Where to buy chamomile tea? What is the market price of chrysanthemum tea?

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Chamomile tea is known for its many wonderful uses for health and beauty. Chrysanthemum tea on the market in dried form, there are 2 main types: yellow chrysanthemum and white chrysanthemum. However, not every place sells products that meet quality standards. Where to buy chamomile tea? Always a question that many consumers care about. Let’s find out the answer with the news section of Dry Food!

Where to buy chrysanthemum tea to ensure prestige and quality?

Health is always a matter of concern and top priority. To buy quality chrysanthemum tea, we need to distinguish quality chamomile tea and poor quality chamomile tea in the market.

How to choose to buy quality chrysanthemum tea

There are two types of chrysanthemum tea on the market today, yellow chrysanthemum tea and white chrysanthemum tea. To buy a quality chamomile tea you need to know the characteristics of chrysanthemum teas.
– Yellow chrysanthemum tea is yellow, or darker, flower buds without stalks, small flowers. The flowers all have the characteristic aroma of chrysanthemums. Don’t buy chamomile teas if you find them strange and pungent. The color of chamomile tea that is too yellow or dark can be due to the drying process that has used the medicine, or it has been left for too long.
White chrysanthemum tea is tea with white chrysanthemum flowers. After drying, it still retains the white color of the flower, the fragrance is gentle. White chrysanthemum tea will be more bitter and stronger than yellow chrysanthemum tea.

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Dung Ha Agricultural Products – A reputable chrysanthemum tea shop in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Dung Ha Agricultural Product Store is a store specializing in providing nutritional products, natural herbal teas, including chrysanthemum tea. The store’s products are derived from nature and are dried according to modern technology. The store was established in 2017 and has always been trusted by many people.
Chrysanthemum tea, also known as chrysanthemum tea, is made from whole chrysanthemum flowers and is carefully selected through many different stages. Has a detoxifying effect, clearing body heat. Natural chrysanthemum fragrance, ethereal, fresh. 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives, no flavoring, safe for health, cool, easy to drink, good for health and suitable for everyone. Chrysanthemum tea of ​​Dung Ha Agricultural Products always ensures quality for consumers. Returns can be made if the product is not as promised.

What is the market price of chrysanthemum tea?

Chrysanthemum tea bags are priced from 45,000 VND – 216,000 VND / box from 20 bags – 40 filter bags. Chamomile tea products are biodegradable in the natural environment, ensuring absolute safety for users’ health.
Whole cotton dried chrysanthemum tea is priced from 65,000 VND to 75,000 VND / box of 100g. This form of tea helps you retain the flavor and nutrients when making the tea.

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Which type of chamomile tea is good?

There are more than 60 species of chrysanthemum flowers in the world, of which 15 are common in Vietnam such as: chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, marigold, daisies, white chrysanthemums, etc. All types of chrysanthemums can be used to mix. The tea is very delicious and good for the health of the user. However, white chrysanthemums and yellow daisies are still the most used.
Between these two types, yellow chrysanthemum is still used more because it has a light aroma, a slight bitter taste and is not too strong like white chrysanthemum. Using yellow chrysanthemum tea will bring a feeling of relaxation and comfort to the user. Helps to recover from fatigue and improve the immune system.

Health benefits of chamomile tea for health and beauty

Since ancient times, chrysanthemum has been considered a herb with many good effects for human health. Using chrysanthemum flowers for a long time will help beautify the skin, replenish nutrients for the body …
Chamomile tea is a type of tea with many health benefits and is sold quite a lot in the market. Because compared to other herbal teas, chrysanthemum tea has the effect of clearing heat, chrysanthemum also helps to brighten the eyes, refresh the spirit, lower blood pressure. In particular, the effect of chrysanthemum tea is not only good for adults but also good for children.

1. Treatment of Insomnia

Chamomile tea is a great solution for those who have trouble sleeping or have sleep disturbances. This herbal tea has calming and sedative properties. Regular use of chrysanthemum tea can help you sleep well, sleep will be deeper, help you feel more refreshed.

2. The effect of reducing stomach spasm symptoms

Chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help relieve menstrual cramps and stomach cramps. Tea relaxes the muscles. It therefore helps relieve pain by increasing the level of glycine in the body, which helps the body reduce the intensity of muscle spasms.

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3.Effects of chamomile tea to aid digestion

The chamomile flowers present in chamomile tea help relieve spasms inside the stomach. Thus helping to release unnecessary gas and reduce bloating in the digestive tract. Chamomile tea has been shown to be effective in treating digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome. Drinking chamomile tea regularly will help prevent digestive problems in the long run.

4. Good for the heart

Chamomile tea contains flavonoids. This substance has been shown to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and heart attack. Chamomile tea is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. This is very helpful in keeping the heart healthy and functioning properly.

5. Chamomile tea has the effect of controlling blood sugar

Helping to regulate insulin and glucose levels in the body is the effect of chamomile tea. In addition, chamomile tea can also prevent complications of diabetes. Many studies have shown that drinking chamomile tea is very beneficial in keeping blood sugar levels low. This is essential for people with diabetes. Because they need to maintain stable blood sugar levels.

6. The effect of chamomile tea to reduce anxiety and stress

Chamomile, in addition to aiding digestion, is also used to support the treatment of anxiety. This type of chamomile has a calming effect on the body. Puts you in a state of relaxation, helps to calm your nerves thereby reducing anxiety. Drinking chamomile tea daily can significantly reduce fatigue and anxiety.

7. Better skin care

It can be said that the ingredients in chamomile tea have many great uses. It can combine with the antioxidants found in tea to help fight free radicals, preventing skin aging. This is very helpful in preventing acne-causing bacteria. Thus helping to improve your skin.

8. Treatment of wounds and infections is the effect of chamomile tea

Chamomile can also be used as an herbal remedy for skin wounds. Rubbing some chamomile tea on scrapes and burns can help heal them faster, soothing the wound.

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9. Reduces the risk of breast and thyroid cancer

Chamomile tea contains flavonoids like apingen, which are extremely potent anti-cancer compounds. Research has shown that drinking chamomile tea daily reduces the risk of cancer. Drinking chamomile tea regularly helps shrink cancerous tumors, preventing the onset of thyroid disease.

10. Strengthens the Immune System

If you are suffering from a cold and cough, chamomile tea will be an effective solution to help you get rid of the pain quickly. Chamomile tea has antibacterial properties, which strengthen the immune system and help it function properly. In addition, drinking chamomile tea regularly can prevent the possibility of colds and coughs.
The use of chamomile tea in life has become too familiar. There are many nutrients in chrysanthemum that are good for your health that you may not expect. However, not everyone knows where to buy quality chamomile tea. You need to choose the right type of chrysanthemum that you need and a reputable store. Come to nongsandungha.com to buy chamomile tea products without worrying about product quality. Dung Ha always ensures the best product quality for customers.

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