8+ The effect of green tea on men you should know


The effect of green tea on men has been searched a lot lately. Male problems are always a big concern for every man. The use of folk remedies is extremely good and important. In addition to the common gynecological problems. Dry tea also supports the treatment of other diseases that are also extremely popular today. Today, let’s follow Dung Ha Dry Food to find out in detail about the 8+ effects of green tea with men !

1. What is tea tree?

White tea tree , also known as chien man tea, mallow rope, white hibiscus, etc. This plant usually grows in wild, weedy areas and grows in small clumps. The distinguishing feature of this tree is that it has a relatively smooth, hard bark and the trunk is divided into many small segments. Tea is often used to make tea to entertain guests. But not many people know that black tea is extremely good for men.


To be able to use and preserve for a long time, people often harvest fresh tea leaves, prepare them, and dry them in the sun. The process of harvesting and preliminary processing is also set very strict requirements. To have a good product, ensure food hygiene and safety, the pre-processing stage needs to be a top priority.

In tea contains a lot of nutrients that are beneficial for men. People in high mountain areas such as Cao Bang and Ha Giang consider white tea as a precious herb good for health. When the weather turns cold, sipping a cup of hot tea will help warm the body, strengthen the resistance to fight cold and disease-causing bacteria. 

2. What is the nutritional value of dried tea?

Considered a precious herb for men. The nutritional value of dried tea is also extremely important. According to the Vietnam Nutrition Association. Using about 70g of dry tea after dinner will help your body absorb nutrients such as:

  • Flavonoids
  • Glycosides
  • Alkaloids
  • Vitamin
  • Mineral
  • Energy

These are the chemicals found in dried tea. When the body lacks the above substances, you will fall into many different states. In particular, the most dangerous is being attacked by disease-causing bacteria. Using dry tea to protect your health is extremely important.

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3. The effect of white tea on men that you should know

3.1 Strengthening the body’s resistance

  • In dried white tea contains an essential amount of Vitamin C. This is an extremely important substance in the body. When your body has a weakened immune system, it will be a convenient way for disease-causing bacteria to attack. Besides, the lack of resistance will make your body tired, depressed, not eating well. 
  • Today, there are many drinks to help you strengthen your resistance such as: fresh orange juice, grapefruit, tangerine, amaranth, water spinach, jute vegetable, spinach, …

3.2 Treatment of high blood pressure, prevention of cardiovascular disease

  • The high antioxidant content in white tea helps to stabilize blood vessel walls. Thereby, preventing the risk of high blood pressure , regulating blood pressure at a stable level. Lowers bad LDL cholesterol to stable levels. Improves the flow of blood vessels to all parts of the body. Prevent heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis, etc.

3.3 Clearing heat, detoxifying the liver

  • The liver is an extremely important organ in the body. The liver is responsible for receiving and converting nutrients into energy. Another extremely important function in the liver is that it removes toxins from the body. When liver cells are damaged, these processes take place more slowly. If left for a long time, it will lead to many bad situations. The most typical example is very easy to get liver cancer . 
  • Excessive use of stimulants, alcohol, tobacco is the cause of the liver being attacked by disease-causing bacteria. Abstinence from using stimulants is the best thing. Using dry tea drink like filtered water or green tea every day is very good. Flavonoids in white tea will help detoxify the liver, cool the liver , and protect the liver. 

3.4 Eat well, sleep well

  • Glycoside active ingredients in dried tea will help stimulate your taste buds to help you eat more deliciously. From there, overcome the situation of being lazy to eat, anorexia, not eating well.
  • In addition, Glycoside also contributes to the stability of your nervous system. Reduce stress and pressure in work life. Helps regulate sleep. Helps you sleep soundly, deeply, not lose sleep and wake up in the middle of the night. 

3.5 Prevention of cancer

  • Dried tea contains a lot of powerful antioxidants. This is an extremely important substance for the body. The effect of dry tea with men is proven to be extremely effective in preventing cancer .
  • Cancer is a terrible and dangerous disease. Regardless of age, gender, occupation, people can get cancer. Cancer screening every 6 months has been recommended by the Ministry of Health. Signs of cancer are severe or mild depending on the stage. Early stage cancer is extremely vague, making patients often subjective and lethargic. Early treatment can help prolong the patient’s survival rate. 
  • For men, the heavy use of alcohol and tobacco will be very susceptible to liver cancer or nasopharyngeal cancer . The typical strong antioxidant active ingredients in dry tea are Flavonoids. When this substance penetrates deeply into the body, it will fight harmful free radicals. Prevent the formation of cancer cells, remove toxic substances from the body. Increase the number of beneficial bacteria to suppress cancer cells.

3.6 Support in the treatment of diabetes

  • Diabetics will have to abstain from eating sweets, starches and use specialized drugs. Coincidentally, white tea is an extremely effective diabetes treatment drink. Although, this is not a cure-all. The chemicals in white tea will help reduce insulin levels, regulate the amount of sugar absorbed into the body at a stable level. Therefore, using dry tea for a long time will help you treat diabetes with very positive results. 

3.7 Weight loss

  • The effect of green tea is not only good for men, but it is also extremely good for women. Being overweight is always the fear of the majority of women. Limiting the use of fatty foods is recommended. Every woman wishes to lose weight and have a slim body. 
  • Glycoside substance when taken into the body has the ability to neutralize excess fat in the body. Supports you to lose weight naturally without resorting to cosmetic methods.
  • Glycoside will go deep into fat cells accumulated under the skin, helping to dissolve excess fat in the biceps, thighs, and abdomen. Give you back your beautiful slim waist body. Besides using functional foods, you should also limit the use of foods containing dangerous fats. Combined with regular exercise and sports to improve health.

3.8 Treat pimples and protect skin

  • Aging skin, melasma, freckles, age spots, crow’s feet, pimples are always the terrible fault of many women. Using cosmetic products to beautify the skin is the treatment I look for a lot. In addition, using white tea to beautify the skin is also trusted by many women.
  • Tea contains a lot of powerful antioxidants. This substance not only prevents cancer, but it also produces a powerful antibacterial that can treat acne very well. 
  • Use face masks to protect your skin. The combination is to boil the tea and then use boiling water to wash the wound. Persistence in use for a long time will see the facial skin have different signs.

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4. What is the current price of dry tea?

Although, the price of dried tea is quite high, but it is still an herb that many people are looking to buy. The price of dried tea on the market depends on a number of factors such as the place of sale, the quality of the product and the origin. Many places sell fake tea , fake goods, and poor quality goods to users in order to gain illicit profits. The use of such products will greatly affect the health and experience of consumers. With a lot of nutritional ingredients and good health benefits. Many brothers are very worried about the price of dried tea will increase.


How much is the current price of dry tea is probably a conundrum that has not been solved. The price of dry tea often fluctuates up and down unstablely. At one time, the price of dry tea was high, touching the price of 160,000 VND/kg . But sometimes, the price of dry tea is low, only about 140,000 VND/kg . What customers are most interested in right now is where to buy dry tea at a stable price?

Dung Ha agricultural products are the place to sell dry tea with stable prices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh . The price of Dung Ha type 1 dried tea is currently being sold for 125,000 VND/kg . Dung Ha dried tea is a high-quality first-class product. Commitment to user safety.

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5. Where to buy cheap quality dried tea?

5.1 Buy dried tea in Hanoi

  • Buy dried tea in Hanoi there are many. But to find a place to sell quality dried tea is a difficult task. What customers are most interested in right now is where to buy cheap dry tea? Dung Ha Agricultural Products is the place to sell dried tea with full quality inspection documents that meet the food hygiene and safety standards of the Ministry of Health. In addition, our company also supports remote customers to order and ship nationwide. Maximum support for customers to check the goods and then pay. 

5.2 Buy dried tea in HCMC

  • It is not easy to find a place to sell quality dried tea in Ho Chi Minh City . Dry tea is a commodity with great competition and huge consumption. Recently, the demand to buy dried tea of ​​people in Ho Chi Minh City is showing signs of increasing again. If you want to buy quality dried tea in Ho Chi Minh City , don’t miss Dung Ha Agricultural Products . With many years of experience in the field of powder , herbal medicine , Ha Giang specialties , etc., all products we make are strictly tested according to VietGAP standards . With the criteria and desire to bring customers products“Super clean – Super fast – Super convenient”.

6. Conclusion

Above is an article that summarizes all the effects of white tea for men . These are all common diseases that can affect anyone. Don’t be careless, lethargic. When you see the above symptoms, see a doctor immediately for treatment. Please consult your doctor before using the product. Protecting your own health is contributing to protecting the health of those around you.

Thank you for reading my detailed post. Wishing you lots of health. Please accompany us on the way to bring dry food to the entire Vietnamese family!

Dung Ha dry food sincerely thanks!

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