3+ How to make delicious and traditional chicken stew with potatoes


Chicken stew with potatoes is an extremely nutritious dish whenever the weather is cold or winter. A dish that is both delicious, useful, nutritious and helps your body become warm and healthy to prevent the invasion of harmful bacteria and microorganisms. . But perhaps, to be able to make a delicious dish. The input material factor is the first thing you need to pay attention to. Quality input ingredients will determine up to 85% of the success of that dish. Don’t keep people waiting any longer. Follow Dung Ha Dry Food into the kitchen to cook chicken and potatoes right away!

1. What is Chicken Potato Stew?

Chicken stew with potatoes is a nutritious dish trusted by many housewives. Besides steamed potato chicken, there are other delicious dishes from chicken such as: chicken stew with chestnuts, chicken stew with pumpkin, chicken stew with vegetables,… Indeed, the dishes made from chicken are very diverse and contain a variety of ingredients. Many nutrients. Changing the menu is important. Just change the diet, help people eat more delicious and help the nutrient composition when absorbed into the body more diverse.


The weather in Hanoi has begun to enter winter. Winter dishes are becoming more and more popular these days. Food safety has always been a hot topic throughout the year. Our body always has to make sure to provide enough nutrients to fight the cold. Chicken stew with potatoes is the dish you should use in winter.
Chicken is warm, hot, eating a lot has the effect of nourishing the body’s health. Potatoes are a tuber that is sold year-round at a very competitive price. Potatoes have high nutritional value and are rich in vitamins. Abundant fiber is the main measure for you to prevent diseases related to the intestinal digestive system. Therefore, the perfect combination of chicken + potatoes is extremely useful for your body.

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2. Chicken with potatoes and how to make this delicious dish

2.1 Traditional chicken stew with potatoes

2.1.1 Preparation materials:

  • Our chicken is clean: 1 chicken
  • Salt: 2 tablespoons
  • Dried forest shiitake: 50gr
  • Potatoes: 5 potatoes
  • Green onions: 3 branches
  • Coriander: 1 handful
  • Purple onion: 3 pieces
  • Cooking oil: 3 tablespoons
  • Spices: seasoning, ground pepper, monosodium glutamate,…

In order to have a delicious dish, the input ingredients need to be carefully selected. Here are some ways to choose quality ingredients you should refer to. Specifically:

  • Choose chicken: Buy chicken pieces that have a thin, thick, golden outer skin. To the touch, it feels soft, smooth, not rough and has just enough flexibility
  • The inside of the chicken is naturally pink
  • Avoid chicken that is slightly pale, dark gray, or bruised. Because these are chicken parts that have died or been contaminated for a long time
  • Choose potatoes: Choose potatoes with a golden outer skin. Because it has a milder sweetness than other potatoes. The shell is smooth, healthy, there is no black eye in the shell, when holding it, it feels heavy
  • Avoid buying sprouted bulbs. Turning green, soft, foul-smelling, wrinkled peel. Because these are damaged tubers, no longer nutritious and not good for human health

2.2.2 Preliminary raw materials:

  • To get rid of the smell of chicken, rub salt around the meat and then rinse it under running water
  • Let the chicken dry, wait for it to drain
  • Put the chicken on a cutting board, chop it into small enough pieces
  • Dried wild shiitake mushrooms are soaked in warm water to make them soft and easy to prepare
  • Using scissors, cut off the base of the mushroom
  • Rinse again under clean running water. Use your hands to gently squeeze the mushrooms to drain the water. Put it in a bowl
  • Red onion peeled, washed, minced
  • Marinate chicken with 3 chopped purple onions, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon ground pepper, 1 teaspoon MSG. Leave for 1 hour for the seasoning to infuse the chicken
  • Potatoes are peeled, washed and cut into bite-sized pieces
  • Green onion + coriander, remove the roots, wash and finely chop

2.1.3 Implementation steps:

  • Put the pot on the stove, put 1 tablespoon of cooking oil in the pot. When the oil is hot, put the marinated chicken and fry in the pot with cooking oil for about 7 minutes for the chicken to hunt again
  • Put 1.5 liters of water in a pot and bring to a boil
  • When the water boils, remove the foam, lower the heat and proceed to stew the chicken for 10 minutes
  • After 10 minutes, put the potatoes + dried wild shiitake mushrooms into the pot
  • Add 1 teaspoon seasoning + 1 monosodium glutamate + 1 seasoning. Stir well. Taste to taste. Make chicken stew within 20 minutes
  • The ultimate taste. Ladle the soup into a bowl, sprinkle with scallions + coriander + ground pepper and enjoy
  • It is best eaten when the soup is still hot or served with white rice

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2.2 Chicken stew with potatoes and carrots

2.2.1 Preparation materials:

  • Our chicken is clean: 1 chicken
  • Salt: 1 teaspoon
  • Carrot: 1 piece
  • Potatoes: 1
  • Fresh lotus seeds: 50gr
  • Green onions: 3 branches
  • Coriander: 1 handful
  • Purple onion: 3 pieces
  • Garlic: 2 bulbs
  • Cooking oil: 3 tablespoons
  • Spices: seasoning, main noodles, ground pepper, paprika,…

2.2.2 Preliminary raw materials:

  • The chicken we buy is washed under the tap
  • Use a knife to scrape off the fluff and feathers on the chicken
  • Mix in a pot of diluted salt water, put the chicken in a bowl of salt water for about 7 minutes to drown out the fishy smell
  • Wash the chicken again under clean running water. Let the water dry
  • Put the chicken on a cutting board, chop the chicken into bite-sized pieces
  • Peel carrots, cut into circles, use a knife to cut into flower shapes
  • Peeled potatoes, washed, cut into pieces just enough to eat
  • Fresh lotus seeds use a pointed object to open the lotus center
  • Rinse under clean water, let dry
  • Green onions + coriander pick up damaged, rotten, damaged leaves, stamp them and discard. Wash and finely chop
  • Red onion peeled, washed, minced
  • Garlic peeled, washed, minced

2.2.3 Implementation steps:

  • Place chicken in large bowl. Add 1 seasoning + 1 fish sauce + 1 ground pepper + 1 monosodium glutamate + 1 seasoning + 1 minced garlic + 1 minced purple onion. Wearing plastic gloves, mix these ingredients together
  • Cover with cling film, leave for about 1 hour in the refrigerator to allow the spices to penetrate deeply into each fiber of the chicken.
  • Put the pot on the stove. Add 2 tablespoons of cooking oil, wait for it to be hot, add 1 teaspoon of minced garlic + 1 teaspoon of minced shallot and fry with oil until fragrant.
  • Next, add the marinated chicken and stir-fry with garlic and dried onions for about 7 minutes so that the chicken is cooked again.
  • Put 1.5 liters of broth in a pot of freshly fried chicken and stew the chicken for 10 minutes
  • Boil the chicken broth, open the fig, skim off the cloudy scum floating on the surface of the water
  • Lower the heat to low, put the lotus seeds + carrots in the stew with the chicken for about 10 minutes
  • Next, 1 seasoning + 1 seasoning + 1 MSG. Stir well to make the broth more flavorful
  • Season and taste to suit your taste
  • The broth is rich in flavor, you start to put the potatoes into the stew together with the stewing ingredients for about 25 minutes so that all the ingredients are cooked.
  • After it has been stewed for 25 minutes, sprinkle scallions + pepper and stir it once
  • Turn off the stove, lower the pot and scoop the finished product into a bowl and eat
  • Best eaten, so eat while the soup is still hot as well as served with white rice is the best

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2.3 Korean-style potato stewed chicken

2.3.1 Preparation materials:

  • Clean chicken: 1 chicken
  • Potatoes: 2
  • Onion : 1 piece
  • Korean green chili peppers: 3
  • Baro onion: 1 plant
  • Green onions: 3 branches
  • Coriander : 1 little
  • Garlic: 3 branches
  • Ginger: 1 piece
  • Sesame: 5g
  • Cooking oil: 3 tablespoons
  • White wine: 2 cups
  • Seasoning: sesame oil, chili sauce, paprika, soy sauce, salt, white sugar, ground pepper

2.3.2 Preliminary processing of raw materials

  • Buy chicken, you wash it under a basin of water
  • Using a knife, remove the fluff and feathers from the chicken
  • Mix a basin of salt water with 2 cups of white wine. Let the chicken soak in that basin of water for about 7 minutes so that the chicken is white, soft, and drowns out the smell
  • Pick up, rinse under running water. Let the water dry
  • Place the chicken on a cutting board and chop it into bite-sized pieces. Put it in a bowl
  • Potatoes, peeled, washed and cut into bite-sized pieces
  • Onion peeled, washed, half sliced thin
  • Red onion peeled, washed, chopped
  • Green onions + coriander we pick up the damaged leaves, crush them, wash them, and cut them into small pieces
  • Green chili, washed and chopped
  • Ginger + garlic peeled, washed, minced

2.3.3 Implementation steps:

  • Put the ingredients in the chicken bowl one by one, including: 2 tablespoons chili sauce + 1 teaspoon Korean chili powder + thinly sliced ​​onion + 1 teaspoon minced garlic + 1 teaspoon minced ginger + 5g roasted sesame. Wearing gloves, mix these spices together with the chicken
  • Marinate the chicken for about 30 minutes in the refrigerator to let the seasonings penetrate deep into each fiber of the meat
  • You put the pot on the stove, put 1 tablespoon of cooking oil in the pot. Then add 1 teaspoon of chili powder to the pot, stir well until the chili powder is firm and beautiful
  • Pour the marinated chicken in the above step into the pot and cook for about 10 minutes. Stir well, to prevent the chicken from being burnt or not cooked evenly
  • Put 500ml of filtered water in a pot of freshly fried chicken and stew the chicken for about 25 minutes on low heat
  • After stewing for 25 minutes, open the lid, put the potatoes in the stew with the chicken for about 10 minutes to cook the potatoes.
  • Taste the broth to see if it’s just right for you
  • Finally, you put thinly sliced ​​onion + chives + scallions + coriander into the chicken casserole. Stir well one last time, then turn off the heat and lower the pot
  • Ladle the ingredients into a bowl and enjoy while the soup is still hot. Should be eaten with white rice is the best

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3. Conclusion

Above are the details of how to make delicious and delicious potato stewed chicken that everyone can refer to. These are all delicious dishes and are made in an extremely detailed and meticulous way that everyone can see. For a delicious dish, the input ingredients you need to monitor most strictly! If you have any contributions to the reading, please leave your comments at the bottom of this article and we will help answer them as quickly as possible.



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