What’s wrong with incense? Foods that are “in conflict” with shiitake mushrooms


What’s wrong with incense? What “great taboo” foods should be avoided when eating with shiitake mushrooms? Mushrooms in general and shiitake mushrooms in particular, they are extremely familiar culinary ingredients of Vietnamese people. Almost in many dishes, mushrooms are irreplaceable food. In particular, shiitake mushrooms are nutritious foods and can be processed into many dishes. But sometimes, the negligence of the sisters in processing, has turned shiitake mushrooms from harmless to harmful food. Let’s answer with Dung Ha Dry Food to see what shiitake mushrooms are!

1. What do you know about shiitake mushrooms?

Shiitake mushrooms are also known by other names as shiitake mushrooms. This is a common forest mushroom in the northern mountainous areas of our country. Typically, such as: Lao Cai, Sapa, Lai Chau, Ha Giang, Yen Bai, Dien Bien,… This mushroom has two parts, that is: mushroom foot and mushroom cap. The part that contains the most nutritional value is the mushroom cap. Mushrooms are rarely used because they are very bitter. But if you discover it yourself, the shiitake mushroom foot is used to make the extremely delicious and strange shiitake mushroom dish.


The mushroom cap is 7-12cm in diameter, light brown in color. Shiitake mushrooms grow parasitically on trees with large leaves. For easy use and long-term preservation, people harvest wild shiitake mushrooms and dry them in the sun. The drying of mushrooms only makes the mushrooms easier to preserve. Nutritional composition remains the same.
Proteins, minerals, vitamins and enzymes are the main characteristic nutrients. Both dried and fresh forest shiitake mushrooms provide health benefits such as:
  • Strengthen the body’s immune system
  • Good for the cardiovascular system
  • Reduce bad cholesterol in blood
  • Prevents the formation of cancer cells
  • Helps strengthen bones and joints
  • Good for skin health, treating acne, acne, dark spots, freckles

1.1 Wash the mushrooms too thoroughly

In fact, cultivated shiitake mushrooms will have to go through many factors. As for shiitake mushrooms that grow naturally, they are only suitable for living in a clean environment with the most rigorous conditions. Therefore, it is not necessary to wash the mushrooms too clean or soak the water for too long. Moreover, washing or soaking for too long also makes the nutritional content in mushrooms decrease sharply.
Mushrooms are a very absorbent food. Soaking for too long will make the mushrooms pale, lose their smell, and have no delicious taste when cooked.
Therefore, before processing, you just need to wash the mushrooms with clean water. Using scissors, cut off the legs of the mushrooms and let the basket drain and cook.

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1.2 Using too much cooking oil

When learning about shiitake mushrooms, you need to understand the mistakes that you make in the processing process. It is the fact that you use too much gradually eat? Why do you need to use cooking oil to stir-fry mushrooms?

  • As mentioned above, cooking oil and water are two liquids that shiitake mushrooms are very easily absorbed and absorbed. Frying or frying mushrooms in too much oil will cause the mushrooms to absorb oil and lose nutrients. Especially in the process of continuous frying can reduce and transform good nutrients into bad ones.
  • Besides, adding too much cooking oil will hinder the way the body absorbs nutrients from mushrooms.
  • Not only can the body not absorb nutrients, but it also causes indigestion, bloating, nausea, acid reflux, etc.

1.3 Must be fully cooked

“Eat cooked – drink boiling” is the slogan recommended by the Ministry of Health. Mushrooms or any other food must be thoroughly cooked. When preparing mushrooms, you need to cook them completely so that they don’t cause harm. Because when alive, the toxins in mushrooms are very dangerous. They will directly harm your health and stomach. At the same time, the pathogenic bacteria are not destroyed, but instead they will make the body feel uncomfortable, nausea, dizziness, …

1.4 Do not throw away the mushroom soaking water

With dry foods, before processing, you will have to soak them for 3-5 minutes so that they are soft, clean of dust, and then processed. Dried forest shiitake mushrooms also need to be soaked before processing. Most of the time, people often throw away the mushroom water. Since they think it is dirty water, the water is not good to use.
In fact, the mushroom broth is the part that contains the most important beneficial nutrients. The part of the mushroom that you eat is just the “carcass” of the mushroom.
Therefore, during the soaking process, you will pick up the dead mushrooms to drain. The mushroom broth should be left for about 5-7 minutes for the residue and residue to settle down. The clear water is used to cook soups and stews that are extremely delicious and nutritious.

1.5 Do not use aluminum pot to cook mushrooms

Chefs are always taught how to “do not use pots or pans or aluminum to cook”. The active ingredients in mushrooms will react extremely strongly with aluminum. It is this reaction that causes the fungus to turn dark, unsightly and harmful to health.

2. Mushrooms are incompatible with what? The “great” food with shiitake mushrooms?

As mentioned above. Shiitake mushrooms are very good, rich in nutrients and we can make many delicious dishes from mushrooms. According to traditional medicine, mushrooms have a sweet taste, cool properties, if used in excess and for a long time, it will lead to abdominal pain and poisoning. Moreover, if you do not know how to process and combine mushrooms with delicious dishes, foods and drinks are invisible, you will turn them into harmful foods for yourself. So, who should not eat mushrooms and what foods “incompatible” when eaten with shiitake mushrooms?

2.1 Who should not use shiitake mushrooms?

  • Alcoholics: Alcohol is a strong cold drink. Shiitake mushrooms are warm mushrooms. When heat and cold combine, they will react strongly and cause unpredictable consequences. Therefore, do not drink alcohol but sip mushrooms. The risk of alcohol poisoning is very high if you are subjective. The accumulation of aldehydes in the blood exceeds the permissible limit. They will cause you to experience signs such as headache, dizziness, red face, nausea, … If not detected in time, it will be very life-threatening.
  • People with a cold body: Do not process shiitake mushrooms with strong solder foods such as cold meat, cold vegetables, … it is extremely harmful to the stomach. In particular, when eating mushrooms, you should not drink cold water, ice, soft drinks, iced tea, … because it will lead to being chased.
  • People with poor digestive system: If anyone has a poor digestive system, they should not use any food related to mushrooms. Mushrooms have strong soldering properties, if you eat them, you will have a cold stomach, a dull stomachache, etc. In addition, people who are prone to colds or colds in their body.

It is said that mushrooms are very delicious, easy to find and extremely easy to prepare. But if you do not know how to prepare, the mushrooms are extremely harmful to the user. Therefore, you need to learn carefully about the ways to process each type of mushroom in the most detail and the characteristics of each type of mushroom to use it for the right purpose.

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2.2 Food that is “incompatible” when eaten with shiitake mushrooms

To ensure the health of all family members as well as being able to absorb all the nutrients from mushrooms. You need to understand more deeply about the “incompatible” foods when combined with shiitake mushrooms. To avoid dangerous troubles right from delicious dishes made from mushrooms, you should avoid:

  • Do not process with white radish: White radish itself contains a lot of enzymes. Shiitake mushrooms contain many biologically active substances. These two things when combined together will lead to diseases of atopic dermatitis. The inside of the mushroom contains the active ingredient Morpholine – this is an extremely light-sensitive substance. For people with sensitive skin, your skin will experience edema, allergies, … when exposed to light.
  • Do not eat snails with shiitake: The list of “great” food with shiitake mushrooms is probably impossible to ignore. Anything related to snails has a certain effect. Snails are soldered, mushrooms are warm. This combination causes poisoning, abdominal pain, indigestion, nausea, etc.
  • Do not eat with duck eggs and seafood: Duck eggs and seafood are 100% solder foods. Therefore, they are not recommended to be eaten with shiitake mushrooms. At the same time, this combination affects the biological principles of the body.


3. Conclusion

Above is a detailed article that answers the question of what shiitake mushrooms are and what “incompatible” foods when combined with shiitake mushrooms that you should know. These are all extremely useful information to share life experiences. In addition to having a delicious and nutritious dish, the health of family members also needs to be ensured. Adding shiitake mushrooms to your diet is important. Not only helps the menu to be more diverse, but it also helps to prevent boredom.


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