What are the uses of perilla powder in health life?


What is the use of perilla powder is probably a question that many people pay attention to. Can this powder improve the beauty of the skin? Can some diseases such as Gout, blood fat, high liver enzymes be treated? Then follow in the footsteps of Dung Ha Dry Food and find out what perilla powder has in your health!

1. What is the use of perilla powder?


Perilla leaves are a very fragrant vegetable and are used a lot in Vietnamese cuisine. Perilla leaves have a characteristic aroma, spicy and warm properties. In addition, perilla is also considered a rare medicinal herb widely used in modern Eastern and Western medicine. Perilla contains a lot of active ingredients that can cure diseases such as cough, fever, cold, abdominal pain, .. and especially is widely used in the treatment of gout and beautifying the skin. for women.
Today, in order for users to be able to easily use it, perilla powder appears on the market. Used completely 100% pure from fresh perilla leaves. Going through a lot of processing stages as well as meticulous supervision in the selection of new inputs allowed to be sold on the market. Perilla powder is rich in Vitamins A, C, Ca, Fe and P, .. so it is really a low-cost skin beauty product that women should use.

1.1 Perilla powder for gout (Gout)

  • Gout is a common disease and anyone can get it. The main cause is due to excess uric acid in the diet. Over time, it accumulates in the blood in the form of sharp Urate crystals that form in joints, cartilage, and bones. It causes pain and swelling in the joints, making it impossible to walk.
  • In perilla leaf powder contains up to 4 active ingredients that help inhibit and eliminate active Uric Acid in the body to the outside. Compounds C5H5N5 and C6H14N4O2 have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and vasodilating effects. Help patients to reduce pain, reduce swelling and be able to walk more easily
  • You can dry perilla leaves or buy perilla powder at the store and then proceed to mix it into a liquid form and drink it. Drink 2 times a day (morning / evening) after meals, the signs of pain caused by gout will be reduced

1.2 Uses of perilla powder to treat acne, help whiten skin

  • Perilla powder is also widely used by women to beautify the skin. With the content of Vitamin C will help stimulate the growth of Collagen and Elastin for the skin. Helps you have a bright, smooth skin, prevents sagging. The active ingredient Prisril has the effect of purifying toxins, exfoliating dead skin cells. Improves skin color. Vitamin E helps to increase moisture in the skin. Leaves skin soft and smooth, without drying. Protect your skin from harmful agents from the sun or a smoky environment.
  • Termites spend 30 minutes before going to bed, you should steam with perilla powder. The steam will help your facial skin eliminate toxins, tighten pores. Or using a mask with perilla powder will help your facial skin relax more comfortably.

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1.3 Perilla powder for weight loss

  • Losing weight is always the dream of many women. There are many people who want to lose weight after giving birth to get in shape. Some people are overweight and want to lose weight safely and effectively at home. Using perilla powder is the most effective measure.


  • According to researchers, perilla leaf oil has the effect of burning excess fat in the body. Prevents the ability to absorb harmful fats into the body. Helps to lose weight, get in shape quickly. In addition, it also treats dyslipidemia, fatty blood. Diet with perilla essential oil is beneficial for health, reducing Cholestrol and Triglycerides.
  • Using 15g of perilla powder mixed with 200ml of boiling water and then drinking it after dinner will help stimulate sweat glands to burn excess fat. Reduces the body’s ability to absorb fat from food. Combined with a walk after dinner will help you digest better.

1.4 Desensitization

  • With our country’s weather conditions change rapidly. People with weak resistance are very susceptible to illness, colds, sneezing, runny nose. At such times, cooking porridge and adding a little perilla powder and then eating hot will help toxins to be eliminated through sweat glands. Or drink a cup of hot smoothie juice will help your body warmer, better cold.

1.5 Cure digestive disorders, stomach pain

  • Perilla contains Tanin and Glucoside. These two substances have anti-inflammatory effects, astringent wound healing, scar healing, fading scars. Bringing the decoction into a drink form will help relieve stomach pain and prevent digestive disorders effectively.
  • Falvonoids, Rosmarinic Acid and Caffeic Acid in perilla have an anti-inflammatory effect. Prevents gastric reflux and effectively fights spasms.

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2. How to make perilla powder at home simple and safe

On the market, there are many places that sell poor quality perilla powder and fake goods. Therefore, to ensure the health of your little family. Many women have been searching for a recipe to make perilla powder at home. But still many people struggle and sometimes even fail. Here, how to make perilla powder at home is very simple that you can refer to:
Preparation materials:
  • 2 bunches of fresh perilla
  • 15g salt
  • Mortar pestlecach-lam-bot-tai-to-tai-nha


  • It is necessary to choose a place to sell fresh and pure perilla vegetables to ensure quality. No leaf borers
    Chop each leaf and remove the stem. Only choose large, beautiful leaves, no pests
    Rinse under running water to remove all sand
    Mix a pot of dilute salt water and put the perilla leaves in and soak for 15 minutes
    Prepare a large mat, proceed to dry the leaves and dry them in the sun (about 2 sunshine). Leaves should be dried in a clean place to avoid dust and dirt
    In addition, you can use the drying method to shorten the time!
    After it has dried. You bring the leaves into the mortar and then proceed to pound it into a fine powder. If you want it to be smoother, you can put it in a blender
    When finished, you should store it in a jar or glass jar. Can also be stored in the refrigerator.

With just a few simple steps, you’ve got yourself a 100% pure quality perilla powder from fresh perilla.

3. How to use perilla powder safely

Let the product take full advantage of its uses and features. You should use the powder according to a specific amount of allowed. If abused, it will cause unwanted side effects.

  • Only use about 10-15g perilla leaf powder at a time
  • Do not exceed the permissible limit, it will cause poisoning and bloating
  • Should be mixed with boiling water at 100 degrees C
  • Contraindicated for people who are allergic to ingredients from perilla
  • It is recommended to buy perilla powder at reputable stores to avoid buying high-priced jagged products
  • Should limit drinking on an empty stomach or after 10pm
  • Children under 4 years old, parents should not let them use it

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4. Ending

Above is the entire detailed article about what is the use of perilla powder? How to use perilla powder safely. Hopefully, the above information will provide many useful things for readers. In order for the product to work to its full potential, the most important thing is that you should find a reputable and quality supplier of perilla powder in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Because now there are many units that distribute cheap perilla powder but have not yet verified the quality. When using, if you experience any symptoms, please seek medical attention as soon as possible.
If you want to buy cheap, reputable quality perilla powder in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, contact our company via Hotline: 1900 986865 (24/24H SUPPORT).
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