Suggestions for a tray of rice on a summer day in the 3 regions of the North – Central – South


Summer is coming soon, this is also the time to gradually switch to snacks that bring a pleasant cool feeling to the body. Whether it’s the North – Central or the South, the summer lunch tray always has typical dishes of each region. So Dung Ha Dry Food will suggest the summer rice tray in the 3 regions of the North – Central – South for readers to know.

1. Suggestions for a tray of rice on a summer day in the North

Summer days in the North are as hot as fire. The northern summer sun always makes the human body feel uncomfortable, angry, tired. But don’t worry, some suggestions for a meal tray on a summer day in the North will completely blow away those difficulties and fatigue. Let’s find out together:


1.1 Northern summer soup dishes?

The dish that appears first in the summer tray of the Northern people is the cool soup. Eating rice without soup is very difficult. For the elderly, without soup, eating rice will be very easy to choke. Some popular summer day soup dishes of the Northern people are as follows:

1.1.1 Water spinach soup:

  • Water spinach is a vegetable that is grown a lot, popular in the North of Vietnam. Water spinach has many types: Water spinach, water spinach, … Each type of water spinach gives users a very unique experience. But in general, eating boiled morning glory with garlic sauce or cooking soup is extremely delicious. The crunchy, crunchy water spinach fibers are very tasty to eat.
  • You can cook water spinach soup to get the water. As for water spinach, you can cook it with garlic and it is also very delicious. A bunch of water spinach just cooked soup and fried. That is the incredible convenience that water spinach brings.

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Eating boiled water spinach is very good. Boiled water spinach soup has health benefits such as:

  • Cool soup for hot summer days
  • Strengthen the body’s immune system
  • Very good for the digestive system
  • Good for skin health
  • Keep your eyes healthy

1.1.2 Spinach soup

  • Mangosteen soup is a soup used by many northern families in the summer. Mangosteen soup can be cooked vegetarian, cooked with dried shrimp, carrots, … This is a popular soup of the North with mild flavor, very sweet and extremely nutritious.

Using spinach soup in a tray of rice will bring a lot of nutritional value, vitamins, minerals and essential fiber. Tomato soup has the following uses:

  • Losing weight
  • Stable blood pressure regulation
  • Effective anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Fights pathogens of cancer cells

1.2 Main dishes

1.2.1 Northern braised meat:

  • Braised meat is a traditional dish of the North and is braised mainly from pork. Combined with that are the accompanying ingredients such as: water, coconut milk, spices, …
  • To make the dish more delicious, braised meat is often eaten with hot rice which is extremely delicious and attractive. Not only used to eat rice, braised meat is also sold in the morning to eat braised sticky rice

Braised meat contains a host of health benefits, including:

  • Provides abundant protein for the body
  • Reduce bad cholesterol in blood
  • Food to help keep the body warm
  • Boost your body’s health

However, eating braised meat a lot will lead to uncontrolled weight gain. You need to eat sensibly and in balance with other dishes.

1.2.2 Boiled Pork

  • Boiled pork is a dish that is cooked and boiled completely from pork. This is an easy dish to prepare. Boiled and then dipped with fish sauce.
  • Pork provides a lot of nutrients such as protein, B vitamins, fiber, and other essential minerals.

1.2.3 Roast duck meat

  • Roast duck is a favorite dish of many families in the summer. Processed from duck meat and marinated with some other spices such as fish sauce, ground pepper, chili powder, lemongrass,… Fully grilled on a charcoal stove, each piece of duck meat is always very delicious. taste
  • Roast duck provides a lot of nutrients for the body such as Protein, Vitamin B and essential minerals.

This is the sweet potato dish for men. A roast duck and a few cups of Northwest wine will make the dish much easier to eat.

1.3 Desserts

1.3.1 Watermelon

  • Watermelon is the dessert after finishing the meal of the Northern people. Watermelon is very delicious, sweet and nutritious for the health of the user.
  • Watermelon contains a lot of beneficial Vitamin C, which helps to strengthen resistance, reduce stress and pressure in life. Besides, antioxidants help reduce the risk of cancer.

1.3.2 Oranges

  • Dessert with oranges is also a widely used dish. Oranges contain a lot of vitamin C, which helps strengthen the immune system. Orange is also an important dish for those who are sick and want to recover. An important fruit for health, and should be included in the diet menu.

2. Suggestions for a tray of rice on a summer day in the Central region

2.1 Frugal and nutritious dishes

2.1.1 Turmeric braised meat

If the North has vegetarian braised meat, the Central region is famous for turmeric braised meat:

  • Braised meat with turmeric is a popular dish of the Central people. This dish is made from beef combined with turmeric and accompanied by some additives.
  • Turmeric braised meat is fully marinated with spices, seasoned with sugar and a little white wine. This is a dish that provides a unique taste, has many health benefits such as pain relief, digestive support and increased resistance.

2.1.2 Minced squash soup

  • Minced squash soup is a dish made from minced beef or chicken. Combined with that to make the soup more delicious and nutritious, other vegetables and fruits will be needed.
  • Minced squash soup is cooked with coconut water to increase the sweetness of the dish. Used to eat with white rice is extremely delicious and very good for the digestive system


2.2 Easy and delicious dishes

2.2.1 Fried tuna with tomato sauce

  • Fried tuna with tomato sauce is a traditional dish of the Central people. This dish is made from tuna, tomatoes and some other seasoning ingredients.
  • Before frying, the fish is marinated very carefully with sugar, garlic, scallions, vinegar to create a sweet and sour taste for the dish.
  • With fried tuna in tomato sauce, it also helps to support the digestive system and strengthen the body’s resistance

2.2.2 Squid rim me

  • This is a dish made from fresh squid and combined with spices such as sugar, minced garlic, minced onion, and ground pepper.
  • Squid is fried to crispy golden brown and is treated with spices to create a sweet and attractive taste. With rim tamarind squid, you can eat it with hot rice, or sip it with a few glasses of beer.
  • Eating squid has many nutrients. Squid rim ta is a seafood dish that contains a lot of other nutritional values.

2.3 Desserts

2.3.1 Dragon fruit

  • Dragon fruit is a typical fruit of Vietnam. There are two types of dragon fruit in Vietnam: white flesh dragon fruit and red flesh dragon fruit.
  • Inside the dragon fruit contains a lot of nutrients such as Vitamin C, Beta-carotene. Eating dragon fruit is very refreshing, sweet and very easy to eat.
  • Not only used directly, dragon fruit is also used to make Smoothie drinks, mixed fruits, …

2.3.2 Mango dessert

  • Mango has a sweet taste and is very appealing to the mouth when eating. Mangoes are easy to eat, easy to prepare and contain many nutritional values.
  • Mangoes are rich in Vitamin C, Beta-carotene, Calcium and Potassium. These are all important substances for human health, helping to strengthen resistance, reduce stress and pressure. Mango is used in Smoothies, mixed fruits and eaten directly.

3. Suggestions for a tray of rice on a summer day in the South

3.1 Simple soup

3.1.1 Stuffed bitter melon soup

  • Stuffed bitter melon soup is a specialty dish of the people of the South. This is a soup made from bitter melon (bitter melon) and stuffed with pork inside.
  • With this bitter melon soup, the desire of the people of the South is the original wish for a year full of challenges, hardships and hardships to pass peacefully. Let’s welcome a new year full of luck and fortune.
  • In addition, stuffed bitter melon soup also provides important nutrients such as protein from meat, vitamins and minerals from bitter melon. This is a delicious dish that provides complete nutrition for the body


3.1.2 Minced sweet cabbage soup

  • Minced kohlrabi soup is made from minced cabbage and minced meat. This is a delicious dish and provides many essential nutrients.
  • Kale provides Vitamin C and several essential minerals. Meanwhile, minced meat provides protein and some other minerals. To sum up, minced pork chowder soup is an option for a more nutritious meal

3.2 Simple dish menu

3.2.1 Braised goby fish with laksa leaves

  • Braised goby fish with laksa leaves is a traditional dish of the South. With goby braised laksa leaves, it will be stocked with a lot of ingredients such as: goby fish, laksa leaves, potatoes and some other seasonings such as: Garlic, chili, ground pepper,… This is a dish. The dish provides the user with a full range of essential nutrients.

Braised goby laksa leaves have a number of important sources of nutrients such as:

  • Fish: a source of protein, omega-3 acids are very good for health
  • Potatoes: Provides Carbohydrates, Vitamins, and Minerals
  • Lettuce: a source of Vitamin C, minerals and fiber

In short, goby braised with laksa leaves provides the most important nutrients for good health.

3.2.2 Steamed snakehead fish

  • Steamed snakehead fish is a dish cooked from snakehead fish and gourd. This is an extremely delicious Southern dish.
  • Snakeheads are a good source of protein and healthy Omega-3 acids. Gourd is a fruit that provides many essential vitamins and minerals for the body. When combining gourd and snakehead fish together with some additives, they will turn into a nutritious and very delicious dish.

3.2.3 Stir-fried bitter gourd eggs

  • Stir-fried bitter gourd eggs is a popular and beloved dish in Vietnam in general and the South in particular. This is a simple, quick preparation dish for those who are short on time.
  • Eggs provide protein, vitamins and important minerals. Bitter gourd provides many vitamins and minerals. When combined with spices, fried bitter gourd eggs become a nutritious and delicious dish.

3.3 Dessert menu

3.3.1 Rambutan dessert

  • Rambutan is a very special fruit. The outer shell looks very similar to that of a hedgehog. The white inside is very soft, extremely sweet and delicious.
  • Rambutan can be eaten directly or as a juice drink is also very good. In rambutan contains nutrients such as: Vitamin C, rich in fiber, Carbohydrates, … However, in rambutan contains extremely high calories and sugar. Therefore, for those who are suffering from diabetes, they should limit the use of rambutan

3.3.2 Guava

  • Guava is the dessert you should have after your family’s meal. Guava dessert is very good for health. In addition, guava is also pressed into extremely high-quality drinking juice.
  • Guava has a sweet taste, is very crunchy and delicious. Guava contains a lot of healthy nutrients such as Vitamin C, Carbohydrates, Potassium and a high amount of fiber that is good for the digestive system. Guava is a very good food to prevent diarrhea or constipation.

With the suggestion of the summer rice tray in the 3 regions of the North – Central – South, it is easy to make, simple, delicious and nutritious. Hopefully, these dishes will help people in each region easily refer to the processing to increase the richness of their family’s menu. Thank you for taking the time to read this post!



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