Food for pregnant women is full of nutrition for each specific stage


Pregnant dishes are an extremely difficult question for men when their wives are pregnant for the first time. Finding delicious but still clean dishes to ensure adequate nutrition for mother and baby is extremely important. Adequate nutrition during pregnancy is always a hot topic. This is an important factor determining the health and development of the fetus. So during pregnancy, what should mothers eat and what should be avoided to keep the baby healthy? Follow Dung Ha Dry Food to find the answer right here!

1. Food for pregnant women in each specific period?

1.1 Food during the first 3 months of pregnancy

Pregnant women need to pay attention to a reasonable diet, enough nutrients needed in the first 3 months of pregnancy. The dishes must ensure enough substances such as: Iron, folic acid, protein (Protein), minerals and calcium. During this period, a pregnant woman’s nutritional needs in a day will include:

  • 400 – 600mcg folic acid
  • 15 – 27mg iron
  • 800 – 1000mg calcium
  • 90g of protein
  • Mineral
  • Vitamins A, B, C, … diverse supplements in food


Pregnant women often have morning sickness symptoms in the first 3 months of pregnancy. This phenomenon can last long and appear a lot in daily meals. During this time, pregnant women should stay away from hot and spicy foods such as garlic, pepper, chili, onions, etc. Instead, eat more foods that reduce morning sickness such as basil. , lemon, ginger, mint,…

1.1.1 Mixed rice with fruit juice

This is a dish that pregnant women should appear more in their diet menu. The main ingredients of this dish are very simple, just delicious rice combined with some nutritious fresh fruits. It seems that they are just simple ingredients, but they contain a lot of essential nutrients for pregnant women.
Rice cooked with fruit juice is both delicious and contains many nutrients. Rice cooked with mixed fruit juice contains many nutrients such as protein, vitamins, phosphorus, iron, … to meet the nutritional needs for the comprehensive development of the fetus.

1.1.2 Chicken porridge

Chicken is one of the most delicious and nutritious culinary ingredients. Chicken is simply not only used directly for seasoning. If falling into a highly skilled chef, chicken can be processed into many delicious and nutritious dishes. Chicken can be stewed to form delicious dishes such as red apple lotus seed chicken, red apple stewed chicken, vegetable stewed chicken,…
In addition, chicken porridge is also a nutritious and extremely easy to eat dish. They are not only suitable for pregnant women. This is also a dish that the elderly, children, … can completely use. Chicken porridge contains a large amount of Protein, iron, zinc and other important trace elements. These substances are very beneficial for pregnant women’s health. It also helps to accelerate the brain development of the fetus. In addition, pregnant women can cook chicken porridge with shiitake mushrooms and carrots to increase the flavor of the dish.

1.1.3 Fish porridge

The nutritious fish porridge for pregnant women includes: carp, salmon, carp,… These are the foods that provide the pregnant mother’s body with a lot of omega-3 fatty acids and a certain amount of protein. In addition, fish porridge contains many minerals and vitamins, so you can eat them regularly during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

1.1.4 Roasted peanut chicken

Chicken cooked with peanuts and roasted peanuts is one of the nutritious dishes for the first 3 months of pregnancy. This dish not only has outstanding color, delicious taste and also contains many nutrients. The nutrients found in this dish are: Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, and Vitamim. This is a whole nutrient that is very suitable for the development of the fetus.

1.1.5 Hot vegetable soup cooked with minced meat

Spinach soup cooked with minced meat is a dish that is considered extremely good. With a delicious, refreshing and very nutritious taste. In addition, the vegetable soup is very good quality and suitable for pregnant women. This soup contains a lot of nutrients, vitamins and fiber that are useful for the mother’s body and the healthy development of the fetus.

1.1.6 Fried salmon with honey sauce

Fried salmon with honey sauce stimulates the taste buds by its delicious, unusually attractive taste. It is considered a quality food, rich in nutrition and very suitable for pregnant women. Simple recipe. Therefore, pregnant women should include this dish and in the daily menu. Using this dish will help the body receive the necessary amount of minerals, help the fetus develop comprehensively quickly.

1.1.7 Types of smoothies, juices

During the first 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant women should regularly drink vitamins and juices such as mango, banana, avocado, strawberry, apple or orange juice. Because fruit smoothies contain a lot of Vitamin C, D and iron, it must be very beneficial. These types of water are easy to drink and extremely good for mother and child.

1.2 Food for pregnant women in the middle 3 months


During the second trimester of pregnancy. The nutritional needs of pregnant women increase gradually. This is also a very important period for the growth of the baby in the womb. Every day, during this period, pregnant women need to meet enough:

  • Năng lượng: 2560Kcal
  • Axit Folic: 600 – 800mcg
  • Canxi: 1000 – 2000mg
  • Chất đạm: 70gr
  • Sắt: 27 – 30mg
  • Vitamin A, B1, D, kẽm, i-ốt,…

Pregnant women in the second trimester should supplement with a variety of food sources. These sources come from: fish, meat, milk, eggs and fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact, this is the period when pregnant women can eat most foods. Thus, pregnant women can refer to the following recommended foods:

1.2.1 Carp

The composition of carp meat contains a lot of protein, phosphorus, fat and vitamin B groups (B1, B3, B5, B6,…). These groups of vitamins are very useful for the blood supply to the body. In addition, carp also contains many other nutrients such as Vitamins A, K, E and PP, iron, zinc, potassium, selenium, …
Compared to other foods. Protein in carp meat is very rich and helps the body to digest more easily. Black to protect, support the digestive system to work effectively. In addition, carp also contains the same amount of omega-3, zinc, lutein and selenium as salmon. These substances help to form the brain and nervous system of the baby during pregnancy and prevent birth defects.
Mothers can prepare many different nutritious dishes from carp such as: steamed carp with ginger, carp porridge, braised carp with melon, …

1.2.2 Green bean carp porridge

The harmonious combination of porridge and the sweet taste of green beans creates a delicious dish that is loved by mothers. Carp meat contains many essential nutrients for the mother and baby’s body. Substances such as protein, protein, phosphorus, fat, vitamins useful for hematopoiesis, zinc, potassium, magnesium, lysine, … help children’s brains develop better and become smarter.

1.2.3 Pan-fried Salmon with Garlic Butter Sauce

The nutritional value of salmon is very rich. Salmon is packed with fats, omegas, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Especially omega-3 content is really good for young brains. To easily enjoy the full aroma from sea salmon. You should make them into pan-fried salmon with garlic butter sauce. The name of the dish sounds complicated, but the method is extremely simple and does not require much. This dish not only helps the mother be healthy but also helps the fetus develop well, playfully, and healthy.

1.2.4 Red bean stewed pork leg

Red bean stewed pork leg is a dish that appears a lot in the menu of pregnant women. Red bean + pork leg are two ingredients that are extremely rich in nutrients. When they are combined, they create a very nutritious dish. With only 2 simple ingredients, they are the perfect combination to supplement nutrition for mother and baby.

1.2.5 Stir-fried Asparagus with Beef

The special combination of stir-fried asparagus with beef creates a delicious and nutritious dish for pregnant women. Beef is rich in iron and protein which helps to limit color deficiency. Asparagus contains a lot of essential minerals and vitamins for the body. The combination of beef and asparagus creates a dish that is evaluated as quality in the pregnant diet menu.

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1.2.6 Baked sweet potato

Sweet potatoes contain a wide variety of vitamins. Rich in antioxidants, minerals and fiber. Delicious, nutritious baked sweet potatoes are very useful for pregnant women’s health and especially help you limit some uncomfortable problems during pregnancy.

1.2.7 Stir-fried eggs with wormwood leaves

Wormwood eggs are considered a healthy food for pregnant women in the second trimester of pregnancy. This is a very tasty dish and very easy to eat. It is a food that helps to nourish the blood, support the digestive system of pregnant women and promote the health of the fetus to always be healthy.

1.3 Pregnant dishes in the last 3 months of pregnancy


Providing pregnant women with food groups in the last 3 months of pregnancy is extremely important. Important nutrients that are indispensable in a pregnant woman’s meal will include:

  • Energy: 2500Kcal
  • Carbohydrates: 385 – 430gr
  • Protein: 60 – 70g
  • Fiber: 28g
  • Iron: 27 – 30mg
  • Folic Acid: 600 – 800mcg
  • Calcium: 1200 – 1500mcg

The last 3 months are a very important period. At this time, the baby has absorbed a lot of nutrients and is growing in the womb. Eating and drinking at this stage should not be subjective. If subjective, it will directly affect the fetus, causing the mother to give birth prematurely, …

1. 3.1 Duck eggs

The nutrition inside the duck eggs is protein and energy. These substances are very beneficial for the health of the mother and the fetus. Pregnant women can use 1 duck egg for breakfast every day to combat cold hands and feet and add more nutrients to their body.

1.3.2 Ripe papaya

Papaya when ripe will be cool, sweet and extremely rich in vitamins. Therefore, ripe papaya is a very beneficial fruit for pregnant women’s health during this last 3 months of pregnancy. After a meal, you can dessert with a small piece of papaya!

1.3.3 Coconut water

Coconut water is very cool, easy to drink and contains many healthy nutrients. That’s why they are widely used by many people. Coconut water for pregnant women in this last 3 months will help clean the amniotic fluid. Helps your baby’s skin become more rosy, white and smooth.

1.3.4 Types of bean tea

Beans are a very rich source of protein, iron, fiber, and vitamins. These substances in beans bring a lot of benefits to pregnant women’s health. Beans are a food capable of clearing heat, detoxifying and preventing many dangerous diseases. In addition, beans also support the treatment of constipation, indigestion, bloating in pregnant women.

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1.3.5 Black sesame milk

Black sesame is considered to contain many nutrients to help beautify the skin and prevent common diseases in pregnant women. Not only good food for pregnant women. The nutritional composition in sesame also supports the fetal brain development in a more comprehensive way. In addition, black sesame milk also helps pregnant women recover quickly after giving birth.

1.3.6 Mixed vegetable and fruit soup

The soup usually has a sweet taste and is extremely nutritious from vegetables and fruits. The nutritional value of this soup is very high. Pregnant mothers are encouraged to regularly use to strengthen the immune system for both mother and baby to always be healthy.

1.3.7 Red bean stewed pork leg

Red bean stewed pork leg is a dish that many pregnant women use in their menu. Red beans combined with pork leg is a very high quality dish. These are two ingredients that make up an extremely nutritious dish. Not just a food that provides many nutrients. Red bean stewed pork leg is also a food that stimulates breast milk a lot.

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2. Conclusion

Above is a detailed article that answers questions about pregnant foods that fathers need to pay attention to. The dishes here will be suitable for pregnant women in each stage. Making them is not difficult at all. The decisive factor to the success of a dish is the purchase of quality ingredients. If you buy raw materials of unknown origin, there are many potential dangers to the mother and fetus.
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