What is sour ear? Features, uses, how much is the price of sour ears?


What is sour ear? Features and uses of sour ears? This is probably 3 of the many questions surrounding sour ears. For Northerners, besides tamarind, crocodile, and lemon, sour ear is a familiar sour spice ingredient. The pot of sour fish soup, the pot of braised fish, … just add a little sour ear to make the dish has a huge difference. Not just cooking ingredients. Sour ears also have many other health benefits. And today, let’s follow Dung Ha Dry Food to find out in detail what sour ears are!

1. What is sour ear?

Sour ear, also known as Bua Cong, belongs to the Mangosteen family, the scientific name is Garcinia Cowa Roxb.ex Choisy. The tree grows a lot in India, southern Thailand, grows wild in the forest edges of Southeast Asian countries. In Vietnam, sour ear trees mostly grow mainly in the northern regions of Vietnam of our country. For example: Sapa, Lao Cai, Lai Chau, Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Lang Son, Thai Nguyen, Phu Tho, Hoa Binh, Hanoi,… Parts harvested for use are the pods, stems, leaves, plastic. Stems, leaves, and resin can be harvested year-round throughout the month. Fruit parts and pods are harvested when ripe.


For easy use and maintenance. The parts after harvesting will be washed and processed. Sour ear fruit will be washed, seeded, cut into thin slices. These thin slices will be placed in a mat and then dried directly in the sun for about 2-3 days, then the fruit will start to turn yellow. The flesh of the fruit will be hunted but still retain its softness and characteristic aroma.

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1.1 What are the characteristics of sour ears?

  • Sour ear is a woody perennial. Mature sentences are about 15 – 17cm or more. Dark gray bark. The trunk grows upright, has many branches, grows horizontally, branches slightly drooping low.
  • The leaves are oval in shape. The leaves are quite large, 3-5cm wide, 6-12cm long. Leaves are simple, moldy, symmetrical and green in color. The grooves of the leaves grow parallel, the auxiliary grooves are connected at the leaf edge. Short petioles.
  • Hermaphrodite flowers are solitary, concentrated in clusters of 2-4 flowers in the leaf axils. The upper ovary has 6 – 9 cells and the pistil has 4 – 8 lobes. The male inflorescence consists of 3 – 8 flowers. Flowers have sepals, flower stalks, and stamens divided into many lobes.
  • The sour ear is round like a guava. But it is flatter, divided into 4 – 8 packs. The skin is thick, red inside, green outside when young and yellow when ripe. The flesh of the fruit is white or pink. Each fruit has 6 – 10 seeds. Plants flower in March – April, fruit in July – August.

1.2 What are the uses of sour ears?

  • Reduce stress: Active ingredient Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) in sour ear is very good for those who are looking to lose weight and are suffering from stress. This compound is directly involved in the regulation of blood Cortisol – This is the most prevalent stress hormone. Using sour ears will reduce stress hormones and anxiety to a minimum. Helps improve health, stabilize the function of all parts, especially the brain.
  • Weight loss: Sour ear is considered a miracle fruit that supports safe and effective weight loss. Hydroxycitric acid works to block the amount of calories stored in the body as fat. HCA will block this enzyme cell. Calories will be converted into Glycogen to create strong muscles.
  • Anti-depressant: Organic compounds found in sour ear fruit have anti-depressant effects. Serotonin Release – The “satisfaction” or “joy” hormone. Using Tai Sour herbal extract will help to lift emotions and encourage, always happy.
  • Replenish energy: Extract of sour ear fruit will help your body replenish great energy to “beat” moments of exhaustion during weight loss.
  • Stabilize blood sugar: Sour ear fruit is one of the top choices for people with diabetes. Using dried sour ears will help keep blood sugar at a stable level, without abnormal spikes. If the sugar level is not stable, it will bring a lot of terrible consequences.

2. What is the current price of sour ears?

Although, the price of dried sour ears is quite high, but it is still a product that many people buy. The price of dried sour ears on the market depends on a number of factors such as: the place of sale, the quality of the product, and the origin. Many places sell fake, fake, and poor quality products to users in order to gain illicit profits. Currently, there are many units that stand out to import dried sour ears of unknown origin to sell to the market. The use of such products must have many potential risks. It is an indispensable culinary spice in many delicious recipes. Many people began to worry about the price of sour ears will increase.
How much is the current price of dry sour ears is probably a difficult problem with no solution. The price of sour ears often changes erratically up and down unstable. At one time, the price of dried sour ears was high, touching the price of 170,000 VND/kg. But sometimes, the price of dried sour ears drops to 150,000 VND/kg. But perhaps, what customers are most interested in is where to buy dried sour ears to stabilize the price?
Dung Ha Agricultural Products is a reputable and cheap place to sell dried sour ears in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. The price of Dung Ha type 1 dried sour ears is currently being offered for sale at a price of 130,000 VND/kg. Dung Ha dried sour ear is a high-quality first-class product. Committed to the product has full inspection documents to meet food hygiene and safety standards.

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3. Conclusion

Above is the entire article detailing answers to your questions about what is sour ear? Hopefully, this detailed article will help readers have more knowledge about this culinary spice. Sour ears can now be found in many places on the market. You will not need to travel far and wide, but you can buy dried sour ears at dry goods stores, clean agricultural products, commercial centers, …
Thank you for following and reading this article of Dung Ha Dry Food. Wish you add more good and useful knowledge about dry sour ears as well as you can find the cheapest quality reputable dried sour ears on the market.

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