What is delicious stewed chicken and delicious dishes made from stewed chicken you should know


What is delicious stewed chicken is an extremely favorite dish of many people. Chicken can be combined and stewed with a lot of different ingredients. The dishes from stewed chicken are always very attractive and bring rich nutritional value. But perhaps, what is causing difficulties for women is that they do not know how to stew chicken with what ingredients? So today, please take a few minutes to follow Dung Ha Dry Food to find out what delicious stewed chicken is!

1. What delicious stewed chicken you should know?

1.1 Vegetarian lemongrass stewed chicken

First on this list of stewed chicken dishes is the vegetarian lemongrass chicken stew. This dish you can easily make at home. In addition, with the easy-to-find ingredients, cooking lemongrass chicken stew is no longer difficult. Besides, the perfect combination of the accompanying ingredients makes sure that this is a dish that you should immediately add to your family’s meal menu.
With the sweetness coming from the chicken broth. Fragrant aroma from lemongrass. In addition, there are mushrooms, vegetables, … Although they are simple, they are the food that gives you the most nutrients. A little chewy comes from chicken, crunchy crunchy comes from vegetables. Serve with a little hot rice is extremely reasonable.

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1.2 Pumpkin stewed chicken

The next dish that we want to send to our readers is pumpkin chicken stew. Just talking about it, my hungry stomachs are starting to growl. With pumpkin is really a dish that many young people love. Pumpkin to eat normally is very fragrant and naturally sweet. But when stewed with chicken, they become a very special dish. With chicken and pumpkin, the dish will become more quality and nutritious.
A special feature in this dish is that the pumpkin is stewed with the skin, so they completely retain their inherent nutrients. Hot, delicious broth. Each fiber of tough, juicy chicken is served with pumpkin. Just describing it like that has stimulated my hands to rush into the kitchen to cook this dish. Surely it will be delicious and you should try them once to experience it.

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1.3 Chicken stew with shiitake mushrooms

It can be seen that mushrooms are an extremely important ingredient. Mushrooms appear a lot in delicious dishes such as: Mushrooms for hot pot, mushrooms for making spring rolls, mushrooms for stir-fried pork,… Each mushroom dish often creates a very distinct flavor and identity. And perhaps, chicken stew with shiitake mushrooms is the dish that you cannot miss in your family’s dining menu. Cooking at home is a bit tricky and time consuming. But in return, they give us a lot of nutrients and are especially good for health.
The chickens are raised completely naturally. Use quality feed, no bran gain weight. Combined with that is the forest shiitake mushroom. The mushrooms are grown completely from nature without the need for human intervention. It is this perfect combination that creates a rustic dish with rich nutrients from nature.

1.4 Braised Chicken with Potatoes

With potatoes, your dish will become more diverse and richer. Potatoes are a dish used by many Vietnamese mothers. Potatoes can also be the main ingredient to cook many delicious and nutritious soups. Potato soup can appear in the trays of rice on New Year’s Eve, the death anniversary table. Potatoes contain a lot of essential minerals and vitamins. Eating potatoes is also extremely good for the intestinal digestive system and prevents the formation of cancer cells very well.


The perfect combination of chicken and potato stew will help you easily absorb nutrition from chicken and potatoes. At the same time, they also help your diet menu become more diverse and richer. This dish will help your body add more calories. Children will be prevented from stunting and malnutrition.

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1.5 Chicken chestnut stew

Chicken chestnut stew is an extremely new dish appearing in the cuisine. Chestnuts can be eaten directly or used to make delicious chestnuts. Chestnut cake is a famous specialty cake in Sapa. Chestnuts are an extremely good nutritional nut for users. This type of chestnut is used a lot in Vietnamese traditional Tet confectionery. If you go deeper, chestnuts are not only eaten directly, but they are also stewed with chicken and become an extremely attractive and attractive dish.
Chestnut chicken stew is not only delicious from the tough, rich chicken fibers. Chunks of greasy chestnuts. Combined with the aroma of cloves, anise, cardamom, … but also “delicious” in the form and color characteristic of that dish. The body of those who are active in the hot sun, exhausted. Supplementing with chestnut stewed chicken will help stabilize the amount of water in the body. Health recovers faster.

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1.6 Chicken stew with bamboo shoots

To make your family’s dining menu more diverse and special, you definitely can’t ignore this chicken stew with bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots are extremely important raw materials. The soup from bamboo shoots can be mentioned as: bamboo shoots with pork ribs, bamboo shoots with pork ribs, boiled duck bamboo shoots, etc. Each dish from bamboo shoots has its own aroma and deliciousness. Bamboo shoots are delicious and bamboo shoots are easy to prepare and combine with all ingredients. And among them, bamboo shoots stewed with chicken is the dish that you should have in your family’s rice tray.
Bamboo shoots are known to be completely natural products and contain many beneficial nutrients. Chicken bamboo shoots will help your body increase the content of beneficial bacteria to prevent the attack of harmful bacteria. Very good treatment of flu, flu or seasonal flu in the safest way. A dish that is not only delicious but also helps your body prevent disease. This is a very new point in this dish. Let’s run to the kitchen to cook!

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1.7 Green pepper chicken stew

Continuing the list of delicious stewed chicken, surely green pepper chicken stew is also a dish that you should not miss. With the main ingredient of this dish is green pepper as the main ingredient. Green pepper is a culinary spice used by many Vietnamese people. In almost every dish, pepper is indispensable. With pepper, your dish will be delicious, the characteristic pungent taste of pepper.
Many people often grind pepper to make it convenient to use. But with green pepper, they will leave the whole fruit and stew it with the chicken to keep the full flavor. This dish is most suitable for men. When eating green pepper, bone and joint problems are treated extremely quickly. Bone pain, numbness of hands and feet are clearly reduced.

1.8 Korean stewed chicken

If you are too bored with Vietnamese chicken stew, Korean chicken stew is the dish you should try to experience. Korean style of stewed chicken is always very new and trusted by many young Vietnamese. The main point in this dish is the chicken. But perhaps, Korean ingredients are what makes the biggest difference.
For Koreans, chicken stew seems to be the main dish that is hard to replace. The chicken is tough, combined with the onion. A little bit of spicy, sour and sour taste comes from kimchi. It is this perfect combination that today’s Korean chicken stew has a great influence on the surrounding countries.

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1.9 Artichoke Flower Stew Chicken

Artichoke flowers are often used to make tea. But few people use artichoke flowers to cook in cuisine. Artichoke flower tea is a cool drink, extremely high quality liver detoxification. The habit of drinking tea after a meal of Vietnamese people has become a hard habit to break. Until now, this habit has been deeply imprinted in the minds of Vietnamese people. Today, Vietnamese tea is very diverse and rich in design and color.
The use of artichoke flower stewed with chicken is a great boldness, a new revolution in cuisine. Da Lat artichoke flower is a product that is famous and used by many people in cuisine. The chicken is tough, hot, and fragrant. Combined with the aroma of artichoke flowers, it is guaranteed to be extremely mouth-watering. To add more flavor to that dish, you can serve it with extremely high quality occipital seasoning.

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2. Conclusion

Above is the entire article sharing about the question of what delicious chicken stew we want to send to readers. All dishes from chicken stew are extremely nutritious and beneficial for health. To get these delicious dishes, the input ingredients are what you need to pay attention to. Quality input ingredients will determine up to 85% of the success of a dish. Not only are the dishes delicious and nutritious, all the dishes mentioned above are considered extremely good for users.


Thank you for reading this article. All the dishes mentioned above, anyone can make in a simple way. Wish you always success with the above dishes from the first time in the kitchen.
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