How to properly prepare dried bamboo shoots to remove toxins?


Dried bamboo shoots are an extremely popular variety of bamboo shoots in Vietnam. Especially on the upcoming Lunar New Year 2023. In every family, the image of a bowl of bamboo shoot soup with bamboo shoots appears a lot. With the delicious taste from bamboo shoots, crispy crispy pork leg is extremely mouth-watering. But there is only one point that many women still do not know how to properly prepare dried bamboo shoots. When eating, there is no aroma, it is still difficult to eat. And to answer this question, I invite you to follow Dung Ha Dry Food to learn about how to properly prepare dried bamboo shoots, choose to buy dried bamboo shoots and cook with dried bamboo shoots.

1. What is dried bamboo shoots?

Dried bamboo shoots, also known as dried bamboo shoots, are 100% fresh bamboo shoots. Dried bamboo shoots are the common name of bamboo shoots such as: tangled bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, … Each type of bamboo shoots has its own shape and flavor. The process of making dried bamboo shoots is also quite simple, not fussy. Freshly harvested bamboo shoots will be washed, cut into pieces to eat. Soak in water to remove toxins and then proceed to dry. Fresh bamboo shoots and dried bamboo shoots have very different characteristics and are the same when eaten.


But perhaps, the Vietnamese New Year’s Day lacks nothing but a bowl of bamboo shoot soup is indispensable. Dried bamboo shoots can be processed into many delicious and nutritious dishes. Vietnam’s dried bamboo shoots are popular, the most famous of which is the Northwest region. Northwest dried bamboo shoots are bamboo shoots of great economic value, rich in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins necessary for humans. Eating dried bamboo shoots is not only delicious, but dried bamboo shoots also bring many other benefits to the body such as:

  • Low calorie, a healthy weight loss food
    Rich in fiber, providing fiber for the digestive system
    Prevents the formation and spread of cancer cells
    Good for joints, prevent joint pain
    Good for the cardiovascular system
    Used as medicine for medical background

To get delicious and nutritious food for the body. The process of preliminary processing of dried bamboo shoots is extremely important that you must not forget and ignore. Let’s find out now.

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2. The fastest way to prepare bamboo shoots to remove toxins?

Dried bamboo shoots have a slightly bitter, slightly sweet taste. Extremely rich in nutrients and fiber. Eating dried bamboo shoots has many good effects for humans. As a dish with a very rich fiber content, dried bamboo shoots are always the number 1 choice of Vietnamese families on the upcoming traditional Lunar New Year. Anything lacking in Tet is indispensable, indispensable for a bowl of bamboo shoot soup, green banh chung and chicken.


According to the traditional processing method, dried bamboo shoots that are dried or dried for many hours will give a natural yellow color. However, many processing factories do not want to waste time, limit moldy bamboo shoots and to get a beautiful yellow color, they use dried sulfur.
To eliminate toxins, let’s take a look at the fastest way to remove toxins from bamboo shoots below:
Step 1: Dry bamboo shoots wash under clean running water to remove dust. Soak bamboo shoots in cold water for 6 hours. Change the water every 2 and a half hours to remove the bitter taste
Step 2: Strip the bamboo shoots into small strands, just long enough to eat
Step 3: Put bamboo shoots in a saucepan, fill with water, bring bamboo shoots to boil. The process of boiling, opening the lid so that the bad smell + pungent smell of bamboo shoots are all gone
Step 4: Boil bamboo shoots thoroughly, pour out the bamboo shoot broth, replace with new water. Do it continuously 2-3 times so that the bamboo shoots broth is clear and odorless
Step 5: After doing enough times, rinse the bamboo shoots under clean running water. Put the bamboo shoots in a basket, drain the water
Step 6: After boiling, bamboo shoots still retain their characteristic yellow color and are tough

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3. How to distinguish bad quality dried bamboo shoots?

3.1 How to identify poor quality dried bamboo shoots?


Before having a delicious, nutritious quality food. Choosing to buy dried bamboo shoots is extremely important. Besides choosing to buy dried bamboo shoots, you also need to distinguish poor quality bamboo shoots like? You can refer to the method below:

  • Quality dried bamboo shoots must have a natural bright yellow color from the sunlight of the mountains. If bamboo shoots have a more beautiful color than natural, it may be the type of bamboo that has been impregnated with sulfur to create an eye-catching look for consumers.
  • Holding bamboo shoots in your hand, bringing it to your nose to smell, bamboo shoots do not have a specific aroma, but instead have a strange taste or it means that the bamboo shoots are of poor quality and have no taste.
  • Bring the bamboo shoot up close to your observation eye. Look closely to see if the surface of the bamboo shoots has unusual black spots. If there are black spots, the bamboo shoots may be moldy and should not be bought and used. Use hand to break, if the bamboo shoots break, there is no good elasticity, it is poor quality bamboo shoots.

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3.2 How to choose to buy quality dried bamboo shoots?

  • Color: Good dried bamboo shoots will have a light brown color, clearly see the contours, wrinkles on the surface, the flesh is thick. Holding hands is not wet, can be broken. Dried bamboo shoots have unusual colors such as dark brown, dark yellow, darker than clean dried bamboo shoots, which are sulfur-impregnated bamboo shoots in excess of the permissible limit. Clean bamboo shoots must have outstanding colors, bright colors, and no mold on the surface.
  • Taste: Natural dried bamboo shoots still retain 100% of their natural flavor even when dried. As for dried bamboo shoots soaked with sulfur, it has an extremely strange taste that is easy to recognize. The surface of the bamboo shoots appears white mottled as if it is moldy. It feels soft or breakable in the hand.
  • Shape: Choose dry bamboo shoots with pig tongue shape, medium size, short burning. When cooked quickly and soft, it will save a lot of time. Preferably choose to buy the tops of bamboo shoots. Because this part when cooked is tastier and softer than the bamboo shoots.
  • Storage: Dried bamboo shoots need to be sealed in a vacuum bag. There are full parameters: production date, expiry date, brand, business unit, origin, … Sold at reputable dry goods stores in the area. Committed to dry clean, safe bamboo shoots, not impregnated with harmful chemicals, no mold, … Chemically soaked dried bamboo shoots are sold a lot, spread on the market, do not specify the origin address, .. .

4. What do dry bamboo shoots do delicious?

Talking about food, perhaps dried bamboo shoots can be processed into thousands of delicious dishes suitable for each person. Depending on the season, it is possible to process dried bamboo shoots appropriately. If summer, a bowl of bamboo shoot soup will help you relieve the heat. In winter, a bowl of stewed bamboo shoots soup with pork shank will help keep your body warm. Here are some delicious dishes from dried bamboo shoots.

  • Noodles with pork rolls: When talking about vermicelli, people only think of vermicelli or vermicelli. Not many people know that vermicelli with pork rolls is also extremely delicious, many people eat it once and feel addicted. The broth is sweet and clear, seasoned with extremely delicate and eye-catching spices. The pork leg is cooked well, still retains its crunchy texture, and is seasoned with flavor. Dried bamboo shoots are crunchy and fragrant. Putting it together is an incredible perfection.
  • Chicken cooked with dried bamboo shoots: Shredded chicken will be cooked with dried bamboo shoots. That is the success of this dish. Strong broth flavor, chewy chicken. Crispy dry bamboo shoots make everyone who eats ecstatic. Especially when eaten hot, the deliciousness must be scored 10.
  • Duck cooked with bamboo shoots: Duck soup cooked with bamboo shoots is so perfect that it is not disputed. A bowl of vermicelli will be the choice for many families. The duck meat is cut into enough pieces. Mixed with dry chewy bamboo shoots to eat extremely in the mouth. Adding a little bamboo shoots soaked in garlic vinegar will be an extremely mouth-watering dish.

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5. Summary

Above is a detailed, meticulous article, answering the question of how to prepare the fastest drying bamboo shoots to remove toxins that we want to send to our readers. In addition, we also want to give some more information on how to choose the right standard dried bamboo shoots for your reference. Just pay a little attention in the process of handling dried bamboo shoots to remove toxins, and you can completely unleash your creativity with many delicious dishes from dried bamboo shoots. This is the most standard way of processing. Just do it and you will get amazing results.
Thank you for following and reading this article of Dry Food. Wish you have a lot of delicious dishes for your family on the upcoming Lunar New Year 2023. Buy cheap reputable quality dried bamboo shoots in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh to find Dung Ha Agricultural Products.



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