[100g] Wood ear how many calories? Weight loss dishes from wood ear?


Wood ear is an important culinary ingredient. Therefore, wood ear is too familiar to Vietnamese consumers. Wood ear is very delicately modified to create many delicious dishes with unique flavors. So housewives have ever asked the questionHow many calories does wood ear have? What is the use of wood ear? Does eating a lot of wood ear cause weight gain?”. All these questions will be answered by Dung Ha Dry Food in the most detail through the article below.

1. What is wood ear?

Wood ear is also known by other names such as cat’s ear mushroom, cat’s ear mushroom, black wood ear fungus, wood ear, wood ear, wood ear, wood ear,… The scientific name is Auricularia Auricula (L). This fungus usually hangs on rotting trunks or trees with wide canopy to absorb nutrients to support itself. This fungus reproduces strongly in Spring, Summer, and Autumn.
Called cat’s ear mushrooms because when this fungus is harvested from rotting stems, their shape is very similar to a cat’s ear, with a dark brown color. Touching your hand will see the surface is smooth, brittle and supple like rubber. The upper surface of the wood ear fungus is covered with a white chalky layer released by the fungus spores when mature. The lower surface is covered with brown hairs.


Currently, in the world, there are 3 main types of wood ear: white wood ear, black wood ear and Mao wood ear. Of these three types of wood ear, black and white wood ear are the most popular and used in culinary and medicine. Wood ear is widely distributed in many countries such as North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and Australia.
In Vietnam, wood ear mushrooms are often grown on the trunks of jackfruit and cassava trees to increase productivity. May and August are the ripe time to harvest wood ear. After that, the wood ear will be cleaned, dried and used gradually.

2. The use of dried wood ear fungus for human health?

In 100g of dried wood ear mushrooms, there are:
  • Energy: 293.1Kcal
  • Fat Lipid: 0.2g
  • Protein: 10.6g
  • Glucose: 65g
  • Ash: 5.8gr
  • Iron: 185mg
  • Calcium: 375mg
  • Phosphorus: 201mg
  • Beta-Carotene: 0.03mg
Especially the amount of iron in wood ear is extremely high. Therefore, this is a very good food for iron-deficient people. The nutrients in wood ear mushrooms are very good. Eating wood ear mushrooms will bring you many benefits such as:

2.1 Good for the digestive system

  • The amount of fiber in wood ear is also very rich and rich. Fiber will help improve gut health. Helps to promote the metabolism of substances in the intestinal tract, prevent constipation, colon cancer,…

2.2 Good for cardiovascular

  • There are many plant active ingredients in dried wood ear. Regular consumption of wood ear mushrooms will help reduce blood viscosity. At the same time, it helps to prevent blockage or fat in blood vessels in people with high blood pressure. Limiting accidents, myocardial infarction, stroke,… Helps the blood system circulate well to parts of the body

2.3 Intestinal cleansing

  • The slime in the wood ear will stick the impurities in the digestive system and push them out of the body to help clean the intestines, healthy stomach.
  • The amount of plant collagen will help the body quickly purify and eliminate food outside

2.5 Beautify

  • Vitamin E and Protein in wood ear is very rich. Eating a lot of myrrh will help your skin become bright, smooth, and rosy.
With countless nutritional values and health benefits of wood ear mushrooms. Have you ever wondered “how many calories in wood ear?”. If you know this, it will be great. And we will answer this question right below for you and everyone to know.

3. How many calories in 100 grams of wood ear? Weight loss dishes from dried wood ear?

Although, wood ear does not have a taste that is too impressive for consumers. But why is this still a product chosen by many Vietnamese people in cuisine? Is wood ear fungus cheap? Not where you please. As we just mentioned about the nutritional value ingredients above, we can see that the nutritional value in wood ear is very much, not inferior to any other product in the cuisine. It is this nutritional factor that has decided that Vietnamese users love using wood ear mushrooms in their cuisine.


So how many calories is the wood ear? According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the amount of calories in wood ear mushrooms provides the human body is not too high. Specifically:
  • In 100g fresh wood ear will provide about 370 calories.
  • In 100g of dried wood ear will provide about 250 calories.
As can be seen, the calories in fresh and dried wood ear mushrooms are not too high. But the nutritional ingredients in wood ear is a powerful “weapon” for wood ear to win a lot of love from users. With such calories, does eating wood ear fungus cause weight gain? That answer is:

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3.1 Does eating myrrh cause weight gain?

Any product we use every day has a very specific and detailed calorie calculation. According to studies from the World Health Organization (WHO) said:
  • If the amount of energy you take into the body exceeds the amount of energy the body needs, if it is not burned in time, the body will accumulate fat and lead to obesity.
  • If the amount of energy you take in is lower than the amount of energy the body needs, the body will not be able to provide enough energy to maintain all life activities. From there, leading to a lack of energy in the body, exhaustion, low blood pressure


To be able to determine whether eating wood ear fungus causes weight gain, you need to determine how many calories you use in a meal. Specifically:
  • On average, an adult needs 2,000 calories per day. This amount of calories will be divided equally into 3 meals (breakfast – lunch – dinner). On average, adults need to consume 667 calories per meal.
As we have just estimated about the calories in wood ear above, the body still has not met enough calories consumed in 1 day. Therefore, when using wood ear fungus in meals, to provide enough energy for the body, you need to consume:
  • 225g fresh wood ear = 647.5 calories
  • 250gr dried wood ear = 625 calories
So, you have answered the question above already. EATING SMALL MONEY DOESN’T LEAVE YOU WEIGHT.

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3.2 Weight loss dishes from wood ear?

  • Wood ear with pepper with tofu
  • Dried wood ear
  • Thinly sliced tofu, deep-fried until golden brown
  • Fish sauce
  • Soy
  • Tomato, finely chopped
  • Seasoning, main noodles
  1. Step 1: Soak wood ear mushrooms and wash them. Chop the wood ear
  2. Step 2: Put the pan on the stove, let the oil boil the oil. When the oil is hot, put the tomato puree in the pan and boil for 10 minutes
  3. Step 3: Put fish sauce + soy sauce into the tomato pan. Stir to dissolve. Season to taste
  4. Step 4: Put wood ear + fried tofu in the pan and stir together
  5. Step 5: Add seasoning + seasoning + main noodles + ground pepper. Stir well for 5 minutes
  6. Step 6: Turn off the stove, pour into a plate and enjoy immediately when hot


  • Wood ear fried egg dish
  • Egg
  • Fungus
  • Spring onion
  • Spices, seasoning seeds, main noodles, ground pepper, cooking oil, fish sauce,…
  • Step 1: Soak wood ear mushrooms and wash them. Chop wood ear mushrooms
  • Step 2: Crack the eggs into a bowl, beat the eggs well
  • Step 3: Put spices + seasoning seeds + main noodles + fish sauce + ground pepper into the egg bowl. Whisk until dissolved
  • Step 4: Pour chopped wood ear mushrooms into the egg bowl. Beat it evenly
  • Step 5: Put the pan on the stove, add cooking oil and bring to a boil
  • Step 6: When the oil is hot, pour the egg mixture into the pan and fry it on both sides for 5 minutes
  • Step 7: Roll up the wood ear fried egg. Cut into pieces just enough to eat
  • Step 8: Put on a plate, dip in chili sauce and enjoy with steamed rice


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4. How to eat wood ear to beat excess fat effectively?

We have just thoroughly answered the question of how many calories are in wood ear above. So what kind of wood eardrum to eat to not cause weight gain? Wood ear is a food that brings many benefits and uses for health. In particular, wood ear is also very important for women who are following a weight loss diet. But how to eat wood ear to lose weight effectively, not everyone knows. Here are some suggestions on how to eat wood ear mushrooms effectively to lose weight for your reference:
  • Up to use 150gr – 250gr of wood ear every day
  • Combine wood ear with fiber-rich foods like vegetables
  • Add protein and healthy fats to your menu
  • Do not soak the wood ear for too long so that the wood ear disappears its nutritional value
  • Wood ear should not be eaten with chicken, snails, white radish or duck meat. Those are the wood ear foods that are not good for the digestive system when ingested.
  • Build a healthy, safe healthy diet. Regularly practice sports.
Above is the entire detailed article that answers the question of how many calories are in the wood ear, which Dry Food has shared in the most detail with readers and housewives. Besides, wood ear can be processed into many delicious, healthy, safe and extremely effective weight loss dishes. Thank you ladies for reading.

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