[Guide] 2 How to soak artichoke wine according to the traditional secret


Using artichoke wine is the best way for you to improve your health, improve problems related to the digestive system, and help your body easily absorb effective vitamins. There are many different ways to soak artichokes, depending on the needs and health status of each person, you can choose the appropriate soaking method. For more detailed information on how to soak artichoke wine, how to use it, its uses and notes when using artichoke wine, please take a few minutes to follow the detailed sharing article below.

1. What is artichoke wine?

Before we learn together about how to soak artichoke wine effectively, let’s take a few minutes to find out what artichoke wine is.


Artichoke wine is a type of wine soaked from 100% pure fresh artichoke cotton. Artichoke is an herbal plant native to the Mediterranean region. As a herbaceous plant, the adult tree is about 1.5 – 2.5m tall. Artichoke is a plant that lives mainly in areas with cold tropical climates. Currently, artichokes are being grown the most in Da Lat, Tam Dao and Sapa areas.
There is only one type of artichoke tree, Da Lat green artichoke. However, now this herb also has a different type of red artichoke compared to the green artichoke grown in Da Lat. Red artichoke is used to make syrup or make summer cooling tea. Whether it is red artichoke or green artichoke, they all have the common use of being very good for the cardiovascular system, supplementing with a variety of vitamins for the body, reducing harmful cholesterol,… In particular, they are all used to drink alcohol.

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2. Uses of wine soaked artichoke?

The uses of artichoke soaked wine include:
  • Support the digestive system: Artichoke alcohol can help stimulate the digestive system, reduce symptoms of bloating, difficulty digesting food.
  • Reducing bad cholesterol: Artichoke wine, if used in sufficient doses, will greatly improve the level of beneficial cholesterol in the blood, protecting heart health.
  • Supports weight loss: Artichoke wine can help stimulate metabolism and burn excess belly fat in the body. From there, well support the weight loss process
  • Protects the liver: Drinking artichoke alcohol in moderation also helps protect the liver system from free radicals and harmful agents.
  • Enhance skin health: Women who use artichoke wine in reasonable doses also overcome skin problems very well. Artichoke wine is rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants in artichoke wine can help slow down the aging process of the skin, help the skin become healthy, without melasma, freckles, crow’s feet,…
However, artichoke wine is like any other wine. You also need to use it in moderation and in a reasonable dose. Drinking too much alcohol can be harmful to health.
So we don’t have to wait long, let’s find out the simple ways to soak artichokes from A – Z right away.

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3. How to soak red artichoke wine according to the heirloom recipe?

Artichoke wine consists of two main ingredients: red artichoke flowers and white wine. But perhaps, artichokes are the most important ingredients and you need to know how to choose them properly to get a good quality artichoke wine. How to choose quality bright red artichoke flowers as follows:
  • Color: Choose bright red artichoke flowers. There are no abnormal signs
  • Check for freshness: Use your hands to check each artichoke flower to see if they are fresh or not? Fresh artichoke flowers will have soft, flexible wings
  • Where to buy: Buy red artichokes at reputable stores in your area. This will help you ensure the quality and origin of the artichoke flower
  • Expiry date: If you buy packaged artichokes at stores, check the product packaging to see if the product has an expiration date.
Note that artichoke flowers spoil very quickly. Therefore, after purchasing artichoke flowers, store and use them quickly to avoid losing the freshness and nutrition of the product.

3.1 Preparation materials:

  • 2-4 kg of red artichoke flowers
  • 40 liters of delicious sticky rice wine (40 degrees Celsius)
  • 50ml honey
  • 2 teaspoons granulated salt
  • Wine-soaked crock pot


3.2 Implementation steps:

Step 1: Prepare ingredients
  • Buy red artichoke flowers, use scissors to cut off the artichoke flower stalks
  • After removing the stalk, you cut off the pistil inside
  • Only get the radio part back
  • Mix in a pot of diluted salt, put the artichoke calyx in it and soak it with dilute salt for 60 minutes to reduce the acrid taste
  • Pick up the artichoke calyx, wash it with clean water
  • Let the artichoke calyx dry and drain
  • Rinse the wine cellar with a little white wine
  • Use a clean towel to dry the wine in the bottle
  • Let the wine bottle dry, drain completely


Step 2: Soak red artichoke wine
  • Put the entire red artichoke calyx into a wine-soaked vase
  • Slowly pour white glutinous rice wine into the pickling jar
  • Pour 50ml of honey into the jar soaked in red artichoke
  • Stir the wine until the honey dissolves
  • Soaking red artichoke wine for 4-6 months can be used


Note: red artichoke wine should be soaked for at least 4 months, then the new wine will be delicious and promote its full use. The wine should be soaked in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. Use a good wine, about 40 degrees Celsius, during the soaking process, the alcohol concentration will decrease to a stable level. Wish you always success!

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4. How to soak green artichoke wine simply at home?

4.1 Preparation materials:

  • 1 – 3kg of fresh artichokes
  • 60ml honey
  • 40 liters of delicious glutinous wine 9 (Type 40 degrees C)
  • 2 teaspoons fine salt
  • 35ml lemon juice
  • Wine decanter


4.2 Implementation steps:

Step 1: Prepare ingredients
  • When you buy fresh artichokes, you cut off the flower stem and the artichoke flower part together
  • Using a knife, cut the top of the artichoke about 1.25cm – 2.5cm
  • Using scissors, cut off the sharp part of the artichoke flower head
  • Cut the artichoke flower into 4 parts (for large artichokes). With small artichokes (cut in half)
  • Using the sharp end of the knife, remove the pistil to avoid bitterness
  • Drain a basin of clean water, add salt + lemon juice. Stir until the salt dissolves
  • Put the freshly prepared artichoke flower part and soak it in lemon salt water for 60 minutes to remove the acrid taste
  • After soaking fresh artichoke flowers, you pick up the flowers and wash them with clean water. Let the artichoke flowers dry out
  • Rinse the wine cellar with a little white wine
  • Use a clean towel, dry the bottle, let it dry


Step 2: Soak fresh artichoke flower wine
  • Put the whole fresh artichoke flower, which has just been cleaned, into the wine-soaked jar
  • Pour all the white wine into the blue artichoke vase
  • Put 60ml of honey into the green artichoke wine bottle
  • Stir well until the honey dissolves with the alcohol
  • Close the lid of the jar, soak the green artichoke wine for 6 – 8 months to be able to use it


Note: You should also soak the green artichoke wine for at least 6 months to use it. The wine should be soaked in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. In addition, you can lower the green artichoke wine to drink it will be the most wonderful.

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5. How to properly store artichoke wine, keep it for a long time without spoiling?

To store artichoke wine properly and keep the best taste and quality for a long time. You can follow these steps:
  • Store in a cool and dark place: Artichoke wine should be stored in a cool school, away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. Excessive heat can destroy the smell and taste of the wine
  • Close the cap of the bottle after use: After using artichoke wine, make sure to close the lid of the wine bottle. The tight lid will help prevent outside air and bacteria from entering and affecting the quality of the wine
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to air: When taking out the artichoke wine to use, quickly close the lid to avoid the wine being exposed to the air for too long.
  • Avoid environments with strange odors: Artichoke wine easily absorbs odors and flavors from the surrounding environment. Avoid storing alcohol near sources of foreign odors such as strong chemicals, fishy-smelling foods, etc.
  • Check the wine regularly: If you are storing artichoke wine for a long time. Test your wine regularly to make sure it’s in top condition.
Remember, artichoke wine, like any type of alcohol soaked in them, has an expiration date. Although you can store it properly, the taste and quality of the wine will degrade over time. So, enjoy artichoke wine for a certain period of time so that you can clearly feel the taste of the wine.

6. Who should not use artichoke wine?


Artichoke wine has many health benefits. However, as with any alcohol, there are some circumstances in which artichokes should be limited or avoided. Here are some cases where artichoke should not be used:
  • Pregnant women: Artichoke wine, like any other alcohol, should not be consumed during pregnancy. Artichoke wine has a strong alcohol content, the consumption of artichoke wine by pregnant women in a large amount will seriously affect the health of mother and fetus.
  • Women who are breastfeeding: Women who are breastfeeding, absolutely do not drink artichokes. The alcohol in artichoke wine can be passed through breast milk. Breastfeeding babies will dangerously affect the brain
  • People with liver disease: Artichoke wine with high alcohol content is very dangerous to the liver system. People with liver disease or liver problems should not drink too much artichoke to damage the liver
  • Alcoholics
  • People with a history of allergy to artichoke alcohol
  • Patient is on medication
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7. Conclude

Above is a detailed article explaining 2 ways to soak artichoke wine according to an effective and heirloom recipe at home that Dried Agricultural Products has shared with readers. Hopefully, the detailed sharing above will help you always succeed and have yourself a delicious and top-class potion. Wish you always success!!!
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