5 ways to eat pork at the kitchen keep the traditional flavor


How to eat pork in the kitchen properly is being sought by many people. Such a delicious Northwest dish, but not knowing how to eat it would definitely be a waste. In the article below, Dung Ha Dry Food will reveal to you 5 ways to eat the most standard kitchen pork.

1. About the kitchen pork dish

In the Northwest mountains, in addition to traditional dishes such as grilled dishes, pork ribs, … the people here also especially like dried meat dishes.
One of the specialty dried meat dishes is kitchen pork. This dish is prepared by ethnic minorities in the Northwest from the freshest pieces of meat from pigs that are naturally grazed in the forest.


The pork chops are cut into a rectangular shape. It is then marinated with the typical spices here such as mac Khen seeds, doi seeds, … and then put on the stove. After a period of time, the meat is dried by lighting the kitchen fire every day.
To the naked eye, the standard kitchen guard pork has a characteristic red-brown color. When torn, the meat fibers are bright pink, juicy. The diners when coming here will be invited to eat pork by the kitchen guard along with lam rice and croissants. All create a delicious meal with the right taste of the Northwest mountains.
Kitchen dried pork is best preserved when the whole pieces of meat are left on the bamboo sticks. The pieces of meat will be drier thanks to the daily smoke from the stove. As a result, the meat also tastes better and prevents bacteria from going rancid.

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2. How to eat dried pork directly from the kitchen

How to eat pork in the kitchen? This must be the question of many people when they want to enjoy this dish in the most authentic way.
Kitchen guard pork is processed with unique special spices. Therefore, you can use it directly without having to process it like other dried meat dishes.
Most people will shred the pork belly and eat it with chili sauce or cross occipitals.
Besides, if you keep the kitchen pork in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, you just need to naturally defrost the meat in about half an hour. Next, you tear the meat along the grain into small pieces and eat normally.
To make the meat tender and easier to eat. Wait for the meat to finish defrosting, spread the meat out and lightly pound it with a pestle. The meat will expose the grain so it’s easier to tear and tender.
If you don’t have occipitals, use chili sauce to dip the pork in the kitchen. And don’t forget to squeeze in a few drops of lemon juice to enjoy. This is a simple but extremely delicious way of eating pork belly that will make you fall in love with it.

3. How to eat traditional kitchen pork

For the people of the Northwest mountains, the traditional way of eating their kitchen pork is also very simple. You can refer to the following:

  • You bury the pork cutlet in the hot kitchen ash
  • Wait about 15-20 minutes until the meat is hot and tender
  • You take out the meat, tear it into small pieces and serve with hot sticky rice.
It will be a mistake if you do not try this dish. The piece of sweet, fragrant meat mixed with many spices combined with fragrant sticky rice will be a great dish.
Although this way of using pork belly is a bit more sophisticated than the above method. But you will feel the full traditional flavor of this dish.

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4. Steam bath

In addition, to enjoy the standard kitchen pork dish, you can steam it in a water bath. With this cooking method, the hot steam will make the meat more tender. The scent of spices when marinated will also be much more fragrant.
This is a way to eat kitchen pork that is suitable for those who are afraid of the dry taste of this dish. With just a few minutes of preparation, you will have a plate of tender dried pork right away.
How to make steamed pork belly with water bath:
  • You put the steamer on the stove, bring the water below to a boil, then put the pork on the stove
  • Cook on medium heat for about 3-4 minutes until the meat is tender. Then turn off the stove, put the meat in a small car and enjoy.
  • If you are afraid to use a steamer, you can steam it with a rice cooker or a regular pot
  • Pour a moderate amount of water into the pot, put the meat in a bowl and then put it in an electric cooker or boil

Note: Do not let water get into the meat because it will make the meat lose its inherent deliciousness.

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5. Use the microwave

In the cold weather, if you want to use hot, soft, and chewy pieces of pork, the microwave will be an effective tool to help you do that. This is also a quick way to defrost if you keep the meat in the fridge.
The steps are also very simple. You just need to put the meat in the microwave, adjust the temperature to 100 degrees Celsius. Roast the meat for about 3-4 minutes.
Next, remove the meat to a plate, tear it into bite-sized pieces. It only takes a few minutes, you have a delicious plate of kitchen pork.
Don’t forget to eat the meat with chili sauce and squeeze more lemon.

6. Pork sautéed with fresh garlic

In addition to eating pork in the kitchen in the above 4 ways, you can use this dish as an ingredient for other dishes that are also very attractive. One of them is sautéed pork with fresh garlic.
To finish this dish, you will have to go through quite complicated and time-consuming steps. But the taste of the dish certainly will not disappoint you.
Instructions on how to:
  • First, you need to put the pork belly in the steamer to make the meat more tender and moist.
  • Next, lightly pound the meat with a pestle to make the meat tender and easier to tear
  • Then, tear the meat into medium-sized pieces, do not shred as in the above ways.
  • Put the pan on the stove, heat the pan, then add a little oil. Continue, add sliced fresh garlic and sauté until fragrant.
  • Stir well until the garlic is fragrant, then add the kitchen pork to the pan and stir quickly
  • Add a teaspoon of wine and ginger to the stir-fry. Stir back and forth until the meat infuses the spices. When the scent of the wine has softened, turn off the stove and pour the dish on a plate.
  • You can use this dish with hot rice or as a snack or drink.

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Kitchen guard pork is delicious in any season. But perhaps the most delicious is to sip wine and sip meat in the cold of winter. With this article, I hope readers know how to eat the most standard kitchen pork and fully enjoy the delicious taste of this highland specialty.

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