What’s wrong with ginger? What foods “should be avoided” when eating with ginger?


What is ginger’s taboo is a question of life experience that is currently of interest to many people. Everyone knows that ginger is very fragrant, delicious, nutritious, … but few people notice that ginger also has certain harmful effects. Almost in every dish, with ginger your dish will become a lot better quality. If you are subjective, it is your hand that turns ginger from harmless to toxic. Together with Dung Ha Dry Food, find out what ginger is taboo? Foods that “should be avoided” when eating with ginger lest bring disaster to the body!

1. What should you know about ginger?

Ginger is no longer strange to many Vietnamese. In all delicious dishes, ginger is an ingredient that can hardly be replaced. In daily meals, ginger is used to make dipping sauces, to remove the fishy smell of seafood, poultry, etc. In Oriental medicine, ginger is a very good medicinal ingredient. Ginger contains a lot of ginger essential oil components that are beneficial for health. Therefore, the use of ginger for human health is extremely beneficial such as:

  • Improve health, spirit, create excitement for the body
  • Dispel the fatigue and pressure
  • Improve problems related to intestinal digestive system
  • Eliminate sweat, lower body temperature
  • Overcoming the phenomenon of anorexia, skipping meals
  • Support the treatment of insomnia, help sleep better, deeper sleep
  • Treat the common cold
  • Treat nausea, motion sickness, cars,…


Those are the benefits of ginger if you prepare it properly. And if you do not know how to combine processing, you accidentally turn ginger from “benign” into a “toxic” product that is dangerous for the body. Here are a few things that our ancestors often advised not to combine.

1.1 Eat ginger in the evening

In ancient medicine, there was a saying: “Early morning ginger is better than ginseng juice – In the evening, eating ginger is equal to eating arsenic”. Through this sentence, can we imagine the dangerous harm of eating ginger at night?
Explaining the above statement, the researchers said: “In the morning, gas is in the stomach a lot, eating ginger at this time will help strengthen yang qi, promote blood circulation, stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and accelerate the digestion of food easily.In contrast, at night is the time when yin flourishes and yang declines. Eating ginger at this time is a violation of physiological laws, affecting sleep and metabolism in the body”.

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1.2 Eating too much ginger

Although, ginger brings the effect of reducing headaches, reducing bad cholesterol in the body, anti-inflammatory, and preventing cancer very well. But we must not overdo ginger in these things. Eating too much ginger will cause you certain health problems.
The reason, ginger is a very strong thermogenic product. Eating too much ginger can cause burning mouth, dry mouth, mouth sores and thirst. You should use ginger according to the specific dosage recommended by your doctor.

1.3 Peel the ginger

Many housewives are often very careful in ensuring food hygiene and safety. The ingredient that contains the most nutrients of ginger is: Ginger peel. But many women do not know this. Ginger is also useful, and has good medicinal properties when only the peel is used. Peeling off the skin will prevent the ginger from performing to its full potential. You just need to wash the ginger peel and use it right away.

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1.4 Ginger sprouts should not be eaten

Ginger sprouts are no longer edible, so don’t regret your possessions, but keep them and eat them lest you bring harm to your body. Using sprouted ginger will make ginger lose its true value. Ginger sprouts it has consumed all the nutrients that were originally stored in the ginger. And sometimes, some germinated ginger will rot on its own.
According to scientific experts, the nutritional value of sprouted ginger has seriously decreased. The middle rotten ginger also contains a lot of toxic substances for the human body. Ginger root like this, you should throw them out of sight. Using rotten, sprouted ginger will cause you to get liver cancer, esophageal cancer in severe cases. Therefore, you should not eat rotten ginger because it is “extremely” dangerous.  

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1.5 Eat crushed ginger

According to some studies, fresh crushed ginger can produce a powerful poison called Safrol. This substance can cause liver cell necrosis, thereby leading to dangerous liver cancer.

2. What’s wrong with ginger? The “incompatible” foods should be avoided


  • Ginger does not like dog meat: Dog meat contains many rich nutrients. Especially the protein content is extremely rich. Dog meat is an extremely hot dish. Ginger is a hot food. Ginger and dog meat is an all-hot dish. The combination of these two dishes together will cause hot flashes, clear heat and not good for health.
  • Ginger hate rabbit meat: Rabbit meat is spicy, temperate, non-toxic, rich in nutrition. Eating rabbit meat will have a beneficial effect on gas, only thirst, cooling, and nutrition. But if combined with ginger, it will lose all nutrients in rabbit meat.
  • Horse meat: Horse meat is an extremely rich dish of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins. But when horse meat is served with ginger, it will cause nausea, dizziness, cough and not good for health.
  • Ginger does not like wine: Ginger is hot. The wine is warm and spicy. Both are stimulants, when taken together will cause harm to the digestive tract. Therefore, you should not eat ginger but drink wine to protect gastrointestinal health.

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3. What’s wrong with ginger? Objects “should avoid” when using ginger

3.1 People with heatstroke, high fever

Ginger has a warm property, so it is very suitable for people with flu, colds, and heat after returning from the rain. In case of sunstroke or sunstroke. Definitely don’t use ginger juice. When there are signs of high fever, definitely do not eat ginger. Because ginger has thermogenic properties, it increases the body temperature of the patient, causing blood vessel blockage, even bleeding. Very dangerous for life.

3.2 People with high blood pressure

Drinking ginger water cures low blood pressure very well. But for people with high blood pressure, this is a dangerous drink. Because nowadays, ginger is like a stimulant that makes the disease worse. It can even rupture an artery causing a stroke.

3.3 People with stomachache


The nutritional composition of ginger contains substances that are dangerous to the stomach. It causes mucosal irritation, corrosion and stomach ulcers. People with stomach pain, stomach ulcers, duodenal onions, … if eating ginger regularly will make the disease more serious.

3.4 People with a history of liver disease

Ginger stimulates the secretion of liver cells, causing these cells to die in an accelerated state. Therefore, people with acute and chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis should not use ginger.

3.5 People with hemorrhoids, bleeding

Ginger is very hot, they can inhibit and break weak blood vessels, so people with a history of blood disorders such as nosebleeds, uterine bleeding or hemorrhoids, … should not eat ginger to avoid the condition is getting worse day by day.

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3.6 People with gallstones, kidney stones

It is recommended by the doctor not to eat ginger because ginger can cause gallstones to accumulate, hinder the process of excretion, and excrete waste.

3.7 Pregnant women

Ginger is very well used in early pregnancy to reduce symptoms of nausea, vomiting, salivation and reduce toxicity. But in the second half of pregnancy or about to give birth. You should limit the use of ginger because it can make pregnant women raise blood pressure, which is dangerous for pregnant women. Ginger should not be eaten while breastfeeding because it can pass into breast milk and cause insomnia and fussiness in young children.


4. Conclusion

Above is a detailed article that answers the question of what ginger is taboo? “Incompatible” foods should not be combined with ginger. This is a detailed, meticulous, complete and clear article that we want to convey to housewives. Avoid these so you can get a delicious, clean, food-safe dish.
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