6+ delicious and healthy stewed chicken soup


Stewed chicken soup is a very hot dish these days. Hanoi weather is entering the season of changing seasons with erratic sunny and rainy weather. With this type of weather, if someone has weak resistance, it is easy to get sick. Just to prevent the disease but still have something to eat to warm the stomach, it is definitely impossible to ignore the stewed chicken soup in this cold weather. Today, please take a few minutes to follow Dung Ha Dry Food and learn 6+ delicious and healthy stewed chicken soup!

1. What is stewed chicken soup?

Chicken stew is a very popular dish. Besides being a delicious soup, stewed chicken soup is also very good for human health. With the main ingredient is chicken. Combine with the accompanying additives to make the dish more nutritious. This soup you can completely combine with any kind of ingredients you want. In particular, this dish is very suitable for the elderly, young children and women before and during pregnancy.


When enjoying this soup, you will get all the nutrients secreted from the chicken. In addition, this is also a very good refreshment dish every summer. The smoke from the chicken casserole rose up, giving off a sharp aroma in a small kitchen corner in the house. Enjoy a chewy piece of chicken, seasoned with a little broth. Wow, what a dish that makes so many people immersed in such a delicious compliment.
Today, with modern technology, you don’t just eat stewed chicken. Along with that, vegetables are also stewed to help you enjoy more delicious flavors. Let’s learn more about these soups!

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2. Delicious and nutritious stewed chicken soup

2.1 Red apple stewed chicken soup

Topping the list of delicious chicken soup, surely you can’t miss the red apple stewed chicken soup. With the main ingredients are chicken and red apple. That’s all, but it makes for an extremely quality dish. This is an extremely good stew for people with physical weakness. Those who have just been sick to recover will take a long time. The use of a bowl of chicken soup with red apple stew helps the patient’s health improve quickly.
As we all know, red apples contain a lot of beneficial substances. Nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and antioxidants jujube are all enough. These are all important substances for human health. Red apples are not just culinary ingredients. For many generations, red apple has been a popular medicine in modern traditional medicine to treat diseases extremely effectively. It is found that when combined with stewed chicken as a dish, it will help patients absorb it more easily.
This dish is recommended for women to eat once or twice a week. Red apple medicine is an extremely effective remedy for skin-related diseases. The powerful antioxidant compound will help curb the formation of malignant cancer cells. Especially skin cancer in women.

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2.2 Korean ginseng chicken soup

Korean ginseng chicken soup is a popular dish in Korea. The reason, ginseng is a rare medicine of Korea. They are considered as companions to Koreans in all circumstances. South Korea is also the largest producer of ginseng in the country. Therefore, the value of Korean ginseng brought to users is extremely high. And it is also a type of ginseng that is trusted by many international friends.
Even in our country Vietnam, many people also want to use Korean ginseng once in their life. Ginseng is not only for drinking, but many people also like ginseng in the culinary field. And Korean ginseng chicken soup is a dish that many Vietnamese people like to use. This dish is very good for the elderly, the elderly. In particular, people who often suffer from insomnia, poor memory, and physical weakness should add ginseng stewed chicken soup to their diet.

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2.3 Chicken with lotus seed stew

The next list is lotus chicken soup. Chicken stew with lotus seeds is an extremely cool soup used by many housewives. Lotus seeds are very common and are used a lot in cuisine. On Tet, the traditional Vietnamese Tet soup bowls, the image of fresh lotus seeds cannot be absent. In order to have a delicious soup, the purchase of input ingredients needs to be carefully selected. With lotus seeds, your soup will be much more delicious and flavorful. Therefore, having lotus seeds, the dish will be more delicious and stimulating to eaters.


The broth will smell like a typical lotus seed. Along with that, the sweetness from the chicken broth makes the user flutter in the shower. This dish will be very good for the pregnant mother and the development of the fetus. Enhance breast milk benefits. Enhance brain intelligence development function. Helps pregnant women easily fall asleep and have a good night’s sleep. Chicken stew with lotus seeds, fathers should cook for pregnant mothers to eat 3 times a week!

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2.4 Chicken stew with mushrooms

On the chicken soup menu, the next one is chicken stew with mushrooms. Mushrooms are an extremely important culinary ingredient. Mushrooms appear in almost all delicious dishes. With mushrooms, the dish will become delicious and smell from nature. For young people, hot pot mushrooms are indispensable ingredients. Vietnamese mushrooms are very diverse, with many designs, colors and uses. There are varieties used in cuisine. But there are types that are used to soak in alcohol to improve men’s health. The most typical one is the reishi mushroom soaked in alcohol.
With mushrooms, your broth will be more delicious and fragrant. Feeling, biting a piece of chicken and then eating a piece of mushroom as if you are eating things 100% from mother nature. Not only used a lot in hot pot and stew. Mushrooms are also difficult to replace ingredients in traditional Tet soup bowls of each region.

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2.5 Chicken stew with traditional medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is no longer strange to many people. Traditional Chinese medicine is very benign and brings a lot of good uses for health. It’s not natural that so many people use it. The ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine are very diverse and rich. These ingredients come from completely natural. Carefully distilled, refined into a medicinal form and then brought back to the form of drinking water for treatment.
Just cured but your body still receives enough nutrients, perhaps the chicken soup stewed with traditional Chinese medicine you cannot ignore. The perfect combination of Chinese medicine with chicken will make it easy for you to enjoy the delicious taste of the dish. Eat well, and support the treatment of diseases. One dish but has 2 health effects. I’m sure that when stewing traditional medicine, many people will like it and compliment it. Please try to make this dish!

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2.6 Vegetable and chicken stew

On the list of stewed chicken soup last, it is chicken stew with vegetables. If you are bored with the above dishes and now want to change, vegetables are the food you should use. Vegetables are known to contain a lot of fiber that is beneficial for the digestive system. In family meals, vegetables are indispensable. With vegetables in your meal, you will have fiber and will not suffer from indigestion. In general, vegetables are very good and you should eat them on a regular basis.
Vegetables will give you more choices. Chicken stew with vegetables will help the water to be delicious and flavorful. Change the diet to make it more special and more mouth-watering. This dish is very suitable for young children. The digestive system of children is still weak, adding fiber with vegetables is the most convenient and easy way.

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3. Conclusion

Above is the entire article sharing culinary news about delicious and nutritious chicken stew that you can refer to. In order to have a delicious dish, the input factors need to be clearly tested. Quality ingredients will determine up to 85% of the success of that dish. But in general, the stewed chicken soup above here is extremely easy to make without causing any difficulties. You should add these dishes to your family’s diet menu to nourish your health. It is best to use 3 times a week.


Thank you for reading this article. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment at the bottom of the article and we will accept that contribution from you. Your uncle always succeeds with these dishes from the first time in the kitchen. Follow Dry Food to stay updated with many other useful culinary information.

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