5+ effects of sour ears that you need to know! Where to buy quality sour ears?

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Did you know the sour ear fruit is a specialty of the north. However, many people do not know whether sour ears are edible and what are the effects of sour ears. In this article of the news column of thucphamkho.vn, we will answer all the information related to the effects of sour ear, where to buy sour ear and how much it costs for you to consult and find. Learn more about this plant!

What is sour ear?

The name sour ears has somewhat emphasized the special sour taste of this food. Sour ear has a mild sour taste. They are used to add sourness to dishes that add flavor. As well as creating special features for traditional and modern dishes.
Dried sour ears are made from natural sour ears. They are dried and dried to ensure nutritional value. And can be stored for longer use. Tai sour is often used in the culinary field. In the hot summer, you just need to drop a few slices of sour ear into the soup and you will have a flavorful soup right away.

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  • Scientific name of sour ear. Garcinia cowa Roxb, belongs to the Mangosteen family – Clusiaceae.
  • Flowering March-April, fruiting July-August.
  • Parts can be used. Bark, stem, leaves, sap
  • Harvest: Sour ear is distributed in India, Southern Thailand, Myanmar, North Vietnam. The tree grows in the midland mountains and forests of the provinces of Lao Cai, Ha Giang, Vinh Phu, Hoa Binh, Bac Thai, and Lang Son. Usually grown for fruit. Harvest the fruit, remove the seeds, cut the peel into thin pieces to dry or dry. The pods are light brown black.
  • Chemical composition. The peel contains citric acid, some citric acid and malic acid, with gum resin. The seeds contain emetics. Even if you bake it well, it won’t lose its effect.

The taste of sour ears when dried

Dried sour ear fruit is a fruit that is processed and dried from sliced fresh fruit to make it more beautiful. It is also easier to maintain. The acidity is completely preserved naturally.
With just a few simple manual steps, the sour ear fruit ingredients have turned into a quality spice for the dish, with a characteristic aroma.
Sour ear is often used to create a sour taste for dishes. Especially northern mountainous cuisine.

8 Effects of sour ear fruit that you should know

1. Stress relief

The active ingredient hydroxycitric acid (HCA) in sour ear is very good for those who are losing weight and those who focus on health. This compound is directly involved in regulating blood levels of cortisol – one of the most common stress hormones. By reducing hormones and anxiety to a low level. This natural herb can improve the health and function of all parts of the body. As well as reducing oxidative stress.

2. Lose weight

That is the main reason that the fruit is accepted by the whole world. Sour ears have the effect of promoting weight loss. Considered one of the miracles for people suffering from obesity. This extract affects weight loss in a number of ways.
Firstly, hydroxycitric acid (HCA) found in sour ear helps prevent calories from being stored as fat. When the body is “lazy”, some enzymes will slow down the metabolism and initially store calories until now.
So, hydroxycitric acid (HCA) will block the production of these enzymes. Therefore, instead of fat, calories are converted into glycogen – a substance that is very important for building muscle. On the other hand, it can also help improve endurance and eliminate disease. Helping you lead a healthy lifestyle even as your body changes.

3. Anti-Depression

Organic compounds found in sour ear also act as an antidepressant. Specifically, the release of Serotonin – the “satisfaction” or “joy” hormone into the body. This is a self-regulating cycle. Using herbal extracts, weight loss, emotional support and encouragement.
This mood-stable working time is based on HCA’s high performance on neurotransmitter levels and low stress levels. Moreover, it also contributes to the treatment of chronic non-talking disorder.

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4. Lowers Cholesterol

The second way that sour ears help shorten the weight loss process is to highlight the cholesterol regulation in the body. This is not even common practice. But there are things like fats and bad fats.
HCA and other compounds in this herb can lower bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol levels. Leads to working hours that reduce the likelihood of atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke. Simultaneously reduce blood pressure & replenish physical energy.

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5. Regulate blood sugar

One of the side effects of metabolic regulation is blood sugar control.
Compared to people with diabetes, sour ear is an impressive choice for healing. As it ensures that blood sugar levels will no longer spike, causing terrible consequences.

6. Speedy discussion of substance

Overall, anything that even speeds up calorie burning and lowers cholesterol will have an amazing impact on physical activity.
If you want to increase metabolism, shorten the weight loss process, using sour ear every day is one of the wise choices. Accelerating metabolism means an immediate energy boost that reduces the calorie-to-fat cycle.

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7. Increase ability

When you start to lose weight, your body undergoes major changes. Many people feel tired, muscles can not be strong after the weight loss process.
However, Ginkgo extract can help you combat this problem. By boosting your energy levels to “beat” the moments of burnout during weight loss.
If you’ve been feeling boring for years, maybe it’s time for a change!

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8. Suppresses cravings

That’s why sour ears are listed in dozens of different weight loss products and supplements.
By suppressing appetite, it forms the habit of helping the body to eat at certain times with a certain amount of food.
If you are in the process of losing weight. Especially those who eat snacks, are easily tempted by food, it is wise to control cravings with this food.

Where to buy sour ears in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City?

It is very difficult to buy fresh sour ears. Not to mention need to ensure quality and reasonable price. You can only order in advance or ask family and friends in some mountainous areas to dig directly or buy it and send it to you. However, dried sour ears that have been sliced ​​and dried are easy to find and buy.
But to avoid buying poor quality products. You should learn and go directly to reputable drug stores. An address to buy sour ears for your reference is Dung Ha Agricultural Products store. After many years of experience, building customer trust, Dung Ha has always been a trusted source of medicinal herbs and dried foods. The sour ear here is imported with a clear origin. Go through a rigorous testing process to reach consumers. So, there’s no reason why you should ignore this address to buy quality sour ears

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How much does dry sour ears cost?

There are many establishments selling sour ears with different prices. You should research carefully before deciding where to buy:
Prices of sour ears at Dung Ha Agricultural Products:
500gr Sour ear: 65,000 VND
1kg Sour ear: 130,000 VND
100gr Sour ear: 13,000 VND
Above is some information that thucphamkho.vn would like to provide to you. Hopefully after this article, you have understood the effects of sour ears and where to buy quality sour ears in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

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