky. Beef spring rolls where there are a lot of peppercorns, so they are more fragrant than those in the South and North. Central beef spring rolls are made entirely of beef, without any other ingredients, so when enjoying it, it is very beefy.


Each slice of ham when sliced has a very beautiful pink-red color. With full of salty, sweet, crispy, chewy, spicy flavors that make people extremely excited to taste.

2.3.3 Banh Tet

Same with the 2 South – North. On the tray of Vietnamese New Year, it is indispensable to have banh chung or banh tet. Banh Tet in the Central region is quite similar to Banh Tet in the South. Perhaps, the difference of this banh tet dish lies in the packaging material. If the South uses dong leaves to wrap the cake, the Central region uses banana leaves.
When enjoying Tet cake, people here use it to cut the cake. The cake can be eaten directly or fried with soy sauce and chili sauce, which is extremely attractive. No matter what, there must be cake on the Tet tray, which is a must-have cake. Cake depends on the cultural beauty of each region. Tet rice tray will be full of extremely eye-catching colors.

2.3.4 Squeeze jackfruit

Referring to the Central region, if you omit the Nhut jackfruit dish, it is a mistake that is too reprehensible. Almost in every dish of the people here, they love sour or salted dishes. They believe that, on New Year’s Day, eating greasy foods will quickly get tired and fat. Instead, pickled dishes will help you eat much easier.
Pickled jackfruit in the Central region is a famous specialty of the people of Thanh Chuong district in Nghe An. This is a dish that has been around for a long time. Swallowing jackfruit is associated with the arduous process, not enough food for the people here. Because it is a pickled dish made from young jackfruit, it can be preserved for a long time without worrying about spoilage. Pickled jackfruit served with banh tet is an extremely burning dish on Tet holiday.
If the northern people in the Tet tray or everyday have salted eggplant, salted onions, pickles, .. then the Central people are extremely delicious and quality salted jackfruit dishes. Coming to Nghe An for travel or business, you will be able to eat dishes made by the hands of the people here. Characteristic aroma from young jackfruit. A little bit spicy, numb the tip of the tongue from extremely stimulating chili. The dish is worth a try.

3. Summary

Above is a detailed article full of answers to questions about Vietnamese Tet food that we want to send to readers. In general, Vietnamese Tet food is very diverse and unique. They depend very much on the cultural beauty of each region.
The difference between Tet in the South – the North – and the Central region is not only in the cuisine but also in the culture of presenting a five-fruit tray, flowers to play Tet, continuing to receive guests or worshiping at the beginning of the new year,… Among them Delicious dishes on Tet holiday are also a beauty that creates regional specialties.



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