What is obesity? Causes and effects of obesity


What is obesity? This is probably an extremely difficult disease to treat without a scientific diet. Fat people are not necessarily healthy people. Sometimes they carry a lot of diseases in their body. Today, let’s go with Dung Ha Dry Food to find out what obesity is . Causes and effects of obesity. 

1. What is obesity? 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO). Obesity is an abnormal and excessive accumulation of fat in certain areas of the body. In general, obesity represents a body weight in excess of the norm for a normal person. We always have a certain amount of fat in our body. This fat is essential for storing energy, retaining heat, absorbing shocks and performing other functions.


According to the assessment of World Health experts. Adults (except pregnant women) who have indicators such as:

  • A BMI between 25 and 29 is considered overweight
  • BMI >= 30 is considered obese

Signs to notice obese people are easy. Fat layers often accumulate under the skin on the body such as thighs, abdomen, biceps, calves, waist, chest, etc.

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2. Causes of obesity

There are many causes of obesity such as:

2.1 Energy imbalance

  • The energy absorbed from the surrounding nutrients is often in excess of the body’s energy absorption. Therefore, excess energy is converted into fat and stored under the cells and organs.

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2.2 Inherited genes

  • There are people who carry a group of genes that stimulate appetite, a group of genes related to fat cell development. In the family, if parents show signs of obesity, the risk of children falling into overweight is also very easy. Obesity is often caused by genetic factors. The metabolism of nutrients is often slow, it is difficult to improve your weight.

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2.3 Thyroid cartilage

  • Thyroid cartilage is a condition in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones needed by the body. The deficiency of this hormone will make the metabolism slow down. This means that the amount of fat in the body cannot be burned. This is the main cause of uncontrolled weight gain.

2.4 Lack of sleep

  • When your body does not get enough sleep, the amount of Ghrelin will increase, making your stomach constantly hungry, craving for food. And at this time, you need to feed your body to be able to fall asleep. If sleep deprivation due to nocturnal hunger is really dangerous. Eating at night will make the amount of food absorbed into the body 3 times higher than normal. This long-term situation will lead to uncontrolled night cravings, from which you will lose weight control.

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2.5 Stressed body

  • Stress is the “culprit” of overweight and obesity. Stress and anxiety will cause the body to produce peptides. This compound will promote the formation of fat mass, especially in the abdominal area. Stress and obesity are closely linked. Same nutritional diet. But people who are often stressed and anxious have a higher risk of obesity than those who are optimistic, happy and love life.


    • Stress is a disease. If you do not treat it in time, it will lead to many dangerous consequences. Stress will make the body tired and look for food to relieve pressure. That’s why we fall into a state of obesity.

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    2.6 Unscientific diet

    • Diet also has a huge impact on health and weight. People who have a habit of using canned, processed, greasy, high-sugar, carbonated, fast food, etc., will cause excess energy and accumulate in the body for a long time and make us overweight. fat.

    2.7 Due to lazy to exercise

    • Sports not only help the body strengthen its resistance , help stay healthy, and prevent disease. After eating, lying down will make it impossible for energy to be expended. Nutrients will accumulate in the body and cause obesity. People who are inactive are at a very high risk of obesity. Especially in the buttocks, thighs and abdomen.


The causes of obesity are diverse and come from many reasons. If you have a scientific diet, exercise regularly, you will definitely overcome your weight status. Lazy sports will make the body very susceptible to harmful bacteria attack. Making healthy lifestyle changes is very beneficial for your health. 

3. What are the harmful effects of obesity?

The harmful effects of obesity on human health are huge. It is much more dangerous than the elderly, people with other underlying medical conditions. Specifically:

3.1 Weakened immune system

  • Right! Obesity will make the body sluggish, slow, difficult to exercise. As a result, the immune system in the body is weakened. Since then, it is very easy to get sick every time the weather changes, and it takes a long time to recover.

3.2 Problems related to bones and joints

  • When the body weight exceeds the allowable threshold. The skeleton and bones of the body are subjected to a great deal of pressure. With a long time, if not released, it will cause bone and joint problems. Diseases such as: osteoporosis, bone degeneration, joint pain, .. Bone injuries need to be monitored and treated promptly. If left too long, it will become an extremely difficult disease to treat.

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3.3 Diabetes

  • Obese people are often very susceptible to Type 2 diabetes. The reason is very simple. Diabetes is caused by the body using a lot of starch and sugar. The use of many products containing a lot of sweets will make the body gain weight out of control. At the same time, the long-term accumulation of sugar in the body will make you diabetic.

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3.4 Cardiovascular diseases

  • When body fat exceeds the allowable threshold, it will compress some nerves as well as blood vessels. The compression of blood vessels will prevent blood from being supplied to the body. Anemia will lead to headaches, migraines, strokes, heart attacks, etc.

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3.5 Digestive diseases

  • Excess fat in the body that is not excreted for a long time will stick to the intestinal wall, hindering the digestive process. Moreover, long-term accumulation of fat in the liver will make the liver uncomfortable, compress and cause some dangerous diseases for the liver such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver, gallstones, etc.

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3.6 Infertility

  • Obesity directly affects married life. Obesity reduces sex and reproductive hormone levels in women and men. For women, it will reduce ovarian function, reduce sex drive, menstrual disorders and make it difficult to get pregnant. As for obese men, it will make sex difficult. Decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, weak sperm, premature ejaculation, etc.


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3.7 Effects on pregnancy

  • The harm that obesity brings to pregnant women is “extremely dangerous”. Pregnant women in this period are often very dangerous to themselves as well as the fetus. For mothers, obesity is very easy to miscarry, premature birth, stillbirth, gestational diabetes . Pregnant women who are overweight need to be closely monitored to ensure absolute safety for the health of mother and baby. 

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3.8 Psychological influence

  • The body is bulky, fat, difficult to walk, .. makes myself always self-deprecating when meeting and communicating with others. Afraid to communicate, loss of confidence makes the quality of life decrease, work productivity is absent. People with obesity are more likely to fall into depression.

Above is the whole concept of what obesity is? Causes and effects of obesity. The most important thing is in each person. Change to a healthy lifestyle, limit the use of products containing a lot of sweet fats. You need to exercise so that the nutrients in the body are completely burned. 

The harmful effects of obesity on human health are extremely dangerous. It directly causes many dangerous diseases to themselves. Controlling your weight at a stable level will help your body stay healthy and full of energy. Today, the number of obese people is showing signs of aging. Therefore, parents need to pay attention to the diet of their children. Regularly let your children participate in activities of the neighborhood, the locality where they live, and the school.

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