Macadamia nuts and doi seeds. Note and how to use these two nuts


Mac Khen and Doi seeds are two types of seeds that are bought by many people recently. Both of these seeds are an extremely high quality Northwest culinary spice ingredient that many women buy. In all the delicious dishes of the people of the Northwest, doi seeds and mac Khen seeds cannot be absent. With these 2 spices, the dish will become delicious with the true ethnic identity of the region. So, do you know what is the macadamia nut and the doi nut? If you do not know, take a few minutes to follow Dung Ha Dry Food to find out!

1. What are the macadamia nuts and the doi seeds?

1.1 What is macadamia nut?

The macadamia nut is the seed of the tree. Khen tree is a famous tree in the northern mountainous areas of our country such as Lao Cai, Sapa, Lai Chau, Ha Giang, Yen Bai,… It is a tree that grows entirely in the forests. protozoan. They grow freely and grow without human intervention. Macken seed is a famous specialty spice of people in these areas.



Mackhen seeds have a very pleasant mild aroma. The spiciness of mac Khen cannot be equal to that of chili. They just numb the tip of the tongue a little bit. In dishes such as kitchen buffalo meat, kitchen kitchen pork, … mac Khen seeds are the main indispensable flavor.
All the above parts are used to treat diseases. But perhaps, the part of the macadamia nut is the most used. In the macadamia nut contains a lot of essential oils and chemical nutrients that are beneficial to health. Mac Khen seeds are spicy and warm. Used to treat diseases of the digestive system, warm the abdomen, treat diarrhea, relieve pain, treat osteoarthritis, … extremely effective.

1.2 Doi seeds

Doi seeds are also a famous culinary spice of the Northwest. Doi nut is a woody plant with few branches and very tall. Doi trees also grow completely naturally in primeval forests. In October and November every year, it is the ideal time to harvest doi nut. The seeds of the doi tree will fall to the ground and people will walk hand in hand to the forest to harvest the seeds. There are two main types of doi trees, which are sticky and squishy. Dumpling is a tree used for wood. This type of douche has no taste, a very strong odor, and is unpopular. Doi sticky rice has a characteristic aromatic flavor, and it is used as a culinary condiment a lot.


The seeds are very large in size. They are the golden seeds of Northwest cuisine. Doi seeds are usually dried and then baked. The aroma of doi seeds when cooked will be very fragrant and attractive. After baking, the seeds will be finely ground and used to marinate grilled dishes or make extremely high-quality seasoning.

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2. Notes when using mac Khen and Doi seeds

The taste of mac Khen and doi seeds always makes many people fall in love. Therefore, these two spices are always a product with great attraction and are extremely sought after by many users. People just carelessly use them without learning about them. Admittedly, this is a spice that is extremely delicious. But I’m just afraid that after eating, I will go to the emergency room. So, you need to make sure you are in the right situation, can you use these two nuts or not?

2.1 Who can use Northwest spices?

Mac Khen and Doi seeds both have a characteristic spicy taste. But doi seeds have a more pungent smell than the macadamia nuts. When you use them, they only bring a spicy, numbing taste that is not as heavy as chili peppers. In short, anyone can use the nuts and seeds. However, you should use them appropriately and in the right dosage. Too much, your food will no longer be delicious somewhere.

2.2 Who should not use?

Macken and doi seeds will help your diet menu be more diverse and more nutritious. But if you are a hot person, constipation, bloating, indigestion. If you have pimples on your skin, you should not use this material. If you use them on your own, they will make your condition worse.
Use as a condiment, you should use it in the allowed dose. If the dose is too high, the dish will be bitter. Too little, the food is not appetizing. In general, you should use it with a certain dose.

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3. How to use mac Khen and Doi seeds?

3.1 In cuisine

Used to marinate grilled, fried and fried dishes such as:

  • Buffalo meat in the kitchen
    Kitchen beef
    Pork in the kitchen
    Grilled pork belly
    Northwestern wild meat
    Grilled fish in Pa Binh Top Northwest
    Northwest Grilled Chicken

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3.2 Making condiments cross occipital

Preparation materials:

  • Doi seeds: 2 seeds
  • Macadamia nuts: 1 little
  • Dried chili: 1 fruit
  • Chili powder: 1 small spoon
  • Garlic: 2 branches
  • Ginger: 2 branches
  • Lemon: 2 fruits
  • Seasoning: 2 tablespoons

Implementation steps:

  • Doi seeds you toasted up. Put in the blender, puree the seeds
  • Roasted macadamia nuts, then you also grind them finely
  • Dried chili peppers, seeds removed, finely chopped
  • Garlic peeled, washed, minced
  • Peeled ginger, washed, minced
  • Put the spices in a bowl, put the minced dried chili + minced garlic + minced ginger + doi seeds + mac Khen seeds + paprika together. Stir these ingredients well
  • Cut the lemon in half, squeeze the lemon juice into the bowl of dipping sauce. Stir well and you will have a bowl of extremely high quality dipping sauce
  • Dipping sauce for boiled, grilled, and fried dishes is great

3.3 Making medicinal wine

Preparation materials:

  • Doi nut + macadamia nut: 1kg
  • White sticky rice wine: 5 liters
  • Wine decanter

Implementation steps:

  • Doi seeds you bring toast to bring up the smell
  • Put the pan on the stove, wait for the pan to get hot, add the mac currants and roast them over low heat
  • Stir well, let the fire simmer to avoid burning
  • The jar you soak is coated with white wine
  • Use a clean towel, dry or dry the bottle
  • Put the doi seeds + the pickle in the pickling jar
  • Pour the wine into the soaking vessel. Close the lid of the jar and store it in a cool, dry place
  • Can be used after 3 months from the date of soaking

The wine will help you treat swollen joints, bruised limbs, dislocations, aches and pains,… Rub the wine on the painful area, use your hands to massage, and apply evenly to the painful area. Using continuously for about 5 days, the signs of pain and bruising are clearly reduced.

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4. Where do you buy the quality and prestige of the macadamia nuts and the doi seeds?

4.1 Buying macadamia nuts and doi seeds in Hanoi

  • Buy mac Khen and doi seeds in Hanoi there are many. But what customers are most interested in is where to buy cheap macadamia nuts and seeds? The Northwestern spice consumption market in Hanoi is very large. Here, there are many grocery stores, dry goods stores, supermarkets, large and small commercial centers, etc. The fact that there are too many business establishments of macadamia nut and doi nut has caused users to encounter problems. many difficulties. You should look to buy at reputable business establishments in the area to ensure quality.
  • Dung Ha Agricultural Products is the place that sells quality macadamia nuts and doi seeds in Hanoi. In addition, our company also supports customers from far away to place orders and ship goods nationwide quickly and conveniently.

4.2 Buy fenugreek and doi seeds at tphcm

  • It is not easy to find and buy mac Khen and doi seeds in Ho Chi Minh City. The Northwest spice consumption market in Ho Chi Minh City is considered by experts to have strengths for development. Macken and doi seeds are a commodity with great competition and huge output consumption. Recently, the demand to buy spices in the Northwest of Ho Chi Minh City is showing signs of rapidly increasing again. Buy mac Khen and doi seeds in Ho Chi Minh City, quickly find Dung Ha Agricultural Products.
  • With many years of business experience in the field of Northwest specialties, Ha Giang specialties, flour of all kinds, … so all products we sell to the market are strictly tested according to VietGAP standards. Besides, we also bring with us the mission of bringing to our customers the products “Super clean – Super fast – Super convenient”.

5. Conclusion

Above is the entire article detailing the answer to the question of what is a macadamia nut and what is a doi nut in the most detailed, meticulous and careful way for readers. This is a familiar culinary spice of the people of the Northwest. Today, this specialty spice has been widely sold and popular in the market. It has become a familiar condiment of many Vietnamese families. To get a delicious bowl of seasoning, finding and buying input ingredients is also extremely important. In addition, in order to reduce the processing time, there are also extremely convenient canned products on the market.


Thank you for reading our article. Hope these bring you the most useful value. Follow Dry Food to update more useful information!

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